"Madam Pomfrey is there anything wrong with him?" Dumbledore asked as an infant Harry Potter played in a crib that Dumbledore had quickly conjured upon enter the infirmary. Dumbledore himself had cheeked over the wizarding world's newest celebrity but he may have had qualifications as a battlefield medic Madam Pomfrey was one of the best in the world. If there was one good thing about the purebloods sense of self importance it was that they refused to have their children have anything but the best.

"Physically he is completely fine." Madam Pomfrey said still waving her wand over the child. "Better than fine in fact his immune system is like that of a full grown wizard. I have never seen anything like it in all my years."

"But…" Dumbledore continued expecting a negative because sadly there always was one.

"But there seems to be some kind of leach on his magic and nothing I do seems to have any real effect on the thing." She said glaring at the scar, merely for being something she could not heal.

Dumbledore frowned it seems his hypothesis was Voldemort had created horcruxes and was one. His grip around the elder wand tightened and he was sure if it was any other wand it would have been shattered, another life ruined by young Riddle even in defeat he ruined people's lives.

A flash of fire and a trill pushed away his despair and announce the arrival of his trusted familiar. "Yes Fawkes your right, I must still try." Dumbledore seemed to stand up straighter an effect Pomfrey had noticed happened whenever Fawkes was nearby. "Madam Pomfrey I recomend you stand back." Quickly following his instruction she went to the other end of the hospital wing and set up several normally meant to protect patients on herself, Dumbledore had a masterful control over his magic so much so that many doubted he had a limit in power, if he said to stand back then he must be about preform some truly dangerous magic.

"Akátharto Pnévma Me To Paidí Sas Petáxei éxo me to fos tis poulí tis anagénnisis." Madam Pomfrey watched in shock as Dumbledore encased the young Potter heir in a cradle of fire that seemed alive. It was only her great faith in the man that stopped her from interfering. Suddenly Fawkes started to sing flying around the cradle of fire causing the fire to rise turning into a tornado and incase Dumbledore as well. Unable to see anymore, she had no idea what was going on and would not find out for half an hour.

Within the tornado of fire fawkes had landed right on top of where young Harry sat and start to cry into the scar causing a visible shadow of darkness to attack the bird. But the bird's own fire was enough to hold back the vile magic. Back and forth it went, for how long Dumbledore did not know all he was focus on was saving this young child. But throughout the fight it was clear the phoenix was losing ground and fragment of Voldemort was just too powerful, too firmly rooted, they may have weakened it's hold but it would take the blood wards he had planned to set up that would hold it back. When the flames finally dropped he saw that the hospital wing had gained some new occupant. "Minister." Dumbledore greeted the minister who had brought along several aurors. "Shall we take this up to my office?" The headmaster asked as if he had not just used more power than everyone in the room combined times a hundred.

Once they were up in the office Dumbledore took a seat as well as conjured several for the aurors. "Now," he said grabbing a sweet from his bowl. "How may I help you today?"

"What was that." She asked with slight shaking in her voice. It was not often one saw such a display of power. "What did you do down there?"

"Nothing minister I was just purging the remains of the killing curse from young Mr. Potter's scar." Bagnold thought about it for a moment and decided that Dumbledore must have been telling the truth after all while else would Fawkes be involved. "Now I doubt you and your companions came here just to visit your old alumni?"

The minister gave a tight smile. "No Dumbledore we did not we came here to take Mr. Potter to the wizengamot to decided where he should be placed."

Dumbledore's kind twinkling eyes lost some of their shine. "That is not necessary he still has living family."

"What do mean." The minister asked confused. "All the direct relations of James Potter have passed."

"Who ever said anything about James?" Dumbledore asked his twinkle getting brighter, the minister swore that thing was alive.

"You plan to put him with muggles?" Minister Bagnold asked incredulously.

"Why of course they are his family and last I checked the ministry had no right to interfere in familial placements unless there were signs of neglect or abuse."

One of the aurors still objected. "But he is the boy-who-lived-"

"While his parents died." Dumbledore interrupted his tone turning noticeably colder. "The protection that I can place while and only while he is with his family are far greater than anything the ministry could set up. Now if that is all you should leave."

"You can't place him with filthy muggles!" An auror finally shouted before he paled Dumbledore's kind if slightly forced smile had disappeared.

"Mr. Sletezing I recomend you do not use such slurs in my school as such bigotry will not be tolerated." The auror gave a scared nod as Dumbledore magical power bared down on him making him feel insignificant.

Suddenly the sound of glass shattering was heard and Dumbledore stood up and rushed out the door with speed that belied his age. "Dumbledore! Dumbledore!" the minister called rushing after him. "What was that?"

"That was the sound of the protective wards around Mr. Potter shattering." Everyone there paled considerably if someone got their hands on the boy-who-lived then- well many people want to study how he survived the killing curse and many of those ways were quite dangerous to the patient.

Bursting to the hospital wing they saw the room look like a tornado had went through and on the ground bleeding out was Madam Pomfrey but it seemed she did not go down without a fight. "Amelia keep watch over her do what you can!" she nodded and immediately started waving her wand over the downed witch.

With Madam Pomfrey taken care of the rest of the group rushed out of the room. "Where would they go to escape." The minister asked Dumbledore the one who would know the school best.

"I do not know," the headmaster confessed. "They can not leave, the wards are in full lockdown not even the secret entrances would work." A rarely used feature as it was a major stress of the old ward system of the castle but incredibly powerful none the less.

"What about the floo network." One of the aurors asked causing Dumbledore to freeze and immediately turn on his heel and rush in the other direction.

"But Dumbledore the only active connection to Hogwarts is the Ministry and that leads straight to the department of mysteries."

"And what is in the department of mysteries?" Dumbledore asked rushing through the halls not looking behind him as he pressed a certain stone causing a tunnel to appear. "Something that has never failed to do what it is supposed to?"

"The veil.." The minister mutter before she picked up the pace and started rush towards the upcoming room. Despite the kidnapper having several minutes on them they got there mere moments after him. "Ministry Department of Mysteries access code 'dark that consumes the light'." As green flames licked the body of the criminal he started to laugh. "The dark lord may have fallen but he vanquisher will not survive either!" With that said he vanished.

Dumbledore rushed forward grabbing a handful of floo powder he threw it in but instead of walking through he spoke into the fire. "Wizengamot override redirect Auror Headquarters access code bumblebee!" the flames flash green once more before turning back to normal. Grabbing another handful he threw it into the fire and this time he did step through. "Ministry Department of law enforcement access code hunter!" Dumbledore vanished in flash of green stepping out of the fire he saw the entire area was in a state of panic. Criminals running free, several recently arrested death eaters but the most surprising part was Sirius Black fighting alongside the aurors taking charge and leading them against the death eaters many aurors falling into line with his orders, the years on the battlefield with him made them seem to forget his betrayal of the Potters.

"Give me back my godson!" He roared using a powerful and most likely not the lightest of curses to blast a hole through the herd of criminals possible killing some in the process. Dumbledore would have questioned him but now was not the time to do so.

"Dumbledore," Sirius began as the two of them rushed down the hall chasing after the man with the Potter Family's heir. "Want to tell me how in Merlin's name that son of my mother got his hand on my godson?!"

"I do not know," Dumbledore answered his eyes cold as ice the ever present twinkle gone completely. "But I intend to find out." Sirius shivered slightly at the cold tone of the headmaster one would never that the kindly old man who offered his students sweets was the same as this man.

Reaching the Department of Mysteries they arrived at the same time as several other unspeakables. "Dumbledore what is going on?"

"I'm afraid Mr. Ashwood that someone has kidnapped young Mr. Potter for his part in the defeat of Voldemort." The unspeakable did not even seem surprised that Dumbledore knew his name but he did flinch at the mention of Voldemort's name and any other time Dumbledore would have scolded him on that as fear of the name only gave him more power but right now there were more important things to deal with.

"Any idea where he is heading?"

"The veil." Was Dumbledore's only reply. Eyes widening Ashwood quickly waved his wand a one of the many doors causing all but five to vanish he then strode through the third one with Dumbledore and Sirius following behind. They fell through the air only to stop inches above the ground, Dumbledore was moving before they had even touched the ground already several feet ahead of the before they had even started moving.

Stopping in front of the veil his eyes narrowed and flashed with barely contained power. "Mr. Rookwood I appreciate it if you were to hand over young Mr. Potter."

The man gave a crazed laugh. "Sure just catch." Turning around he tossed the young child at the veil.

"Arresto momento!" Sirius yelled slightly panicked as Harry stopped mere inches away from the veil. At the same moment Sirius saved Harry, Dumbledore bound Rookwood. He turned to Unspeakable Ashwood.

"Get aurors down here now!" He order still tense ready for an attack at any moment. But that momentary distraction was enough Dumbledore may have enchanted the ropes binding Rookwood to be uncuttable Rookwood himself was not. Slicing off his own arm with a hidden dagger he jumped up and tackled the still floating baby into the veil laughing all the way even as he himself fell through.

HARRY! Sirius yelled dropping to his knees in shock once more he had failed.

The repercussions of this would be felt for years a death eater killing the boy-who-lived caused a massive uproar among the civilian population causing it to be much harder for death eaters to get off all but the richest were caught and thrown into jail. Sirius got the trial he never would have gotten otherwise and a thorough magical scan done by Dumbledore himself showed that while yes he was once the secret keeper it had been changed several weeks ago.

2 months after Sirius' trial he was still moping in his home he had not left for since he had be let go. Hearing a knock on his door he knew immediately who it was after he had made it clear within the first two days of his release that he was not doing an interview, the only people to visit him were Remus and Dumbledore and considering it was a full moon tonight he doubted it was Remus. "Look Dumbledore I told you before I just want to be left alone."

The headmaster stood there with a smile on his face a true smile one he had not worn in years and despite the fact he had seemed to age decades after the loss of Harry he now looked younger than he ever had before. Opening his mouth he said the words that would shake the wizarding world to it's core. "He's alive!"

Qrow flew through the air in the form of his namesake there was a massive increase in the area for number of grimm and his team had been the closest. Landing he transformed just as his feet touched the ground. "Taiyang you sure we are supposed to be here there has been a single grimm for miles?"

"What that's impossible." He said disbelieve checking the scanner once more. "You should be right on top of it."

He spun around in a circle throwing his arms in the air. "Well I'm not see any….." He trailed off.

"Qrow? Qrow!"

"I think we are going to need a bigger team." He said taking a long sip from his flask because God damn that was a lot of grimm. He looked down at the valley below filled to the brim with the monsters of Remnant. And he saw something caught his eye. "No way." Pulling out a small telescope he looked through it seeing that he wasn't hallucinating. "Guys there is a baby down there."

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Cast through the Veil as an infant Harry Potter lands in the world of remnant found by team STRQ he is taken by them drawing the attention many both good and bad of with his ability to control the creatures of Grimm.