Someone asked me not to make this a Harry/Pyrrha story and honestly I'm torn on whether or not to kill her I'm 25/75 on whether or not I should but as I have stated before she will stay dead if I do kill her. Also Jaune semblance will likely be different from what it was in canon.

Blake looked at Dust with amusement. "Your hair is a literal crow's nest." She noted as the bird sat perched upon his head.

"Yeah, yeah laugh it up, I still say Yang convinced him to do this." Harry said shooting an accusatory glance at his sister who merely shrugged.

"I didn't but if I had man am I genius." Yang grinned before tossing the bird a piece of bacon. The bird snatched the piece of bacon out of the air.

"Hey don't get grease in my hair." Harry said glaring at Yang. "It's bad enough as is." Wasn't that the truth honestly even Yang was unable to make his hair straighten out it was always a mess and given how many hair care products she had that was saying something. The girl was like a walking barber shop and made Weiss look like a slob when it came to hair.

Speaking of Weiss both she and Harry were glaring at each other, time had not helped their relationship at all. Even though Weiss and Ruby had made up and were as Ruby put, 'The bestest of friends.' Harry was still insulted on behalf of his sister and Weiss was far to stubborn to apologize. Meaning that both teams had to deal with the two of them glaring daggers at each other.

"What's going on?" Jaune asked as he sat down next to them none of them said anything just pointing at the glare duo and Jaune sighed. "They are still fighting?"

"They haven't stopped since they met." Black added with a sigh she was all for Harry completely agreeing with him about the Schnee Dust Company… but she had begun to see that Weiss was not so bad, plus there was also the fact that she had to listen to her complain. Weiss rarely complained to either Ruby or Yang because both them would most likely side with their brother leaving her as the only member of team RWBY for her to complain to.

"Speaking pig headed idiots." she muttered seeing team CRDL picking on fellow fanus Velvet. Not that anyone knew Blake was a fanus of course.

"Oh it hurts!" she said as he yank on her ears. "Please let go."

"I told you they were-" he was cut off by Dust flying by and smacking him on the head with his wings throwing him off balance and knocking him to the floor. Dust landed on Harry shoulder and Pyrrha pet him on the head.

"You know I really do like that bird." Blake said with a smirk as she watched Cardin get up off the floor. His eyes scanned the room and landed on Harry who was feeding his bird bacon.

"You think that was funny?" Cardin asked glaring at him.

"Come on it was just a joke." Harry said echoing a statement Cardin had made several times when he got caught bullying someone.

"What's the matter don't like being on the other end of a joke?" Yang asked smirking.

"What's the matter don't like anyone else playing with your pets?" Cardin asked shoving Harry.

Harry glared at him for that statement and gave him a hard shove back. "They are people not pets I get someone with a brain so small that not even a microscope can find it, might have trouble understanding that but try and keep up." Harry said before turning back to his food.

Cardin growled and pulled his arm back making a fist about to punch him in the back of the head, but he never got a chance to punch him as Yang reacted first punching him so hard he went flying back to his table. Something to understand about Yang was that she had three modes or as Harry put it she was like three different bears all at the same time as no matter which mode she was she could probably tear your arms off and eat you alive. There was baby bear which was fun and cheerful always willing to have some fun. There was papa bear which was what she normally was when fighting then there was mama bear a state she was normally only in when her siblings were being picked on. Unlike Cardin who had already been warned several times about picking on students Yang had not received such a warning. She also didn't care about getting into trouble as proven by her very long history of getting in trouble at school over her siblings. Growing up Harry was a novelty of sorts and several students had no problem picking on him or bully him into doing something. Yang being the overprotective big sister that she was beat them up without hesitation and no matter how many times she got into trouble she wouldn't hesitate to do so again to protect them.

"Try that again I dare you!" she said as her gauntlets slide into place.

Cardin glared but saw a teacher coming and both of them quickly went back to their seats.

Professor Oobleck was zooming around the classroom as he gave a lecture on the faunus war. "Can anyone tell me why general Lagune lost that battle?"

Cardin smirked and flicked a paper football at Jaune's head making him turn around and call out. "Hey!" he exclaimed glaring at Cardin only to stop once he realized who it was. Cardin smirked when he saw Oobleck stop in front of Jaune have expected him to call on Jaune once he made noise.

Only for Oobleck to look up at him instead. "Can you tell me why Mr. Winchester?"

Cardin scoffed. "Because animals are easier to train than soldiers." he said like it should be obvious making several students glare at him.

"Cardin do you wake such an asshole or do you have to practice in front of the mirror every morning?" Harry asked shooting the bully a dirty look.

Cardin glared and Oobleck scolded him for his language.

"Mr. Lightning language! and do you know the answer?" he asked and Harry nodded.

"Night vision many faunus have near perfect vision allowing them to see his surprise attack coming and have the advantage over his army."

"Lucky for us he never payed attention in class." Blake said smirking at Cardin Winchester who glared at her.

The bell rang dismissing them for class but Oobleck asked Jaune and Cardin to stay behind.

"I'll wait for Jaune he has had a hard day." Pyrrha said to Harry and he nodded.

"See ya I'm going to grab some dinner you want me to save you a seat?" he asked and Pyrrha nodded.

"Yeah I shouldn't be too long." she said waving goodbye as he walked off.

Half an hour later Pyrrha showed up with a frown on her face. "What is it?" Harry asked seeing her frown. "Cardin again?"

"No." She said shaking her head. "Jaune- never mind doesn't matter." She said pushing those thoughts aside.

"What's good?" She asked as she went to go grab a tray and grab some food.

"Try the chicken." Ren suggested and the conversation went on much more relaxed.

Things went a bit strange from then on Jaune had suddenly become best friends with Cardin or rather he became Cardin's whipping boy.

"I don't get why is he hanging out with that ass?" Weiss asked as she saw Jaune awkwardly walk along with Cardin and his team clearly looking for a way to get away.

"He did mention something about making a mistake Cardin is holding over his head." Ruby said.

"When did you have a chance to talk to him?" Weiss asked they spent almost all their time together.

"Last night he was looking down so I talked to him trying to cheer him up." Ruby said making Yang smirk.

"Oh what is this my baby sister is having late night rendezvous with boys." Ruby blushed.

"Shut up Yang!" She said turning as red as her cloak, a fact emphasized by her pulling her hood up to cover her face.

"Oh don't worry baby sister, Yang is here to help you through this troubling time." Yang said dramatically pulling her sister into a hug.

"Ack!" Ruby said as Yang slowly strangled her with a hug. "Let me go!" She cried pushing Yang off her. The group laughed and forgot their previous topic well all except for Pyrrha. She remember what Jaune had told her a few weeks back was this her fault did Cardin somehow overhear their conversation. The timeline fit he started hanging out with CRDL the very next day.

"Come on Pyrrha we have to get our stuff for the field trip." Harry said tapping her on the shoulder snapping her out of her thoughts, unaware of her emotional turmoil.

"Right let's go." She nodded giving a smile.

Jaune looked down at the jar in his hand than to Harry. Cardin had threatened to go to Goodwitch if he didn't throw this jar but if he did then he would hurt Harry the jasper wasps were deadly if not treated correctly.

He pulled back his arm and threw the jar… right at Cardin. "Go to hell Cardin threaten me all you want but I won't hurt my friends!"

Cardin growled and punched him in the stomach. "You think you can do that to me?" He growled before punching him again in the face.

"I'm going to make you pay for that." He said hoisting the teen into the air by his hoodie. He punched Jaune in the face sending him to the floor.

Team CRDL laughed and jeered at Jaune as he laid on the ground groaning in pain only to freeze when they heard the growl of a ursa. "Run!" One of them called as an Iraq burst from the wood works. They dashed through the woods back to the rest of the class. Cardin tried to run as well but the usra sniffed the air and when straight for him knocking him to the ground.

Jaune didn't know why he attacked the Ursa that was trying to kill Cardin by all rights if he left him to die he would have been off scottfree Cardin hadn't told any of his teammates how he was blackmailing Jaune just that he was blackmailing him. But his body moved on it's own without thought. Drawing his sword in one swift motion with skill he had never shown before. He slashed the ursa in the back hitting several of it's spikes breaking one off.

The beast roared in anger and turned on him launching itself at him with roar and slashing him across the chest and leaving a deep gash in his arm. Jaune slowly stood back up and a white glow covered his body and his wounds slowly sealed shut leaving no trace not even blood of what happened. With renewed vigor Jaune attacked the Grimm slashing at it till finally he got close enough to take off it's head. As the grimm fell to the ground and began to fade Jaune turned to Cardin. "I don't care if you bully me but if you ever threaten my friends again I will make you pay got it." he said in such a casual tone Cardin shivered and nodded in fear.

Unseen by Jaune Pyrrha ruby and Weiss had seen the conversation and slowly made their back to the rest of class, Pyrrha having decided not to tell Jaune about the help she gave. Though unseen by anyone else Harry stood just outside the clearing watching his eyes glowing green as he glanced back at the two grimm just as large as the Ursa whose eyes were now glowing green with a swift motion he sent them on their way back into the woods and far away from any humans. They had been attracted by the fear team CRDL had exuded when the Ursa showed up.

Done so as you see Jaune has a very different semblance than in canon a far more healing based one but there is more to it than that.