What if Pein kept true to his promise of destroying Konoha? What if Naruto was to late to save everybody? What if the Village Hidden in the Leaves fell on that day? AU. First fanfic.

i do not own nor do i claim to have any rights to Naruto. All rights are reserved to its author Masashi Kishimoto.

"It was never supposed to come to this. This was never supposed to happen."

"When the toads told my sensei that one of his students will bring about a great change to the world, i never would have expected this to be the change they spoke of."

"Yet again, maybe i shouldn't have expected anything less. After all, isn't this why their prophecies are always so fucking vague."

"Nevertheless, they weren't wrong. A change did occur. And one of his students did cause it."

"Funnily enough, it wasn't even the student that was already hell bent on world domination."

"No he is long dead by now."

"What happened to him? Simple, I killed him."

"He was the first of many deaths that bring me here to where it all began."

"Where things changed forever."

"And so here I am on the remnants of the Hokage monument staring at the crater filled with ashes and dust of the village that used to be konohagakure no soto."

"I can still remember the faces of the countless people that died here. Shinobi and civilians, old and young…friends and loved ones."

"All slaughtered because of the insatiable monster that is human greed and desire."

"Though those responsible of this atrocity aren't completely at fault for the state that the world is currently in. No, there is one monster far more destructive than greed and desire."


"Vengeance can change a person. Turn you into something you never thought you were capable of becoming."

"Such a nasty thing it is. Saw its effects first hand many years ago. How it left a hole in his heart and sent him on a path of self-destruction. Yet still i remained ignorant to it."

"But now, I think I finally see what he meant. Funny how i can relate to him in more ways than he can imagine."

"Enough about my past. I was blind then. Foolish enough to believe that peace can be obtained in this world. That humans can understand and forgive one another."

"Not anymore. My eyes have finally been open. Unfortunately, i had to die in order to see."

"My name is Naruto Uzumaki. The last of the loyal shinobis that belonged to the village hidden in the leaves."

"This is my story."

"My vendetta against those who wronged me."

"My death."

"And how the Demon of the Fallen Leaf was born."

Hey guys. Thatoneguy here. This is an idea that I've had for quite some time. As stated above, this is my first shot at a fanfic. I've yet to see a story where konoha fell after the Pein Invasion so I'm kinda just hoping that people read this intro and get somewhat inspired to create their own. Im not much of a writer and the only experience i have is my high school english class. i don't really have a plan for this story or even an idea to where its heading and how to get there. More like key plots and events i want to happen. I don't really intend to follow canon after the pein invasion and i might change a couple of key events before the invasion. So expect updates to be slow, if not non existent. After all, I'm much more of a reader than a writer and i suck at creating original ideas.

Anywho hope this idea intrigues you as much as it did me. Till next time.