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A lone man stumbled slowly through the forest near Vale, his red overcoat and hat striking contrast with the dark earth below.

"Damn you Abe!" he seethed before his shortening breath hitched. "I was supposed to go out in an epiphany of violence, a dance of gore, a glorious duel; not by some trick of fate!" Spurred on by the sounds of violence that had died out a second ago, he continued in the direction of the likely concluded skirmish. As the man travelled, a tar-like trail was left on the ground, bubbling and slowly evaporating into smoke as the vile liquid bled out onto the already shaded forest floor. "Not much time left," he thought, suddenly coming across a peculiar and—to him—wonderful sight.

In front of him lay a freshly broken body, sprawled across the large roots of a tree. The body was that of a girl, still breathing, albeit barely. Blood formed a pool below her, some of it clotting in her nearly black, red hair. She was quickly dying and her unfocused eyes betrayed a look of surprise left over from whatever must have dealt the fatal blow. The man took note of a scythe laying a few yards away, noticing the loading chamber and ammunition cartridge, as well as the fresh blood dripping from its tip. Casting his sight back to the young woman in front of him, an idea came to his mind and he smirked. "Beautiful," he said to himself, his breath once again hitching, though he still managed to finish the last syllable.

"Girl... do you want to... live?" The glaze over her eyes sharpened ever so slightly; it was obvious she had lost most of her bodily functions. But the man approached anyway. "Tell me, are you a virgin?" The girls eyes began slowly moving in the direction furthest from the man who held out his arm on top of her. "Take my legacy, young draculina." He used his other hand and drew across his wrist, causing it to open up and let a black substance pour out into the girls mouth. He began to laugh maniacally as his form dissipated, the laugh increasing in intensity and volume until the only thing that remained was his clothing.

Ruby awoke from one of her strangest dreams to date, her eyes focusing to see the underside of the forest canopy. "What's a drac- huh?"she spoke."I don't remember falling asleep." She looked around to see her scythe extended and with blood on it. Her thoughts came forth, and she recalled her mission. "Right, I was attacked." Getting up, she cried out, "Yang, where are you?!" After a minute with no response Ruby walked over to her scythe, Crescent Rose. Upon examining it, Ruby realized she didn't know why there was blood on it.

Then she caught the sight of her attire, seeing how it was slashed diagonally through from shoulder to waste and one of her breasts was nearly exposed. "What the...?" She said aloud, closing her crimson cape around her body to hide the wardrobe malfunction. "When did I get cut?" Looking around, she saw a pile of red clothing; on top of it a worn red fedora with the largest brim she had ever seen. Picking through the clothes, she realized it consisted of a red overcoat, a fancy suit, black boots, and a pair of orange-tinted, circular sunglasses. Ruby decided that whomever left the clothes there had great style. That said, she only needed the white, button-up shirt, so she took it. She really wanted the hat and glasses, but the poor man who left them here might need it more than she when he returned.

Ruby thought about waiting for some time to see if someone would return, but Yang weighed heavier on her priorities; she quickly figured out her bearings and moved towards the last direction Yang had walked off in. "Hopefully Yang isn't too far off," she said, though she didn't voice the rest of her thoughts: "She owes me an explanation." As she moved, Ruby cleaned the blood off of Crescent Rose before holstering it. Unfortunately, Ruby was out of water and that would limit how long she could continue the search. She was getting thirsty and would have to turn back soon or find some water somewhere.

Mercury Black, the grey haired son of an infamous assassin, was just finishing repairs to one of his two prosthetic legs after his fight with arguably the greatest threat to his side's cause: Ruby Rose. The girl was strong—too strong; it would have ended badly if not for his newest associate, Yang Xiao Long. It was her initiation mission, a test to gauge her loyalty. Yang was to help apprehend her sister for an experimental brainwashing process they were trying out; that's what she was told, at least. Mercury knew differently: he knew the true intent of the mission.

After Yang's surprise attack, which knocked her sister out cold, he faked a mechanical problem in his leg; the whole farce worked brilliantly.

"Gah, shit!" Mercury harshly whispered.

"What's wrong?" Yang asked, turning to her new comrade.

"One of my legs won't work. I guess your sister nicked something in the fight. Nice job by the way."

"It's no big deal." she curtly replied, walking towards Ruby to pick her up.

"Hold on, this is your initiation; we need to test your resolve—that you trust us. I'll be the one to carry her back. Heck, you'll probably earn some brownie points for this. Just go on ahead and explain why I'll be late since my scroll is busted. It's fine if they have to leave a bullhead, but if we hold the fleet up, the boss will not be happy with us.

Yang had hesitated for a few seconds, checking to see that Mercury's scroll was indeed trashed and on the ground. She hardened her face and agreed. After he was sure Yang was far enough away, Mercury took Ruby's scythe and tried to take off her head. It would be ironic. But instead, the lopsided weapon threw him off-balance and he ended up snagging Ruby's cape, which directed the cut across her body instead. He could see some of the girl's stomach contents leaking out and sighed at his botched attempt. The weapon was not easy to wield, and he didn't feel like feeling stupid again. Seeing the amount of blood and some guts that spilled out, he was sure Ruby was too far gone to save. She would be dead within minutes.

Dropping the unruly weapon, Marcury made his way back to the location of the bullhead that would be designated to hang back for him. Once the news of Ruby's defeat was reported by Yang, his side would either have a stalwart ally or an enraged—and dead—enemy. His boss was no fool, that was for sure; this whole scheme was that person's idea. Unfortunately his left leg actually did malfunction along the way, and a terrifying laugh echoed through the forest and startled him, causing him to lose a small screw while trying to repair it.

After spending a feverish five minutes finding the lost screw, Mercury finished the repair and turned to keep moving. But he almost fell over in shock at the sight before him: Ruby Rose, hunched over, likely still hurting from yang's punch and his slash, but somehow very alive. "It must have been Emerald," he thought. His former ally, capable of spinning illusions, had changed after one of their meetings with the boss and eventually turned traitor. He still didn't know why, but maybe those nightmares she started having had something to do with it. Still, his enemy was in front of him and his mission was still unfinished. Being as stealthy as possible, he circled around and approached Ruby from behind; he could hear her groaning in pain before plunging his boot's hidden dagger into her back.

Ruby was hunched over, trying to lessen the pain of the extreme thirst she felt. She wasn't sure how, and she had no idea why, but this was the worst pain she could remember having ever felt, even if her memory was hindered from the thirst. Losing track of time, she wasn't sure how long she could continue, and it was likely she was on death's door. That was until something pierced her from behind. Turning to see the culprit, Ruby saw the means to an end; an end to her thirst.

It happened quickly. Too quickly. Ruby's cape must have deflected the blow and trapped his leg, which meant Mercury was in no position to defend himself. And whether it was from shock, awe or terror— he couldn't tell—he didn't react when the young woman in front of him turned and lunged at him. And almost as quickly, everything went dark.

Sated, Ruby finally snapped out of the trance she was in, relieved the thirst was gone. The young woman yelped and leapt away from the corpse in front of her. It was a shade of pale she had never seen before and what confused her more was how he ended up beneath her. Looking around and seeing nobody around, she quickly got up and straightened her back in an attempt to look more dignified in the case someone soon ran into her; however unlikely. Looking down, she remembered her scroll and grabbed it from its holster to see it was broken. However, the battery was still powering a notification light. "Maybe the others found her," she thought. Feeling a little hopeful, Ruby looked back to her broken scroll. "Oh well, hopefully uncle Qrow will get me another scroll if I beg enough... they're super expensive." Looking around, Ruby gave a sigh. "I guess it's time to head back."


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