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The spinning slowed and the world cleared. Rose watched as Scorpius elegantly toppled over and vomited on the grass.

Wait. Grass? She took a good look around her and realized that they were no longer in Hogwarts. In fact, it seemed they were no longer anywhere as all she could see was grass that stretched all the way to the horizon, and a huge bustling town to their left.

"Where are we?" James wondered aloud as he helped Scorpius back to his feet.

"I think the better question is when are we?" Scorpius muttered, spitting out some bile and looking at his friends, who were looking at him quizzically, as if he had lost his mind as well as the contents of his stomach.

"What? Do you think it was a coincidence that I tried to break the time turner at the same time we were magically transported somewhere else? You do realize that no one can apparate or disapparate in side Hogwarts? It clearly states that in Hogwarts: A History" Scorpius stated matter-of-factly, rolling his eyes, "Seriously, am I the only one who read that?"

"Umm… let's go to that town to find out where, I mean when we are" Rose called out, quickly changing the topic. They walked into the town and went up to the closest person, who happened to be a man dressed in a very puffy shirt with even puffier pants. He was holding a piece of parchment with a list of names on it and walking about briskly, as if in search for someone.

"Excuse me sir, what is this town called?" Rose called out, stopping the strange man.

"What didst thee just sayeth? I und'rstand not thee, speaketh n'rmally!" he cried, looking very confused and annoyed, "Oh, can thee readeth? I needeth to deliv'r these invitations f'r mine own mast'r, L'rd Capulet!" he stated more calmly.

"I'm sorry, do you speak English?" James asked very slowly in a rather patronising tone.

"Thee not people has't aught bett'r to doth than vex a busy sir? Wend on! Receiveth backeth to w'rk! And what is this fine mistress doing hither? Off thee wend!" he scolded them, and marched off, leaving behind a group of very confused teens, "And receiveth some prop'r robes!" he called over his shoulder, not helping them at all.

"So… that didn't go so well… what now?" Rose muttered awkwardly. Suddenly, Scorpius' eyes lit up as he apparently caught on to something that had obviously flown straight over the heads of the other two.

"Isn't it obvious?" Scorpius cried in delight, startling a few passers-by who glared at him, muttering something about brains and stones, "Didn't you hear him?" he said, putting on a mock accent as he repeated the odd mans words. "I needeth to deliv'r these invitations f'r mine own mast'r, l'rd Capulet!" Upon receiving blank looks from the other two, he explained.

"Capulet was a character in a play written by a famous muggle author known as Shakespeare. I've read a few of his works, they're quite famous…" Scorpius muttered trailing off, "Oh, right, well that explains when we are, which is about the 16th Century! And they described the town they were in, called Verona which is in Italy, rather similar to this." He concluded triumphantly.

"Right. To summarise, we're in a place called Verona in Italy in the 16th century, which you know because of a famous muggle play…" Rose stated, more than a little sceptically.


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