Prompt: Gold

Kokujoji studies the Dresden Slate and frowns. He has been watching it for many years. It is the artifact which gives the kings their powers and it is his job to keep it safe. It glows faintly with energy and finally, many days after Miwa Ichigen's passing, it chooses a new Colorless King. He still does not know how the Slate chooses the kings or why. He only knows that its choices are out of his hands and that he is supposed to trust them.

All the same, an uneasy feeling settles in the pit of his stomach. The Colorless King is the seventh and most unpredictable king. The former was a recluse, choosing to live in isolation for that very reason. But this new king is yet unknown.

Kokujoji summons his Usagi, elite guards loyal only to him. "Go and find this new Colorless King," he says. "I want to know who he is and if he is someone we can trust with the king's power." His level gaze holds the line of Usagi before him. Their masks gleam gold in the light, hiding their faces, and they bow as one and depart in silence.

Kokujoji, Gold and Second King, returns his attention to the Slate and waits.