Walking towards his 5th hour class is a young 18 year old male. He has light blonde, almost white, hair and emerald green eyes. He was wearing a light green shirt with a few red in little areas on the front while his legs were covered by a pair of green pants with green straps hanging at his sides. His feet are covered by a pair of black tennis shoes. Over top of his green shirt is a black jacket with red lining the zipper and pockets that he got for his birthday about 3 years ago. attached to the jacket is a hood and the sleeves go all the way down to his elbows. Wrapped around his wrists are bright red strings that have little triangle shaped ornaments on them that look like something that you use to kill someone with. These strings are on both of his wrists and they wrap all the way up to his elbows. This young blond haired male goes by the name of Jaden(1) and he goes to the school, United Township High School(2). Jaden's 5th hour is Health but he first has to go to lunch so he does not starve while at school. A lot of the time, Jaden will sometimes suddenly freeze up while doing something and get this far away look in his eyes. What no one knows is that when he freezes up. he is getting memories of a past life. He does not know who or where he is when the memories are happening. What he does know is that he is living a life he used to live. Every once in awhile he will hear the name of his past life while he was in his memories but does not fully know who or what is talking to him. As Jaden was just getting to his Health class, since he had already ate lunch, the memories started acting up again.


Jaden was walking around a huge palace right behind a purple haired male wearing kingly clothes. He did not know who the man was but he knew that he was safe around this man and somehow had feelings around this male. His hair was pulled back into a ponytail that was going down his back since it was so long. Keeping the long strands of hair from flying around in the wind and going everywhere is an ace bandage like wrap that he got when he was younger that helped keep his hair from getting his face. He was wearing a white robe that had some jewelry falling in front of it because they were wrapped around his neck. From what Jaden could see, the purple haired male had a gold armband wrapped around his right wrist. His shoes are a red color while there was some gold lining the shoes. When the male turned around to look at Jaden, he saw that he has gentle amber eyes and a brilliant smile that made his cheeks start to heat up with a blush. The blush could totally be seen against his pale skin and the blush was covering his many freckles.

"Hey Jafar, you do know that you do not always have to follow me around everywhere. you can go someplace else if you want to." Says the king in front of him.

"Sin, I am trying to make sure that you do not do anything that would get you killed. This kingdom needs you as well as I." Says Jaden, or in the memory, Jafar.

Sin or Sinbad, which is his full name, smiles at Jafar very gently and they start walking again but Jafar had no idea where they were going. Jafar looks out from behind Sinbad and sees that they were heading towards an office. When the two got into the office, Jafar goes over to a desk and takes out a stack of papers and gives them to Sinbad with a stern look on his face.

"You better do your work." Jafar tells the purple haired king.

Sinbad just looks at his advisor with a hurt look on is face when he saw that Jafar was looking at him with a mean look on his face. What Jafar did not know is that Sinbad could do his work but did not want to do it because he wanted to be around Jafar and have a lot of fun with the former assassin more than he wanted to do silly paper work. He thought that it was getting in the way of himself being able to confess what he truly felt about Jafar.

(Memory Ended)

Jaden gasped a little as the memory of himself and Sinbad finally ended. He wanted to see what else happened in the memory but it seems that his subconsiousness realized that it was time to get into the class room because the hallway was starting to clear out as his class started. Jaden's eyes widened as he hurried to get to the room and was happy that he was able to get into the room before he was counted as late. Before he was allowed to go to his seat though, Mr. Wallart comes over to him and asks to talk to him outside of the classroom. Jaden nods and he walks out of the room with his teacher right behind him and once the door to the room was closed, started to speak to him about being outside of the room frozen like a statue.

"You alright Jaden? I saw you standing outside my room not moving and had this far away look in your eyes. Is everything alright.?" The health teacher asks.

"Yeah I am fine. I was just thinking of something and I sort of got caught in the memory. Sorry that I worried you Mr. Wallart. I am perfectly fine it happens all the time so if I just suddenly freeze and get that far away look, just move me to the side of the hall then I will come back." Jaden says to him.

Mr. Wallart looks at the light blond haired male and sighs gently. He says alright to him and they walk into the room so the class can get start. They were watching a movie called Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (3) and this was Jaden's favorite movie. They were at the part were Harry was going into the black lake using gillyweed to breath under the water. Jaden was watching the screen with his whole being because he loves watching this series a lot. He was only 8 years old when he first started watching the series. His parents introduced it to him and he has loved the entire series ever since but has loved Goblet of Fire even more.

Jaden was sitting next to his crush, Andrew Baal. No one knows where Andrew got his last name and that got him bullied a few times but he was able to stop the bullying very quickly. Jaden has had a crush on the black haired male. What others do not know is that Andrew's black hair is actually just a dark purple. When someone sees his hair then they just think that it is just a black color. His hair is pulled back into a ponytail because it goes down to his shoulder blades. Piercing his ears are two gold hoop earrings That were given to him by his father and his mother for his 12th birthday. His shirt is a light purple color while being covered by a dark blue-green jacket. His pants are dark blue and he wears a pair of black boots that complete the outfit. What Jaden does not know is that Andrew also has a crush on him and has had one for about 6 years now. They were 12 when his crush started to form for the light blond haired male with emerald green eyes. Jaden has had a crush on the dark purple haired male for about 3 years so he started having a crush on him when they were only 15 years old. When Jaden turned his head, he missed Andrew looking at his crush.

Kala Elric: Here is a brand new story that I just came up with. I hope you like this story.

(1) Jaden is just a name I am using for Jafar. Same for Andrew with Sinbad

(2) United Township High School is just the name of a high school I know

(3)Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire does not belong to me. It belongs to JK Rowling.