Prompt: White

The boy is late though that is nothing unusual. It is not because he spent the evening with friends. He hasn't got any. No, the reason the boy is so often late is because after school and after studying, he spends his time at the library, reading. Western fiction, mostly. It is very easy to lose track of time in this environment.

His parents are used to it, though they wish he would come home earlier.

They wait for him to come home.

He realizes how late it is and with a pang of guilt, puts the book back and scurries out the door. He can't be late for dinner.

He runs down the street. The sun casts long shadows onto the ground and everything is harsh. As he turns a corner, he almost crashes into a wild-eyed, red-haired kid on a skateboard.

"Oi! Watch where you're going, idiot!"

The white-haired boy ignores him. There is an alley up ahead, a shortcut.

The boy knows little about the clans and their powers, no more than the average person.

He doesn't recognize the yellow eyes and long white snout emerging from the shadows of the alley.

He never makes it home.