What if Pein kept true to his promise of destroying Konoha? What if Naruto was to late to save everybody? What if the Village Hidden in the Leaves fell on that day? AU. First fanfic. OOC characters (especially Naruto)

i do not own nor do i claim to have any rights to Naruto. All rights are reserved to its author Masashi Kishimoto.

"Vengeance can change a person. Turn you into something you never thought you were capable of becoming." -Speech

"Vengeance can change a person. Turn you into something you never thought you were capable of becoming." -Thoughts

"Vengeance can change a person. Turn you into something you never thought you were capable of becoming." -Bijuu or other entity speaking

"Vengeance can change a person. Turn you into something you never thought you were capable of becoming." -Bijuu or other entity thinking

Taijuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu- Justus or other techniques

"Vengeance can change a person. Turn you into something you never thought you were capable of becoming."- Flashback




The frantic, yet stern shout came from Konan. She couldn't believe her eyes. How had Naruto not only manage to overpower Nagato's hold on him, but so effortlessly dispatch her as well. She had let her guard down for a second, and that mistake cost her dearly. But she couldn't afford to sit idly as multiple shinobi had just entered the tree.

The konoha nin entered the tree with haste after they felt the brief flare of chakra. Cat and her squad, along with inochi, noticed the fragile looking man that was being dealt with by Naruto. It seemed that he had managed to take out the leader after all. With that threat taken care of, that left only one more enemy to deal with. A silent agreement was shared between them and they approached the laying kunochi before them.

Konan acted quickly and recovered from her prone position. Sidestepping a slash from a tanto being welded by a badger masked ANBU, she grabbed the man by the wrist and hurled him over her shoulder, and into the path of another oncoming shinobi, with considerable force. The two shinobi burst into smoke and were replaced by logs.


She had only seconds to conjure up a paper dome strong enough to stop the kunai heading towards her from multiple directions.

'This is not good,' thought Konan within the confines of her barrier. She hadn't had the chance to see what became of Nagato and Naruto before the assault on her started. Growing worried, she willed a small opening to form in the direction she knew the two Uzumakis were.

She took a quick glance at Nagato. His body was blocked by an unmoving Naruto, a small cloak of chakra still around him. It felt similar, but yet different. The chakra rod was still in his stomach. But Nagatos own wound was unseen by her, as well as the thick crimson and yellow chakra moving between the two rods.

'Did Nagato regain control again? Why hasn't he fought back yet?'

Upon closer inspection, she could see that Nagato was whispering something to the blond. What that may be, she could not tell, but she did take note of something. Nagato looked weak. Much weaker then he usually did. His already pale skin looked much whiter than what she remembered, and his movements looked strained. In that moment, she witnessed the hand he was using to support himself fall limp, and his head lean on the jinchuriki's shoulder. But what had frightened her the most were his unblinking eyes seemingly focused on nothing.

The dome around her shot in every direction, flinging the embedded kunai and sharpened paper towards her attackers. The ANBU sought shelter behind earth jutsus and replacement techniques. The entire tree seemed to come to life. piece after piece started to fall off of it and started to spin around the female akatsuki as if an unseen hurricane had taken form around her. Soon enough, their vision were obstructed by the countless sheets that made up the tree.

With cold calculation, Konan moved swiftly and with purpose towards her friend. She punched the blond with unrestrained power, and sent him in the direction she had just come from. Grabbing Nagato, Konan sprouted paper wings and took to the skies before Naruto could recover and intercept her. She looked like a white blur in the sky, leaving the paper tornado behind to hide her escape. She had pumped all the chakra she could into her escape plan, leaving just enough to aid her flight back to Ame.

Unbeknown to her, Naruto never moved, not even to shield himself from the sharp paper flying in all directions. The rod in his abdomen was still glowing with the yin and yang chakra the kyuubi had used earlier.

Naruto had endured much in his 18 years of life. He was no stranger to pain. He has been stabbed by kunai, sliced by shuriken, and pummeled by jutsus. He had even been impaled by his so called brother when trying to bring him back to the village so many years ago. Emotional pain was no exception either. He was born an orphan, no clue as to who his parents may be. He didn't know a parents love. To make matters worse, he had become a scapegoat for the village growing up. No one wanted to associate with him. People spat at him and treated him like the plague itself, and he had no idea why at the time. Some even got physical, but nothing more than some forceful shoves or a random item being lodged his way. The resentment and neglect had hurt him the most, but like any wound, he powered through it.

But what he felt now could not compare.

"What is this? What is going on?"

Before him, Naruto was seeing things he could not comprehend.

He saw multiple random flashes. Mostly images of a war torn and constantly raining place. Things were flashing fast, but he could still see and understand what was going on. But what shocked him the most was that he could feel something as well. He recalled seeing a redheaded woman struggling with some shinobi wearing leaf headbands.

"Run Nagato!" she yelled

Naruto saw the woman get killed by the shinobi, and felt sadness and rage.

Next thing he sees is the bodies of the shinobi laying on the floor, and he recalls feeling fear and regret.

The images continue racing through his mind.

He sees the time when he met and befriended an orange haired boy, and a blue haired girl.

He recalls when a snake like man, a busty blond, and a white haired man saved him and the resulting training he and his small family had received from the white haired man.

"Is that…"

Naruto didn't finish that thought as he continued to experience emotions to these memories that he has never seen before.

Defeating Hanzo, the creation of Akatsuki, rebuilding Ame, killing Yahiko, Meeting Tobi. The memories continued to bombard him along with the appropriate emotions.

Then came the attack on konoha. He remembered killing countless leaf shinobi and civilians. Kakashi, Shizune, Hinata. But one death had shook him to the core.

Naruto looked at Nagato's outstretched hand lifting the woman before him with a chakra rod in the other.

"You will tell me where he is." came the stock voice of Pein.

"Go… to hell." came the choked reply from the woman.

'No.' thought Naruto.

Without hesitation, Nagato plunged the rod into her stomach and let her drop to her knees. She yelled out in pain, clutching her stomach, almost cradling her wound. Large tears left her eyes, but she remained looking down towards her stomach.

'No… kami, please don't!' thought Naruto. He tried in vain to let go of the weapon in his hand but nothing happened. Tears began forming in his eyes.


"Tell me, and i shall let you live."

She remained impassive. Her wound wasn't fatal, at least not yet, but the damage had been done.

"Very well then."

Pein looked on as another figure appeared behind the woman. He had hoped to get the information before his Human path had arrived, but alas, that wasn't meant to be. The Human path had gotten a lead as to who may know the jinchurikis whereabouts from a short haired medic nin. She had been the Hokage's assistant and was the one to examine the previous animal path. Unfortunately, she didn't know the whereabouts of the blond, but knew of someone who did. Deva path had been the first to find the woman.

The Human Path grabbed the top of the woman head rather harshly. She looked into the eyes of Deva path and whispered to herself, before closing her eyes.

Naruto tried in vain to stop the Human path from doing what he did to Shizune, but nothing happened. He fixed his gaze at the woman before him. Her words were soft, but Naruto heard them clear as day.

"Im sorry, Naruto-koi."

Her body hit the ground with a soft thud. All noise around him seemed to stop, or maybe he just stopped paying attention. Memories kept flashing before him but he didn't care. He remembered only her. Her memories flashed before him. All the time they spent together, every moment, every kiss, every time they made love. Everything flashed before him, causing him more pain with every passing moment, like a knife slowly making its way to his heart. He hurt. Nothing compared to what he felt right now.

With a bone chilling yell, Naruto exploded into a crimson shower of chakra. The maelstrom of paper dissipated instantly with the violent explosion. The ANBU nearby had been blown away as well. The turn of events had shocked them. The run away Akatsuki were no longer on their minds as now they had a much bigger problem. Before them was an 8-tailed Naruto ready to lay waste to his surroundings.

Looking down, Naruto yanked out the rod before crushing it in his hand and throwing them down. A sudden noise drew his attention from black shards at his feet. Inochi Yamanaka was struggling to get up. In his struggles, he had unknowingly attracted the jinchurikis full attention. Naruto sent all 8 tails towards his new target. Inochi, still dazed by the knockback, could do nothing but raise his hands in defense.

Splinters littered his face and a blue light shone through his closed eyes. Opening his eyes, he saw a mangled piece of wood snaking around several tails. The wood managed to stop 7 of the tails, but one was mere inches from his face, still struggling to move. A blue tendril seemed to be restraining the appendage. Following the tendril, he noted that it was originating from a blue crystal attached to a necklace laying right next to his foot.

"That could have ended badly", came a voice from behind him.

He turned around to see Yamato crouching on the ground, with his hands flat against the dirt, presumably to call forth the shield that just saved his life.

"We need to subdue Naruto, but i cant do it alone! Quickly, get that necklace back on him!" yelled Yamato.

Yamato pumped more chakra into his attack and the wood quickly began to encircle the tails individually, before making their way towards naruto himself. They twisted and turned around him, only barley managing to contain him. 5 of the tails broke free and began swinging wildly, trying to do as much damage as possible. Naruto however remained encased by the wood.

"Necklace! Now!"

Not needing to be told a third time, Inochi bent down and grabbed the Necklace. Dodging the deadly tails, he managed to get near before a newly freed tail knocked him back a couple feet.

The tail was about to continue its assault before three black shadows creeped onto various tails, including the one that was intent on striking him. Shikaku along with two other Naras were doing their best to subdue three more tails.

"Right… On time…" Said a struggling Shikaku.

With that taken care of, Inochi continued on and placed the necklace around the kyuubified Naruto's neck. Immediately, Blue light started to encase and attack Naruto. Despite all of this, Naruto kept thrashing about.

"Its… Not… Working", said Shikaku.

"Naruto's not… fighting against… the kyuubi. We need him… to cooperate." groaned Yamato.

Inochi thought for a moment. He knew that there was only one way they were going to get Naruto's attention. Without hesitation, he began his jutsu.

"Mind Transfer Jutsu."

Inochi looked at his surroundings. Greeting him was a sewer-like place. On the far end was a giant cage, with red chakra leeching out of it and into a kneeling Naruto. Seemingly oblivious to all around him, Naruto just allowed the chakra to do as it pleased. Inochi ran up to him, wary of the cage, knowing whats behind it.

"Naruto! Naruto wake up!"

No answer.


"Its no use."came a voice behind Inochi.

"Soon, this seal will weaken, and i will be free. So run while you still can"

Looking back down at the blond, Inochi decided to do something he was morally against. invading a fellow leaf nin's memories. If he could shift through them, maybe he could bring forth the most pleasant and knock some sense into Naruto.

"Im sorry Naruto, but we need you right now."

With that, Inochi began searching.

The thrashing suddenly stopped. He had put up one hell of a fight, but Naruto had finally stopped moving. His tails began to shrink and his cloak began to fade as he fell to his knees.

"Did…it work." The voice came from a panting Shikaku.

"I think so"answered Yamato.

A sigh of relief escaped from the two men as they looked at the calming Naruto.

"That was really reckless Inochi, you could have been hurt in his mindscape. What were you thinking Inochi." asked Shikaku without turning back.

No response.


Now worried, they looked towards Inochi. He was sitting on the ground with his back away from them and his head laying low. They began to walk towards him, but were halted on the spot by the mind walker.

"Are you o…"

"Im fine. Really. Just… just check up on Naruto for me ok." interrupted the Yamanaka, genuine worry on his face for his fellow blond.

Startled by the response, they nonetheless obliged when they noticed his worry for the jinchuriki. They turned their focus back to Naruto, intent on checking over the kneeling blond. But what they saw had caught them off guard.

Naruto lifted his head, his eyes focused on the pair before him. Tears seemed to be running down his cheek but his face was duo focused on his eyes. His gaze looked empty, as if all life and joy had been sucked out of them. Fatigue over took Naruto and he began slumping towards his side. He fell with a light thud, sleep finally taking hold of him.

Shikaku and Yamato remained still. No movement was made to assist the blond as something else had grasped their complete attention. The shinobi kept their silence for a while, both pondering the implications of the scene they had just witnessed.

Finally, they spoke up.

"But thats… thats imposible."

"It can't be. He shouldn't…"

The three men remained still, trying to ascertain if what they saw was real. It had to be an illusion. After all, the three men could have sworn that for a split second, they saw a pair of red eyes, with three tomoe in each, staring back.

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