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It was a beautiful morning in a city of Japan. The students of Kuoh Academy were returning to continue their education. Well in this case the female population was along with the newly introduced idea of it becoming a co-ed academy allowing males to join in its prosperity of another grate year. While the school board thought it would be a good idea but that was not the case with the student body or in this case the female portion figuratively and literally as some of the boys turned out to be perverts in their own right that made three boys that take their perverseness to a new level. With them being dubbed the Perverted Trio.

This is where a young man with handsome face free of blemishes or birth makes. As he walked down the street to get to the school where boys were recently allowed in his oh so grated guardians decided to in role him. As he walked he looked to the sky with his bright green eyes and the bangs form his folded back spiky hair with the lose bangs the run along his fore head just above his eyes and frame the side of his face he covered his eyes with a hand as he stared into the sky. 'Why do I have to go to this place I was fine where I was. It's not my fault that people picked on me for my ancestors actions when he was controlled but the sins are always past on down the line until someone pays.' Were the thoughts of the now troubled youth.

As he made it to the gates of the academy he heard screaming of girls followed by the pain filled screams of boys somewhere near his location. Choosing to ignore it he continued on or he would have if he had not been tackled to the ground by someone. By someone it was another student if the uniform was to go by. He got a look and saw that it was a boy with brown hair and brown eyes that seem to be stricken with panic and a little pain seeing as he has bruises were anything to go by. As he looked at him he caught sight of two more guys coming his way they also seem to be pretty beating up but what caught his attention was the dust cloud chasseing the boys. As he got up from being tackled earlier the boy with brown hair was about to apologize but the panic look came back as the other two boys ran to them and hid behind him and the one who ran into him hid as well as the dust cloud came to them.

What the new student didn't expect was to see a horde of girls beautiful ones at that with looks of rage and feminine furry was blazing in their eyes and he knew some way he was caught in a rock and a hard place." You got to help us man we were minding our own business when these girls attacked us." Was the reply from the boy who he bumped into earlier from said. After he said that he felt the killer intent around the area directed at him when the boy said that as the girls looks at him he stated to sweat as it was all directed at him he knew never to piss off and girl no matter what.

"Hey you in front of the pervs are you with them." Was not what he was expecting and pervs? 'Pervs does she think I'm a pervert.' "What do you mean by pervs, and I just got here and I am a new transfer student at that so I have no idea what's going on here." A look of surprise crossed the faces of the girls when he said this. "Oh sorry for the confusion then but as for the perv comments but the three behind you are the perverts that were spying on us while we were changing." A deadpan stare at the three behind him "Really?" The reply from them was not what he expected "Hey we were minding our business when they spotted us." From hearing that the girls all growled and held the kendo sword in a more intense grip and he could of sworn he heard the sound of cracking wood. "Now come out from behind him and maybe we won't hurt you three." Really was the thoughts of the black hair youth 'They won't fall for tha-' his train of thoughts was halted when he heard a hopeful "Really." From the sound of the one with a shaven head he really believed them to that he got a "Hell no were still going to punish you." Was the response from one of the girls. "Well in that case." Was all he heard as he was pushed into the crowd of girls and the word run was heard as the three perverts ran away but as he fell onto one of the girls his mind kept up this time. 'You're not getting out of here without more bruises.' Was his thought as he got up and molded a small amount of magic into his extended hand and his finger tips had a small green glow to them not that the girls saw. As the three ran they seem to have tripped over some roots and fell down. The panic was real the thought of survival was real and so was betrayal when they got up and the brown hair boy was pushed by the other two and they ran again leaving the poor sap to his fate as most of the girls converged on his down form quickly.

'Well on my way to class now.' Was his thought before he remembered the girl he was pushed into was still on the ground. "Hey are you alright." He said as he leaned down to help her up. As she got up she looked at him and smiled "Yes and thank you for helping me and sorry for associating you with those perverts at least we caught one of them by the way my name is Murayama what's yours?" She asked as she held out a hand for him to shake. "My name is Medivh nice to meet you as well." He replied and shook her hand and smiled. She had a confused look on her face when she heard his name "Medivh?" "I'm a transfer student from a different country so my name might seem strange to you." He replied with a smile as a look of understanding crossed Murayamas face. "Well I would love and stay to chat but I need to go and I'm sure you still want your crack at the pervert over there still so see you later." As he left to the school building a new set of pain filled screams began again as he walked along.

When he entered the building he was given a map of the building and was told to go to the student council to get his schedule. As he walked by he couldn't help but notice that the boy girl ratio was like 3 to 1. When he finally made it to the council room he knocked and heard a "enter" from the other side when he walked in there was two girls in the room and both wore glasses. "Hello and who might you be." The girl with the bulb cut hair asked. "I'm Medivh Cress the new transfer student." When she heard that a look of surprise came to her face as she looked at her desk and took a piece of paper and handed it to him paper. "My name is Sona Shitori and the student council President and this is Tsubaki the vice-president but you can call me kaichou like most of the students do Medivh-san." She said with a calm tone as she held out her hand to shake. He reached out and shook it but as soon as he did Sona felt a raw power that surpassed hers and had traces of dragon in it and devil but it seemed diluted by the human blood. On the opposite end though Medivh felt demonic power from her nothing near his reserves if power but enough to know she wasn't human but a devil 'No wonder they wanted me here I knew I should have sensed the energy of the others to make sure my cover isn't blown but too late now.' Were the thoughts of our new protagonist.

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