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WARNING! Mild Spoilers for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child!

Scorpius, Rose and Albus were enjoying a picnic at the edge of the Black Lake. Albus was quietly munching a green apple and reading his favorite chapter of Quidditch Through the Ages whilst Scorpius perched atop the currant red checked blanket on the lush grass, basking in the sunlight as he watched on with a peaceful look on his face as Rose searched the grass for a smooth stone to skip over the calm, dark water. It was a wonderful day with beautiful weather as the warm July sun shined down upon them, a pleasant breeze toying with Rose's long red hair, which was currently tied into a loose bun that was attempting to keep her explosive fringe out of her face and failing miserably. Suddenly, the tranquil silence was broken by the voice of none other than Rose Granger-Weasley.

"Hey! Look what I found!" she yelled out in her overly loud voice she had inherited from her father, making Albus, who happened to be sitting next to her, jump with fright. Scorpius chuckled merrily at his friend and turned to his girlfriend.

"What is it?" he enquired sweetly.

"I don't know, here, you take a look" she said, frowning as she handed him her newly found object. He took it, expecting to find a funnily shaped rock, or a brightly coloured leaf. Instead, he looked down at his hand and found a gleaming, golden object on a chain that looked painfully familiar. But that couldn't be right. The last of the time turners had been destroyed in his fourth year, and if it had survived somehow, it certainly wouldn't be lying in the grass at Hogwarts three years later… would it?

"Albus! Are you seeing this?" Scorpius yelled in shock, once again startling Albus from his book. He showed his friend the shimmering object in his hand, who in turn, looked up at him gaping.

"But… no, but it couldn't possibly… but it can't be… but that's impossible…" Albus rambled, frustrating Rose to no end. She hated being kept in the dark, and she wasn't about to let this slip.

"Well? What is it?" she snapped impatiently. The boys exchanged a worried look, then nodded to each other. They could trust her. She was, after all, Albus' cousin.

"Well, you see…" Albus began nervously.

"Let me tell her" Scorpius interjected, eager to impress his new girlfriend. When Albus looked as if he were about to argue, Scorpius added "I saw the other version, remember?" Albus sighed, defeated, and nodded for Scorpius to go ahead before Rose, who was by now looking quite murderous, exploded on them.

"So, it all began in our fourth year when Albus here discovered that the Ministry had confiscated a time turner from Theodore Nott." Scorpius began, beaming when he noticed that he now held Rose's full attention, "You see, our hero here decided that it'd be a good idea to steal the time turner, from his own Aunt might I add, and go back in time to save the famous Cedric Diggory, who was killed by Voldemort at the Tri-Wizard Tournament, when the great Harry Potter was even younger than us"

"Yes, yes, I know what happened to Diggory, what has that got to do with this thing?" Rose asked impatiently

"I'm getting to that" Scorpius answered excitedly "you see, we escaped –"

"Basically, it's a time turner." Albus said, cutting off Scorpius' story, earning himself a glare from the boy in question. His face changed though, when he saw Rose's reaction to the news. The boys stifled laughter as Rose sat there with her eyes bulging out of their sockets and her mouth wide enough to count how many teeth she had.

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