(Last time)

When Jaden turned his head, he missed Andrew looking at his crush.

Andrew Baal was sitting in class waiting for the person that he loves, Jaden Sei. They were in the same health class together. Andrew is a black, actually dark purple, haired male. What others do not know is that his black hair is actually dark purple. When someone sees his hair then they just think that it is just a black color. His hair is pulled back into a ponytail because it goes down to his shoulder blades. Piercing his ears are two gold hoop earrings That were given to him by his father and his mother for his 12th birthday. His shirt is a light purple color while being covered by a dark blue-green jacket. His pants are dark blue and he wears a pair of black boots that complete the outfit. Andrew has wanted to confess his love for Jaden but has been afraid to do so because he does not want to be rejected by the one person that has been his love interest for 6 years now. They were 12 when he started to form a crush for the light blond haired male with emerald green eyes. Andrew looks outside of the classroom and sees Jaden standing almost as still as a statue right outside the doorway. Andrew started getting out of his seat to see if Jaden was alright but stops when he sees Jaden start to move again. Andrew watches as Jaden gets taken back out into the hallway by Mr. Wallart and waits for his crush to come back into the room. When that happened, Mr. Wallart started playing Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. He actually really liked this series but tries to keep it under wraps from other people. He did not want anyone to know that he was a Harry Potter nerd.

Andrew turns his head just a little bit and sees that, during the movie, Jaden was looking at him. Jaden did not know that he was being watched as well but he did like watching the dark purple haired male. Andrew watched as Jaden turned his head away from Andrew's direction so he decides to watch Jaden while the light blond haired male did not know anything. Andrew watched Jaden the rest of the period. He would see how Jaden would start playing with the red bands around his arms and saw how those gentle green eyes would light up whenever something really cool would happen on the screen. Watching Jaden made him think of a dream that he had a long time ago about the two of them being together but as different people. Where he was King Sinbad of Sindria and Jaden was Jafar the royal advisor as well as a former assassin.


Andrew watched Jaden cross his arms showing those red strings that wrap around his pale skinned limbs and the things in his arms start to glow with electricity while shouting out something.

"Household Vessel! Bararaq Sei!" Jaden would yell out and he thrusted his arms out away from his body in a throwing motion and toss his weapons so they would go flying with the help of electric dragons that wrap around the weapons.

Jaden threw the weapons at a man who was floating in the air. He was wearing a black and gold mask and over his mouth was a white cloth. He has dark green hair covered by a white turban. He was wearing a white robe like outfit and in his hands is a black staff with the same type of mask that he was wearing. The lightning dragons destroy the barrier that was around the man and as he started falling, Andrew turned into his Djinn form. His hair is blue and on his forehead is a yellow crown like thing that goes up into the sky. His arms and part of his chest is covered by blue scale like armor and the same thing also covers his legs. Wrapped around his waist is a white cloth that is kept up by a black belt that has gold lining and a gold buckle that holds tat belt together. In his hand is a sword with a blue handle. There is a blue dragon wrapped around where Andrew was holding the sword. He had it raised up towards the male falling and shouted out an attack towards him while lightning was crackling around him.

"Bararaq Saiqua!" Andrew shouts out.

Lightning flows from the sword and towards the falling man. It hits him making his body blow up but only his head remained. It started to float then sink into the water around the kingdom of Balbadd. Andrew turned back into his normal form which consists of Purple hair and he was wearing a white clothed outfit with some purple lining the chest area. His shoes are red but with yellow lining the edges. Andrew started to fall but was caught by Jaden and another male. Jaden was wearing white robe like outfit that was lined with green and black. on his stomach area is 3 green stripes that go all the way around his stomach. the part on front of his legs is a white cloth that is also lined with green and black. On top of his head is a green keyfie (1) with a gold lining and a gold crest thing on the front. The other person was Masrur, a very strong young male. He was wearing white cloth and covering his chest is gold armor that also cover his wrists and ankles. In front of his legs is another piece of gold armor. Masrur has red hair and his eyes are the same color of red. Piercing right underneath his bottom lip is a little silver piercing that all of his race has. He is known as a Fanalis. On his side is a sword that is being held up by the white cloth on his waist. the sheath is black with gold lining. On Masrur's shoulders are gold armor.

"Are you alright Sin?" Jaden asks Andrew.

"Yeah I'm fine Jafar." Andrew responds to what Jaden was asking him.

(Memory End)

Andrew smiles as he thinks of the memory. He turned his head towards Jaden as he felt a pair of eyes watching him while he was lost in his thoughts. Andrew looks at Jaden and sees that the young light blond haired male was watching him with those green orbs glowing gently in the light of the movie. Jaden, blushing a deep red color, sees that Andrew turned towards him and saw him staring at the dark purpled haired male. Andrew blushes as he rushes to move his face away from Jaden's view so the smaller male would not see how much his face was flushed. Jaden turns his head to the side as he watches Andrew look away from him in embarrassment. He was really confused at what the other male was thinking.

'I wonder if Andrew-kun is alright.' Jaden was thinking.

'Of course he is alright right you idiot. He was once the king of Sindria.' A voice was saying in his head.

'What no way. Andrew was never a king. Besides where is Sindria anyway?' Jaden asks the voice.

The voice did not respond and that made Jaden start to wonder if what the voice said was true. He looked over at Andrew and imagined what he looked like from his dreams and saw that they looked so much alike that it was not ironic. As Jaden was thinking, he did not realize that the bell was ringing so someone had to shake his shoulder to get his attention. Jaden shakes his head to return to focus and sees that the person shaking his shoulder is actually the person who he was thinking about. To Jaden that was a little ironic. He blushed as said male gets out of his seat and then grabs his supplies. Jaden starts walking really fast out of the class room while not listening to what Andrew was saying.

"Jaden wait up!" Andrew shouts out towards the freckled boy. Jaden did not hear what he said and that made Andrew sad so he started walking towards his next class which was Journalism.

As Andrew was walking to class, he accidentally ran into someone. Andrew looked up and saw a red haired male wearing a blue hooded jacket over a black shirt. Wrapped around his wrists were 2 black wristbands. This red head's eyes were the same color as his hair and that was a total surprise because he did not know that Masrur from his dreams had someone that looked just like him in the real world. His pants are a black color and wrapped around his waist is a dark pink almost red cloth that acts as a belt like thing. His shoes are a pair of dark blue boots. Andrew was a little scared because this man was looking at him with a scary look on his face.