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Chapter 1: Era


"It's a triple threat match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship the champion Brock Lesnar defends against the 2015 Royal Rumble winner Roman Reigns and The Red Dragon David Redd."

"All three men vying to be the best in this match!"


"He dislocated David's arm!"

"Reigns is not backing down here it's like he wants the best from The Beast!"

"David just popped his arm back in and he's on fire right now!"

"F5! No he's still alive!"

"How does a man kick out of such a devastating move?!"

"SEEING RED! He's got the head still and taking him up…KINGSLAYER!"


"He's the youngest world champion ever!"

"Oh no! Rollins from behind with the briefcase off the back of the head and he's cashing in!"

"The champion refuses to stay down!"

"Kirb Stomp coming…He countered into the TOS! SETH TAPS!"

"David Redd is still the champion! It's a new era as WWE is now seeing red."


"Ladies and gentlemen please welcome the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion…The Red Dragon David Redd!" Lillian announced.

Linkin Park-New Divide hit as David made his way out with a new theme and had on his shoulder the WWE World Heavyweight title which had his custom side plates with one of a hooded man and the other of a red dragon as the place blew up for the brand new champion who last night went through hell to get the title he made his way down but held the title out as he let the fans touch the gold showing them that this wasn't just his championship it was theirs as he let the entire of ringside do so as he finished he entered the ring and had a mic.

David tried to talk but the crowd was going wild as the aftermath of WrestleMania could be felt.

"I know you all want me to give this massive speech on my win last night but I need to do something." David said as he looked into the camera.

"To all those who said to me that chasing this dream and living this life was a joke and to get myself a proper job well…" he then showed his WWE World Heavyweight Championship and held it to the camera for a good look.

"With that out of the way I do want to say last night I was taken to my limits I was Superman punched, Speared, F5'd, taken to Suplex City once more but having my shoulder dislocated in a match was a first for me and I refused to lose that way so I did what any man would do and do something about it." he detailed the painful moment in the match.

"I got back in and I Slayed The Beast!" David stated as it was a moment no one would forget.

"But then as I celebrated I was attacked from behind by the weasel of The Authority Seth Rollins who cashed in his Money in the Bank opportunity and tried to get a sneaky win but once more I refused to lose that way and despite the interference of his Mummy, Daddy and Uncle Kane and along with a dodgy referee I was able to retain thanks to the help of Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan, gentlemen I thank you." David thanked the two men for their help on his behalf.

"Now we turn to tonight as we are officially Authority free!" David stated getting a pop from the crowd.

"And tonight despite my health is not at one hundred percent I did plan on defending this championship against both of my opponents from last night but unfortunately Roman Reigns suffered a concussion and he's not here tonight." the crowd booed that.

"However The Beast Incarnate is here so Mr. Lesnar let's do this!" David said calling The Beast out.

Here comes the pain hit as The Beast Incarnate and the former champion made his way out with his advocate and he did not look happy and just walked down the ramp and right into the ring as he approached David looked him in the eye then looked at the title as Heyman went to talk but his client asked for the mic as he would speak for a change.

"You got some balls on you kid." Lesnar said.

"Amazing that I can even walk." David replied getting some chuckles from the crowd.

"I pop out your shoulder and you still wanted to fight, either your crazy or a dumbass." Lesnar said.

"Get to the point Mr. Lesnar." David said not wanting to dance around his questions.

"I want my belt back and I wanna finish the job." Lesnar made it clear.

"Then why are we just dawdling here?" David asked.

Both men were ready to fight as it looked like an impromptu championship match was about to happen until Heyman stepped in and he whispered into his client's ear.

"Mr. Redd I have advised my client and also to you that this match will happen but later tonight." Heyman said as they both left the ring as this was a mind game and David knew very well he had to play it as the main event would be The Red Dragon versus The Beast Incarnate for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.


David was in the back getting himself ready for his title defence.

"What kind of a muppet are you?" it was the voice of Paige who was his…well they haven't exactly established their relationship as of yet.

"It's not about that, it's about proving I deserve to be champion and not backing down to some bloke who broke an immortal's streak and dominated John Cena." David said as he was throwing fists at his own shadow.

"Or having the shortest title reign and having a broken arm because you had something to prove, don't you ever think about anyone else but yourself?" she asked.

He stopped his striking and turned to face her as he cupped her face and gave her a light kiss.

"What do you think?" he asked.

"I think you need to start making dinner plans." she said as he chuckled at that.

"Is that so?" David asked.

"Your going to win this match, then your going to ask me out proper, then you have to dress nice, pick me up and take me to a fancy place." Paige sad making her demands for a date.

"Ok then you have to treat it like a proper date and hide the fact your insane." David responded as she gave a smirk.

"And that's how I like it, why be a normal couple of people out on a date?" she asked.

"Then it would be just boring." he said as the call for his match was heard. "Time to go, one for good luck?" he asked.

She replied with a kiss on the forehead. "Good luck." she said.

David knew she was toying with him. "You are so cruel at times." he said and left for his title defence.


Here comes the pain hit and The Beast was ready to take back the world championship he lost just twenty four hours ago and made his way out with his advocate in tow as it was all just business he did his entrance and hopped up to the apron setting his pyro off and was awaiting his opponents arrival.

The Divide hit and it was the entrance of The Red Dragon as the reigning and defending WWE World Heavyweight Champion made his way out and over his body was the championship he walked down the ramp and into the ring as he had not taken his eye off of Lesnar as he took off his hoodie and showed his taped shoulder the same one Lesnar hurt as introductions were made.

"The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship!" Lillian announced.

"Introd-" she was interrupted by Heyman who wanted to introduce his client.

"Ladies and gentlemen my name is Paul Heyman and I am the advocate of the soon to be and once again your Heavyweight Champion of the World, Brock Lesnar!" he introduced his client.

"And introducing next from Cardiff, Wales he is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, David Redd!" Lillian introduced the champion as he raised his title up high.

The referee held the gold up signifying it was a title match as the belt rang, as within seconds both men just threw fists at one another as they picked up where they left off from then, they both then went to the ground as Lesnar had David down but then David turned it around on him as they both then ended up tumbling all over the ring then to the outside as the ref tried to break it up and was successful as they both with eyes locked on one another as both keeping them locked on each other got back into the ring.

Both men lock up as Lesnar hooked his arms around David's torso as a trip to Suplex City was coming but David quickly countered and slipped out using his legs to flip him onto the back of his head and into a rollup, 1-2-NO HE KICKS OUT! David who looked to his challenger and said "That close" as indeed it was a close call and now The Beast was pissed.

As Raw came back on air Lesnar had taken control as he was suplexing the hell out of the champion with one german suplex after the other.

"SUPLEX CITY! SUPLEX CITY! SUPLEX CITY!" the crowd chanted as one after the other was connecting.

The Beast was now dominating The Red Dragon after a series of suplexes he had him down but Lesnar wasn't done as he had him up on his shoulders and AN F5! He dropped him with the move 1-2-TH-NO! HE KICKS OUT! Knowing full well David would not go down that easy Lesnar brought him up and throws him across the ring with a belly to belly suplex as it looked like he was ejected from a moving vehicle.

Not wasting another second with such speed Lesnar went back on the attack and looked for a second suplex and he connected with the second as it sent David tumbling to the outside and Lesnar was smirking as he had the champion down and was now taking his time but David was somehow getting to his feet and slowly he began to slap himself in the face to try and revive himself as it was working but he threw himself towards the steel steps and pounded his head into it and that woke him up as he did his primal roar and got back into the ring.

He confronted Lesnar and now all fired up he dared him to give him his best shot and The Beast was happy to oblige and threw a fist hitting him in the face but David just shouted at him to keep going as he threw more shots but David was still standing as he swing for another but David caught it and then his other arm and locked him in and began head butting him as he could not protect him self from the open cranium hits to his own as he had weakened The Beast.

Taking the leg he got him down with a dragon screw attacking the left knee he then twisted it some more and HE LOCKS IN THE TOS! Lesnar knew this move was a possible finisher for him as he screamed out and his advocate telling him to get to the ropes and quickly he did as the referee forced David to break the hold by four.

David seeing he was barely able to stand he got him into the front full nelson and drove the knees relentlessly into his abdomen as it took more out of Lesnar, with him stunned David took him up onto his shoulders SEEING RED! 1-2-THR-NO HE KICKS OUT! Lesnar was still alive as David looked to take him up he had him by his head looking for the Kingslayer but Lesnar was beginning to come around he grabbed his left arm and HE LOCKS THE KAMURA IN!

Lesnar knew his shoulder was injured from last night and was now targeting it once more as David could feel him trying to tear his arm off as the pain was indescribable as he tried to get free with all he had as he was trapped in the middle of the ring as it seemed it was over…IT WAS BROKEN BY SETH ROLLINS?! Rollins attacked David as the referee seeing the blatant interference called for the bell as Lesnar thinking he had won.

"Here is your winner by disqualification and still WWE World Heavyweight Champion, David Redd!" Lillian announced.

Hearing that Lesnar saw Rollins and knew straight away what had happened but before Lesnar could even get his hands on Rollins, David had thrown his security aside and both he and Rollins brawled on the outside then through the crowd.

However by the announce area The Beast Incarnate now knowing he was screwed out of his chance to be champion again but now there was only one thing for him to do…HE TIPPED THE ANNOUNCE TABLE OVER!

Lesnar just tipped the entire table over onto the team as JBL and Booker T were trapped but Michael Cole got lucky as Lesnar assaulted both Noble and Mercury throwing them into the steel post and the barricade as the fury of The Beast was not stopped and he grabbed Cole from the wreckage and threw him into the ring as his advocate begged him to stop Lesnar had Cole up on his shoulders…F5 TO MICHAEL COLE!

"BROCK STOP THIS NOW!" it was Stephanie trying to end this rampage.

Lesnar wasn't done as he grabbed the cameraman and had him up on his shoulders.

"Brock don't do this! He's just a cameraman! PUT HIM DOWN NOW!" Stephanie pleaded. "You'll get your rematch just put him down please." she tried very hard to defuse the situation.

Lesnar thought for a second…F5 BY LESNAR!

"That's it! Your actions have consequences and now your suspended!" Stephanie said as she officially suspended The Beast.

Lesnar responded with only one way as he grabbed the unconscious cameraman and ANOTHER F5!


Away from the action both David and Rollins continued their fight as it went through the back and into the parking area where Seth quickly raked the eyes of David and commandeered a car and got the hell out of there.

As then he saw Lesnar being escorted out of there by security as Stephanie was making sure he left David had to find out what happened.

"What the bloody hell is going on here?!" David asked.

"Brock Lesnar attacked several members of staff and is being suspended." Stephanie explained the situation.

"Well if your golden boy hadn't gotten involved he wouldn't have gone berserk!" David pointed out to her.

"I understand that but Seth did this of his accord not ours." she said.

"I don't care about that all I care about was proving I can beat The Beast but we'll never know now so tell Mr. Rollins if he wants a rematch so badly all he had to do was ask." David said as he left her with that statement.


There was a knock at the door and opening it was Paige to a sight she never thought would ever happen.

"You're dressed up?" she said looking very surprised.

"I know now get ready we're going to an actual fancy place." David said as he was dressed up in shirt and tie as asked by her earlier on.

"Never thought that David Thomas Reddington would ever do something so gentlemanly and dress nice just to take me out." she said and stepped out to reveal she was also dressed nice.

"You look…" he was finding it hard to say the words.

"What? Too tarty?" she said as she wore an elegant black dress with her hair up.

"Gorgeous." David said as that surprised her even more. "I mean you look amazing, I still remember how you looked at your cousin's wedding." he shared a memory with her.

"I remember that, why did she invite you?" she asked still confused to why.

"My guess is because her sister had a massive thing for me." he admitted to why he was invited in the first place.

"And it ended with you getting off with her best mate, that was a messy day." she remembered how the day ended in disaster for him.

"I know I didn't even get to have cake." he said as she shook her head at his response.

"Let's go, I want see where we're going for our first date." she said as he held out his arm and she hung on to it.

As they walked to the elevator and waited for it to arrive.

"Have you got your hand on my arse?"

"Yeah why?"

"Look if we're going to establish a relationship then you need to understand the twelve tiers Saraya." David told her as she grinned and they got into the elevator for their date.


The WWE was still in turmoil after last week's championship match and the way it ended after Brock Lesnar went on a rampage and assaulted several members of staff as both Hunter and Stephanie were in the ring to address the situation.

"Last week Brock Lesnar crossed the line and in doing so for his action he has been suspended indefinitely and will be fined an undetermined sum." Stephanie stated the action taken against The Beast.

"Now our next line of business we would like to request the presence of the WWE World Heavyweight Champion David Redd." Hunter called David out.

New Divide hit as the champion made his way out and he was also not happy about last week but for different reasons as he walked down the ramp and into the ring and was given a mic.

"David first off congratulations on winning the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania." Hunter said as the crowd popped to that. "Second last week before you throw accusations we did NOT tell Seth Rollins to interfere in the match that was all him." he made clear.

David having a look of curiosity on his face had the mic. "Now we're all supposed to believe that your poster boy cost Mr. Lesnar the match on his own accord? Now here's what I think, you told him to do so and in doing so knew Mr. Lesnar would lose his cool and then you'd have perfect cause to get him out of the championship picture, do I smell conspiracy in the air?" David explained his theory on what happened last week.

"Do you really think that?" Stephanie asked as the crowd agreed with David. "And besides Seth Rollins was punished for his actions last week he is not here this week and has been fined an undetermined amount because tonight you will defend the WWE World Championship against the man you didn't pin at WrestleMania Roman Reigns." she announced the main event.

"Very good but how do I know someone else won't get involved?" David asked.

"Alright if anyone gets physically involved they will be terminated on the spot." Hunter announced making that stipulation to the title match.

"Fine but know this any sort of shenanigans then maybe…" David pulls out his crowbar. "…I may have to hand out punishments of my own." he made clear what would happen if anything happened as he left the ring leaving them with that.


David was walking through the hallways until he was blocked by his challenger.

"First man I didn't do it before but congrats." Roman said extending his hand out as David shook it showing one another respect.

"Second I'm taking that title tonight so shine it up real nice for me." he said.

"I'll shine the belt up with the best rag which of course would be your face when I retain against you good sir." David came back as Reigns nodded knowing he was going in for a fight leaving him there.

But as he was about to leave he could hear the sound of a fight going on nearby as he tried to investigate he saw Reigns had been put through a locker room door and laid out as David went to check on him he was then joined by officials and medical staff as it seems his title defence would not happen.


David marched out to the ring and had a mic.

"Whomever is trying to make a statement at the expense of the main event just don't mess me about and get out here now." David said sounding annoyed as he called out the attacker.

WWWEEELLLL…it's The Big Show!

Crank it up hit as out came the assailant as the World's Largest Athlete marched down the ring and wasn't stopping…SENTON SPLASH INTO THE GIANT!

David made a pre-emptive strike on him as he took him down to the ground and laid the fists into him he kept going until he stopped and then went back on the attack but The Giant threw him back and quickly got back up and drove him back first into the apron, then bounced his head off it and just took him and tossed him through the steel steps knocking them over.

Big Show was not done as he grabbed the champion by his head and threw him around ringside, David tried to get back to his feet but Show wrapped his massive hand around the throat of David and looked to CHOKSL-HE WAS MISTED IN THE EYES!

David blinded The Giant with his red mist as he released him and Show was now vulnerable as he tried to walk away A SPEAR FROM OUT OF NOWHERE BY REIGNS!

Reigns was back and he was on the warpath as Big Show was in the ring still blinded and he was unaware of what was awaiting him SUPERMAN PUNCH! He staggered back from that INTO A SUPERKICK! As he was barely standing A SECOND SPEAR!

But they were not done as they got Big Show to the announcers area and began clearing the table and everyone knew what was coming next as Roman did his war cry David somehow hoisted Show up to Roman's shoulders and A DOUBLE POWERBOMB THROUGH THE TABLE!

A statement was made by both men that they will not let things go down like that without a fight.

Nothing seems to go his way, will he get to have an uninterrupted title match? What are The Authority planning?

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