Kala: Hey guys I just wanted to say something that I forgot to say when I started this story. I do not own anything from Magi but the character names like Jaden, Andrew and other names that are going to pop up in this story do belong to me. There will be some OCs that might pop up here and there and so those do belong to me. These are going to be who is going to be in the series and what their reincarnated names are going to be:

Jafar - Jaden Sei

Sinbad - Andrew Baal

Masrur - Marcus Kaoza

Siba (OC) - Kala Baal

Alibaba - Aden Amon

Aladdin - Al Infigar

Morgiana - Morgan Fanalise

Drakon - Draco Ryuu

Hinahoho - Harry Bushin

Judar - Judai Aisu

Hakuryuu - Haru Musha

Yamraiha - Yama Kotodama

Spartos - Shiro Takashi

Kougyoku - Yoshi Hydrogen

Sharrkan - Daryll 'Shark' Tsukumo

Pisti - Penelope Motou

Dunya - Delanie Yuki

Isaac - Isaac Clayborn

Esra - Esra Baal

Badr - Barry Baal

Titus - Titus Nagle

Vittel - Paul Tigre

Mahad - Mahado Lambreche

Yunan - Nick Yuu

Scheherazade - Hera Zade

Cassim - Carl Sime

Mystras - Yari Takashi

Kala: There will be some more characters on the way I just need to finish finding characters I want to add to my story and give them a new name. All the names I have given them are derived from their original names except for a few of them like Vittel, Spartos, Siba, and Sinbad. Those were just some names that I came up with for them. I shall work on uploading the next chapter but I still need to figure out how I am going to do it. Well I guess I shall see you all later. If you want to have an OC in this story just private message me it and I shall try to slide you into the story. I do have 27 characters in the story already and I have to deal with trying to make hem move the way I want them to. Ill set up another Authors note later on to let you know more about Siba, my OC.