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It was the next day that Issei woke up from his sleep remembering the night before with Medivh fresh in his head. "Man all this crap and all because of this thing I have in me." Said Issei laying bed still finding in life the super natural was real all along.

Getting up and going about his morning as regular as he can with this information he still wondered 'If God is dead who leads Heaven now some strong angel or something?'

Mean while in Heaven a young looking man with long blonde hair is going over reports going on in the churches when he felt his nose start to itch and Sneezed over the reports.

As Issei was done with breakfast he was going to his friends' house to see some new "movies" they had got and tell them him and his "girlfriend" had broken up.

Medivh on the other hand was taking things in stride as well as he can keeping notes of what has gone down. "Alright so far the first contact with the devils went better than expected though seeing Rias disappointment from my sacred gear gives me a little breather and she would have tried to add me to her perrage. But if they knew that I had one does that mean she knows that Issei has one as well?"

As these thoughts were going on in his head and going to his contact with the fallen from the other day "Ok she wanted to kill him for his gear but what one is it, to find him a threat and to mark him for death it would have to be a dangerous one but what a Longinus or another powerful one what?"

'Maybe I can go back and ask him if I can go into his mind and take a look just to see if it's a gear that has a soul in it and if it is that means only three know gears that are known to poses souls the Heavenly Dragons or the Lion King but what?'

"All this thinking has got me hungry and judging by the time I made myself miss breakfast time for lunch."

Leaving his apartment and going into town and eating a burger with chips and a soda he saw a shadow looming over him. Looking behind him he saw a girl with black hair and glasses that were reflecting the suns glare. It was Sona and like always she does not look happy. "So mind telling me why we felt your magic last night Medivh?" she questioned the mage. "Well I was walking home last night when and wanted to rest and a nearby park and when I got there Issei and his girlfriend was there and all of a sudden she seem to age a little and grew crow wings and tried killing him but to his luck I was in the area and was about to walk away and but seeing this I acted first and confronted her. Turns out she was trying to kill but I made her retreat. Do you know why she was attacking his?" He asked hoping he was getting the answer he was seeking.

Seeing her frown gave him an answer "I do and it's because he has a sacred gear." She stated simply sitting down beside him.

'Crap so the devils do know as well but what now.' Only to be interrupted by Sona "Rias and I as you know have peerages and have different people in them we have a type of pact that if one of us notice and individual first we get first pick on them and Rias has eyes on Issei my guess is she was going to reincarnate him while he was on the verge of death." She stated to the shock of Medivh.

"Okay what the hell is wrong with her can't she just go and talk to him about it I mean sure saying "Hey were devils and join us" is a weird thing to say but sucks for her when because of me Issei now knows about the supernatural but not about who's who so she can still get him there but still that's just wrong". He said with an angry expression on his face talking about it.

"Rias is in a bit of a bad spot on something that a few know about in our peerages that know this but she is to be married to another pure blooded devil but she does not want to as she wants to be married on her own terms but she does not like him a lot so she needs strong pieces to add to her group. But it's not bad she treats them all like family."

Thinking about it he still doesn't like it but then again he doesn't know devil politics and all that "Well thanks for the chat but it's about time I get home see ya." Medivh said getting up and walking back home with the devil looking at his retreating form.

As Medivh was walking on a none crowded street and seeing no one around was unnerving. Hearing the swooshing of wings and sensing something coming he instantly forms an ice cone around himself not to soon as a light spear pierced it a bit.

"So you sensed it coming did you but it doesn't matter now as you will be dead this time you damn human." Came the voice of a familiar fallen angel flying in the sky.

"Well the crows back and now I can cook you and not feel bad about it as you tried to kill me twice now." Said Medivh with his right hand on fire.

Using is magic to shatter the ice cone as a distraction and sending the broken shards of ice at the fallen he saw her fly from her spot and dodging them as they came.

Looking at him with hate she threw spear apon spear at him only for Medivh to destroy them with a valley of fire balls with one hand and using the other behind his back to cast a familiar spell he used on her prior to the other battle.

Raynere not seeing about and throwing spears was once again caught in a hail of sharp ice shards bringing her to the ground again.

"How does a low being like you have such power that I can't hurt you. You will DIE!" Using her power she shot a beam of holy energy at Medivh who in turn countered with a fire blast pouring his power into him.

"I won't lose now not when I finally killed my target and get my revenge on you." Came her enrage voice. 'Her target who else was oh no.' Medivh realized as a look of horror came to his face seeing it Raynere laughed "That's right I killed him before coming after you the look on his face I savored it like I'm about to do with yours Ha ha ha!" Came Rayneres laughs not knowing she just screwed herself. "Issei…" Was all Medivh said as a look of rage came over him a light forming on his hand stopping Rayneres laughing as a look of shock came over her face "WHAT you have one to!"

"YOU BITCH." Came Medivhs voice as his twice critical doubled his power to double and his fire blast to completely over power the holy energy blast shooting straight at her. She didn't have time to scream as the blast of fire came over her and cremated her on the spot.

Panting from frustration and rage he willed his gear away and thought 'If she says is true then why do I feel him at his house still did she murder the family to I need to know.' Thought Medivh teleporting straight to Isseis room only to his surprise to see Issei in bed with a girl with red hair. Rias.

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