"A Blip on the Radar"

Ana is not pleased to find out that she's pregnant after Ray's accident. Will what Christian finds on Ana's desk spell their end?

Prologue & Chapter 1: The Moment I Said It

Ana was stunned; she knew her shots were current. The appointments Hannah cancelled weren't even for the shot. She hadn't been feeling well and she wanted some reassurance that all was working like it should. Her body didn't seem to be acclimatizing too well to the shot and that was about the only change to her daily regimen. Apparently, the shot must've been a dud, if it ever worked at all. Then again, against the sheer volume of ejaculate she was exposed to, her eggs probably never stood a chance.

"This cannot be happening to me," she mutters bitterly to herself. "What a birthday present! This day is just the gift that keeps on giving."

Ana is changing clothes, preparing for bed.

Christian walks in gingerly, holding a crumpled brochure, "Were you even going to tell me," he asked with a broken voice.

"Of course I was going to inform you. Dr. Greene told me that I would need at least two to four weeks' recovery time before resuming vaginal sex. I was thinking we could arrange to have the procedure in the next few weeks. I have an authorization form for you to sign."

"No! NO! You can't do this!"

"Christian, you don't want a baby right now, if ever. Even though you promised me children, I never saw it happening. And it wouldn't be happening NOW if the shot hadn't run out."

"If my swimmers overcame the shot, it was obviously meant to be. And I am not going to sign anything except for our baby's birth certificate!"

"You're not thinking clearly. Trust me, we're going to be up to our armpits in diapers and vomit. And shit! We were only married a minute and this happened! You wanted to show me the world and I want to see it! So far, I've basically only seen this apartment since I met you. I just turned 22!"

"We can still see the world, Ana. We'll just have the little invader with us."

"I've spent months being called a gold-digger; The last thing I need people accusing me of trapping you, too. This is just a little blip on our radar, but we can fix this!"

"This isn't the kind of situation you 'rectify' Ana. It's a child. OUR child. It's here inside you, right now. And it's going to stay here until it's born."

He moves over to Ana gingerly, gently placing both hands over her womb. "This is our future. I'll do whatever it takes to keep you both happy and safe."

"You say that now, but when push comes to shove, and everything doesn't follow the great Christian Grey's Blueprint for a Better Tomorrow, I'll be raising this baby all by myself. And I'm . . I'm not going to be a married single parent.

"I'm not going to have to explain why only Sawyer and I pick them up for school. I'm not going to be the one who has to tell our son or daughter Daddy's not going to make it to his or her soccer game, ballet recital or graduation. Or witness you go thermonuclear the first time he calls a CPO Daddy!"

"I think I understand now. Would you be so anxious to terminate if the baby was mine?"

The moment I said it.
The moment I opened my mouth.
Lead in your eye lids
Bulldoze the life out of me.
I know what you're thinking.
But darling you're not thinking straight.
Suddenly things just happened, we can't explain

Quickly advancing on Christian, a crack echoes in the bedroom as she slaps his face. She backs away trembling, her brilliant blue eyes dimmed. She goes to the closet, roughly pulling a full-length jacket off of its hanger, wearing it directly over her nightclothes, grabbing shoes as she proceeds to walk briskly out of the bedroom.

Turning on her heel, she said lowly, "I have to go. I can't trust myself in this apartment right now."

It's not even light out but you've somewhere to be.
No hesitation no I've never seen you like this.
And I don't like it
I don't like it
I don't like it at all.

"Just take off your coat and come to bed. I promise you everything will look better in the morning," Christian said, trying far too late to deescalate the rapidly deteriorating situation. But as Ana turned resolutely toward the door, something snapped inside him. He rapidly closed the distance, gripping her wrist, halting her progress. "You're not going to leave me, Ana. And I'm not going to let you leave this apartment," he stated firmly.

"Why, are you worried I'm going to whore myself out on the way to Kate's apartment? Don't concern yourself. Pretty sure I can't get any more pregnant and I'm also certain my shadows will be dogging my footsteps," she sneered, wresting her wrist out of his crushing grip, wincing as she broke his hold, keys and phone in hand.

Just put back the car keys or somebody's gonna get hurt.
Who are you calling at this hour?
Sit down, come round, I need you now.
We'll work it all out, together.
But we're getting nowhere tonight.
Now sleep, I promise it'll all seem better somehow in time.

It's not even like that.
Suddenly oh, you've somewhere to be.
No hesitation oh, I've never seen you like this.
You're scaring me you're scaring me you're scaring me to death.

"Don't turn away from me when I'm talking to you!"

"We're not talking about this anymore. We've discussed it, and I've told you what needs to happen. What's going to happen. When I come back, please have the release form signed. I have to do this as quickly as possible."

As Christian stands, frozen, Ana rushes to the door as if the hounds of hell are behind her. They probably will be. Soon. The last thing Ana heard as the elevators doors closed is the sound of the vase in the foyer crashing against the wall.

Don't oh (smash)

With no hesitation…