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Previously On A Miraculous-MBC Quadilogy...

Danny: wait, is this.. Paris?

[Sam, Chris, John, and Cathy are Shocked]

Danny: uhh.. What? I read information about it online! anyway, Come on you guys.

Adrien: Who are you guys, and What are you doing here?

Danny: The name's Daniel Jackson but call me Danny...

Sam: Samantha O'Hara..

Chris: Christopher Lang..

John: Jonathan Lenon..

Cathy: and i'm Catherine Smith.

Adrien: Good names, I'm Adrien Agreste.

Danny: Nice to meet you!

Hawk Moth: Who the heck are you!

Nosidda: I'm Nosidda, Father of Addison Single and i'm here to get rid of the Monster Buster Club! That's my goal!

Hawk Moth: Well I want to get those miraculous!

Marinette: Wow! thats Amazing!, Well i have a Secret too, you see my earrings..

[Sam looks at her Earrings]

Sam: WOW! Are those..

Marinette: Yep, This is my Miraculous, it represents Creative, and This is my Kwami, Tikki.

Tikki: Hi Sam.

Marinette: So, Can i trust you to keep my secret?

Sam: Sure Thing!

Cat Noir: Calm down, Ladybug. Besides, Who Gonna..

Elton: Save your friends.

Cat Noir: Who said that? Show yourself!

[Elton walks out of the shade]

Elton: Hello, Ladybug, Cat Noir, Chris, Sam, and Danny.

Let's get Started in Episode 2

Danny: Elton.

Ladybug: you know this mindreader?

Sam: Yea. He's Cathy's Cousin and he's the sub-member.