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RWBYsing: Ch. 2

Upon heading back by following the sound of the distant bullhead that floated somewhere in the distance, Ruby's head filled with hypothetical questions; there was a lot to ask yang. "Why?" That one was obvious to ask, but there was so much more she wanted to know. "Did I do something wrong?" Ruby couldn't think of anything big, yet her head was filled to the brim with many little things that might as well have been small daggers slowly killing her willpower. "Is it because of my eyes?" she thought, terrified also at the prospect that Yang had secretly been jealous, or hated her for all those years because of it.

Ruby slapped her cheeks and once again declared "Nope!" and forced her eyes into a hard stare directly ahead as she marched forward; there was still plenty of time to think, however. "Did anyone else see her with Mercury? Did they also get into a fight with her? Did she kill anyone? Is she—Nope!" She thought, shouting the last word out loud. That kind of thinking would not be tolerated. Still, this was going to be a long trek.

Eventually she reached the bullhead that was hovering above a clearing and saw that everyone else in the chase party had already made their way into the hovering vehicle. Secretly, she hoped it was all a dream, that she would wake up on her way to the fight they lost trying to defend a settlement. But she knew better. Grabbing the bullhead's lifting cable, Ruby was hoisted into the aircraft, thoroughly disappointed and still hurting from Yang's betrayal. She hung her head as she moved to one of the solid walls. Those around her were silent until Qrow broke the tension.

"Ruby, did you see Yang?"

Ruby shook her head. "She... she..." it was exceedingly difficult to say those words. "She... turned... on... me."

Qrow couldn't believe what he was hearing, but he needed Ruby to hold it together for just a bit longer. "Ruby, what happened?"

Tears began to slowly make their way down her face. "I was fighting Mercury, and... she... he-helped him."

Qrow was confused. Yang was reckless at times, but not one to suddenly stab someone in the back. "Ruby, are you sure of that?"

Ruby nodded. "She knocked me out. I... only found Mercury, and he attacked me, and then... I guess I killed him."

"You killed Mercury?"

"He... yeah, I think. I don't remember how: I blacked out after I was kicked from behind... I was on top of his corpse when I woke up."

"Well, that's one good thing to happen during this shit week. What about the rest of you, any luck catching the thief? Or finding out who the thief is?" Qrow realized how ironic the question was, given his semblance literally caused bad for those directly around him.

"Nothing on my end," stated a young woman with long, white hair. She was Ruby's partner and part of team RWBY. The 'R' stood for Ruby; her letter was 'W' which stood for Weiss. An heiress for the Schnee Dust Company, Weiss was raised to be prim and proper, though many would say she was also an expert whiner. "Just a brutish swordsman with far too much stamina. It's like he was cheating!"

"They are cheating," came the voice of another of Ruby's team; she was a young woman with long, black hair and cat ears on her head. Her letter was 'B' for Blake. "Have you seen those glowing marks on their arms? It's not human... or faunus. It isn't natural."

"You've got that right, Blake," Qrow responded, drinking from a metal liquor cask he pulled from his jacket a few moments earlier. "It's clear they've made a pact with Salem... must have been some of her better soldiers. Now, if only we could find out what they wanted." He grimaced. "Or why Yang decided to join them." Turning his attention to Ruby, he called out to her. "Hey kiddo, I know things just went about as bad as they could for you, but you really don't look so good. You alright?"

A deep sigh was heard before Ruby slid down the metal wall and hung her head between her knees. Weiss sat down beside her and wrapped her arm around Ruby. Knowing just how close Ruby and Yang were, she tried her best to provide some form of sisterly comfort like Winter, her own sister, used to do for her. Whether the support helped, Weiss didn't know, but Ruby's tears had dried up. She even managed to ask for water.

Maybe it had been the walk, or the tears she had slowly shed over the last hour, but Ruby's throat was beginning to feel uncomfortably tight again. Weiss handed Ruby her water pouch and Ruby greedily drank up what remained in it.

"Well, I'm gonna need a drink," Qrow said to himself, though anyone around him could have heard him. Downing the rest of his cask, he also slid down one of the inner walls of the aircraft they were all in. He then reached up with one arm and knocked upon the wall between him and the pilots, signaling for them to close the doors and start the return flight.

Yang was on edge as she looked out the window of the bullhead she was in, hoping to spot the other bullhead that was supposed to transport Mercury and Ruby catch up. The anticipation was killing her, and the hissing of a poorly maintained high-pressure airline wasn't helping her worry. The only bullhead she could see was the one the thief and his spoils were on.

A few steps were heard as someone approached, and Yang looked back to see them. "I don't know why the forest seems so interesting, it's all green and black repeated over and over," they said with a slightly muffled but relaxed and airy voice. The woman speaking was one of the special task force agents that was supposed to oversee this particular mission, and by the particular badge on her vest, this one was most likely the highest ranked person on the mission. She wore a mask over her mouth, just like all the other special task force agents; but unlike the others, it was easy to see she was a faunus with her sleeveless top exposing slim pauldrons of feathers. Regardless, all the agents Yang had met previously, when planning this mission, came across as self important or even smug, so she naturally had a sour disposition towards them. This particular agent, however, was different: she was confident. Nothing more, nothing less... which almost seemed worse. Her removable name tag read "Springs" which was a call-sign, though Yang wasn't particularly interested in it.

"What did the forest ever do to you?" Yang replied, a smirk on her face as she turned to face the agent. She couldn't look nervous, she had to look the part; even if it meant ruffling some feathers. In this case, those feathers were literal... and ruffling—literally! It was almost adorable.

"Listen," Springs said, arms crossed in front of her, "I know you've got some clout—you helped us take out that pesky settlement and your sister was their biggest weapon against us—and you joining us signals a big change in the war, but I don't trust you. Tell me, why did you turn traitor?"

It was pretty clear that Yang was being tested, and though she found some annoyance with the shorter and skinnier agent, she would not show said annoyance. "I saw what was going to happen," Yang replied, the tone of her voice coming across as sober or reflective. "Our side wasn't in great shape anymore, and I wanted to make sure Ruby was safe. I tried to reason with her, but she wasn't listening. So I played along until I could convince her. When I heard about your brainwashing device, I saw an opportunity to keep us both safe that much sooner."

"You're willing to brainwash your own sister?" Springs asked, her eyebrows both high upon her face, showing clear surprise. "Wow, you really... I gotta say, I feel bad now."

"You feel... bad?"

"Yeah, I mean, I totally know where you're coming from. I joined the STF just to make sure my family would be safe and together. I did the same thing you planned to do. It's just... well, the objective of your part of the mission isn't what you think it was."

"What do you mean?" Yang asked, a dangerous gleam in her eyes.

Though smaller in stature, Springs was not intimidated at all. "Well, as important as Miss Rose is to both sides of the war, she's also a big risk... which is why Mercury was ordered to hang back and kill Ruby." Springs immediately hopped back to dodge a shotgun-reinforced punch to her face. "Well, it's already too late—" this time she hopped up and flipped to land on the ceiling of the bulkhead and dodge the next furious punch.

Yang, enraged, quickly stepped forward and punched upward, once again narrowly missing the bird faunus; she could hear some words but was already berserk as she spun around and roared with her next punch. Springs was showing her namesake, bouncing around in all directions to dodge all her thrown fists. Yang couldn't believe it: how could someone move their entire body faster than she could throw a punch? It was her specialty!

"Just—die—already!" she yelled as she threw more punches. It was only getting more difficult to land a hit.

"Really, I truly am sorry." Springs said, crouching to her right as she sprang from the starboard wall to the floor behind Yang. "This is war, it's not very pleasant, is it?" This time she launched herself toward the wall at a low angle before springing off it and knocking the legs out from under Yang. "But I don't really have a choice," she continued, "Mercury should be back alread—oh, I have news for you!" she said, her arms were high in the air in celebration as she jumped a bit. A radio transmission was just received.

"What... did... you... do?" Yang huffed, lying front down on the floor, finding it difficult to breathe but still looking up.

"Oh, that's just the gas. These masks sure are handy! But I do have good news for you! Mercury is dead and your sister's body was not recovered. It seems like your sister is still alive, which means we still need you alive!"

"What?" Yang didn't understand how Springs was so full of energy, she looked cheerful and even jumped for joy. "And what are you shaying?"

Straightening her posture, Springs looked down at Yang over crossed arms. "Oh, well things didn't go well on Mercury's part, so we need a hostage; therefore we won't kill you! Besides, it won't matter for long! Soon you'll be saying 'Yes sir!'"—she said that while energetically mimicking a salute—"with the rest of us; that mind control thing works wonders! It's kept my older brother nice and complacent as one of the other STF team leads."

Yang simply glared hard at Springs, who was contemplating something; she still couldn't make out what was happening when things went dark.

"By the—Oh, good grief! She's out already, isn't she? That's no fun." Springs frowned. "Oh well, perhaps I'll request that she gets sent to my brother's squad up once she's on our side! Then I can visit them both at home base!"

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