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Chapter 22: Reason


The fallout of last night was replayed as now there was a new WWE World Heavyweight Champion and the fact it was thanks to one man...

Retribution hit and that was the music of the said person and making his return to WWE after injury was Seth Rollins who was all smiles for his return as he made his way into the ring and asked for a mic.

"I know you all have a lot of questions but first off...did you miss me?" he asked as the crowd cheered his return.

"Well I didn't miss you!" he said as the feeling wasn't mutual with the cheers becoming boos.

"Even before I got injured all of you didn't appreciate me! Hell you didn't even care when I got injured! And after sitting on the side-lines watching the WWE go on without me and then watching David Redd take what was mine!" Rollins said as the time he spent injured had gotten to him. "I had to watch him for the second year in a row main event WrestleMania but here's the thing I was ready for my return before then but the powers to be told me to wait but after waiting long enough I decided to take my own initiative last night and get my foot back in the door, well more like through David's skull." he bragged about what he did to David last night.

"Now since David is out indefinitely I'm here to make my claim to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and as I recall, I NEVER LOST THE TITLE!" Rollins made his claim as number one contender.

"So whoever is in charge now give me what I want and then as for you Roman consider this a notice, that title is coming back to where it belongs!" Rollins stated again as he left the ring making one final statement.

Meanwhile all the way in Orlando Florida, David was at home recovering and was watching this all unfold as he was hurt but wanted his revenge.

"When I lost the title I didn't winge about it." David said.

"No you decided to go and get blind drunk and rant about it." Paige said as he muttered under his breath.

"You still do that, thought you grew out of it?" Julia asked as her daughter sniggered.

"David is not a grown up, he's just a boy with his toys and when someone takes it off him he throws a wobbly." Paige said as he again muttered under his breath.

"So David do you remember what we told you before when going after someone?" Julia asked him.

"Calm head, assess the situation, make a plan of attack, execute the plan, expect the plan to go off the rails and throw away the plan." David detailed the advice given to him.

"And I take it you have a plan?" Julia asked.

As he was about to speak. "Before you do anything go get that lotion." Paige interrupted him as he sighed and went to do so.

"Already ordering him around, just wait until the baby is born then the real work begins." Julia said as her daughter chuckled.

David came back lotion in hand as he began to help cover her. "So what's the plan?" she asked him.

As then Raw came back on.

"It is official, in three weeks Roman Reigns will defend the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Seth Rollins at Money in the Bank."

"I believe it just came to me." he said seeing that announcement.


Money in the Bank was already going down in history as currently Roman Reigns was defending his WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Seth Rollins who has been saying for weeks he never lost the title and was now getting his long awaited rematch.

SUPERMAN PUNCH! Reigns got it in and was measuring Rollins for the finishing blow as he turned around into A SPE-NO ROLLINS COUNTERED?! INTO THE PEDIGREE! 1-2-3! IT WAS OVER!

"Here is your winner and NEW WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION...SETH ROLLINS!" the announcement was made as he was handed back the title he never lost and began to celebrate his win.

However his celebration just got cut short as a hooded individual slipped into the ring and revealed himself to be David who waited for Seth to turn around as he turned to face his reckoning and he was immediately dropped with a fist then a take down with a thez press not even stopping for one second as he dragged Seth to his feet and hooked in his head and took him up for A KINGSLAYER!

David dropped the newly crowned champion and then just left the ring and through the crowd after doing the damage.

Retaliation hit and running out was Dean Ambrose who had not long won the Money in the Bank ladder match to be crowned Mr. Money in the Bank as he quickly got into the ring and handed his briefcase in as the cash in was happening and the referee informed a title match was happening as Seth was slowly getting to his feet.

"The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship!" the announcement was made as Seth was looking shocked and confused as he had no idea what was going on.

The bell rang and Seth trying to get his bearings was turned around into Ambrose who quickly kicked him and DIRTY DEEDS! 1-2-3! IT WAS OVER!

"Here is your winner and NEW WWE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION...DEAN AMBROSE!" the announcement was made as the place blew up with a crowning of a new champion and the fact Seth Rollins had lost his title in the matter of minutes.

Ambrose was celebrating the win as he held up his title with the event going off the air.



The fallout of Money in the Bank was still being talked about as two title changes had happened and that a draft would happen separating both Raw and SmackDown.

Retaliation hit and out came the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion Dean Ambrose who was greeted to a huge roar from the crowd as he walked down the ramp and into the ring.

"Ladies and gentlemen your new WWE World Heavyweight Champion...Dean Ambrose!" he was announced in.

"YOU DESERVE IT! YOU DESERVE IT! YOU DESERVE IT!" they crowd chanted as Ambrose took it all in.

"Oh boy! Last night was a long and wild night for me in Vegas and I'm not talking about the stuff I don't remember, there was an incident with a security guard at the Hard Rock and a Team Cleveland Cavaliers celebration I got involved in..." Ambrose went on about his night of celebration. "I don't know why but I don't even like those guys myself and those guys were tall it freaked me out a bit, I think my foot got ran over a cab and oh yeah and there was this thing where I had to climb a fifteen foot ladder and win the Money in the Bank ladder match!" he said as the crowd went wild recalling his win last night.

"And at some point in the night I almost got bit by a dog, it was a long night and then this other thing happened when I cashed in my Money in the Bank contract on Seth Rollins and became the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion!" Ambrose recalled the best moment of his night as the crowd went wild again.

"So here's a lesson from Uncle Deano what goes around comes back around, so Seth Rollins was the right guy, in the right place at the wrong time." Ambrose stated Rollins's past misdeeds had come back to get him.

Let it reign hit and that was the entrance of Roman Reigns who just walked out and down to the ring as he had a mic and approached Ambrose.

"Look I'm not gonna make excuses, last night wasn't my night but brother last night it was yours and I'm happy for ya." Roman said as they hugged.

Retribution hit as they were interrupted by Seth Rollins who was absolutely seething after he finally got his title back only to lose it straight away to Ambrose as he demanded a mic as he got in the ring to confront his former brothers.

"Think this is funny huh?! You just goddamn cash in on me after I just won back my title and then a sneak attack by David Redd who's not even supposed to be here after I put him out!" Seth complained.

"Oh yeah that reminds me, Dave buddy thanks for the heads up, I owe you one." Ambrose thanked David for informing him of his intentions last night.

"It doesn't feel good does it Seth?" Roman asked as Seth felt the irony that his actions came back to get him.

"Yeah well regardless I was the champion and I beat you last night so guess what I'm first in line so Roman you can go to the back of the line and allow the real number one contender have his shot!" Seth staking his claim to the title.

"You re right about that Seth." it was Shane McMahon who appeared on the top of the stage. "You do have rematch clause but so does Roman." he made clear that he wasn't the only one who had a claim to be the next challenger.

"I've talked with Stephanie and we've agreed that the WWE World Heavyweight Championship will be defended at BattleGround when Dean Ambrose defends the title against Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns in a triple threat match!" Shane announced the next pay per view main event.

"However this bring me to a certain elephant or dragon in the room, David I know you're not here but I know you're watching and I want to make this absolutely clear you will get your rematch but I say this once and only once...Do not interfere in this match otherwise we will strip you of said rematch, am I making myself clear?" Shane asked him.

Meanwhile watching the broadcast was David who was sat at home and hearing he wasn't able to do anything about this.

"Are you seriously going to let this stop you?" Paige asked him.

"Well if I want the rematch I can't do anything I'll just wait until it's over." David said admitting defeat.

He was then handed and envelope as he looked at it and looked to her a bit confused.

"Open it." she said as he opened it and pulled out it's contents. "Don't ever say I don't do things for you." she said.

"You're going to be a great wife." he smiled giving her a kiss.



The Draft was already off to a huge start with both Raw and SmackDown gaining big stars per show as now the next picks were coming in for the finals of the first round.

"Now these are our final picks for tonight and myself and Stephanie have thought about this very hard and discussed this numerous times and despite how she feels about this pick as this man I feel will be a game-changer for Monday Nights as we select the youngest world champion in WWE history...The Red Dragon David Redd!" Mick Foley announced their pick with both Shane and Daniel kicking themselves they got him as they didn't believe he would be picked by Stephanie.

"Hold on a second!" they were interrupted by Vince McMahon who made his way out. "I'm afraid Raw cannot draft David Redd." he said.

"Then on behalf of SmackDown we draft David Redd!" Shane said as it seems they now drafted him.

"I'm sorry but SmackDown cannot draft David Redd." Vince said as now everyone is confused.

"The reason being that David Redd's contract expired yesterday and he's in the middle of signing a brand new contract so therefore David Redd as of now is a Free Agent." Vince just announced the status of David in the draft pool.


BattleGround had just been living up to it's namesake as the entire night was one huge battleground as this was the last Pay Per View before the brad split as both Raw and SmackDown were looking to make a statement ahead of that but now it was down to one match that could change the entire landscape of WWE as the WWE title was on the line with Dean Ambrose defending against his former Shield brethren Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins but Ambrose was in a must win situation if he was to bring the title with him to SmackDown as he had to face two of Raw's finest.

Both Commissioners and General Managers of Raw and SmackDown were at ringside for this to witness who would be going home with the gold.

The second coming hit as out came Seth Rollins who was the number one draft pick for Raw and sets to prove why he is by bringing the WWE Championship to Monday Night as he was cheered on by his superiors and entered the ring awaiting his opponents arrivals.

Let it reign hit as The Big Dog himself made his way out and was not only looking to get the title to Raw but to regain his title as he made his way out and was cheered on by Foley and reluctantly by Stephanie as he locked eyes with Rollins as they knew they might have to work together to get the title to Raw as they then awaited the champion's arrival.

Retaliation hit as out came the reigning and defending WWE Champion Dean Ambrose who was SmackDown's number one pick and hoping to continue his reign on Tuesday nights as he made his way out with both Shane and Bryan cheering him on as he faced down his former Shield brothers as this match would determine who is the better member of the group.

But as the bell was about to ring everyone's attention was diverted to the crowd as it was David who was led to an empty seat for a literal front row seat to this title match as he had invested interest in this outcome.

However Seth was not pleased and began to complain that he was now nearby as David waved to him and both Commissioners and General Managers went to question his motives for being there.

"I'm only here to watch nothing else." David said to them all as they warned him again what would happen if he did.

The bell rang and all three men went at it with all of Raw, SmackDown, both Commissioners, General Managers and David watching on as all three men squared off with them all going at one another.

While it went on David then got a call and was taking it during the match.

"What?! No I'm doing it right now...Yes I got the folder with me I'm making the arrangements right now I even got some help to do it here and...Yes I'm also watching the match a-I can do both at the same time...I guess I shouldn't bother it's not like he's going to do it tonight." David said out loud as Seth overheard the conversation and went to confront him. "I'm trying to get them to play there it's just the logistics of it all and...Well why not?! I don't see why he could not win here."

"HEY! You don't think I'm going to win?!" Seth shouted at David who was in the middle of a phone conversation.

David turned to him."I'm on the phone." he said as he went back to the conversation. "I know it's not like it's go-"

"DON'T IGNORE ME!"Seth shouted getting irate at him.

"IM ON THE PHONE I'LL GET TO YOU IN A MOMENT!" David shouted back a bit offended at his rudeness as Seth was taken aback but then began yelling back at him as David turned to him and then pointed out what was going on in the ring as he saw Ambrose had the cover and Seth just darted back in to break up the pin.

Seth realising he almost lost the match as Stephanie started yelling at Seth to stop getting distracted and keep his head in the game.

While the match continued David was still trying to get his wedding plans sorted as he had also hired an assistant to help him with it who was shown to be R-Truth who was suited up and wearing reading glasses holding a bunch of folders in his hands as he frantically ran up to David.

"David I got some catering for ya but they want to charge extra for them doin a hog roast along with a beef dinner!" he said giving him the phone as David began to question this charge.

"Am I hearing this right? You want to charge me extra?!" David shouted down the phone.

Meanwhile in the ring Seth was about to go for The Pedigree but was countered by Ambrose into into a backdrop as he looked to clothesline him but Seth ducked looking to get a clothesline of his own but Ambrose ducked it and came off the ropes with a cradle clothesline as Seth rolled to the outside and from the ring A SUCICIDE DIVE! Ambrose took Rollins out as he went over to David.

"Two words...Open Bar." Ambrose suggested to him.

Hearing that he suggested it to his bride to-be. "Perfect we'll just have to keep my uncle out of the whiskey." David said as he thanked Ambrose for the help as he went back to the match.

Truth came back with phone in hand. "David we got another problem the seafood is being cancelled." he said as David went wide eyed.

"WHAT?!" He shouted as he took the phone to find out why. "Why am I hearing you are cancelling on us?!" he asked.

As then on the outside Roman seeing both Ambrose and Rollins lying on the apron with their heads out decides to hit them both with a drive by kick as he then approached David.

"Hang that phone up." he said to him as David did so and Roman took it and dialled in a number. "Hey cuz can you hook this guy up with one of your trucks?...Oh cool man here talk to him." he handed the phone back to David.

"Yes I can definitely do that and all expenses will be paid in thank you sir." David said as Roman and him fist bumped over that success as Roman went back into the ring.

The match continued on as Seth was now in control but he could not keep his eye off of David who again was ignoring him by being engrossed in his wedding plans to even care about the match as he was able to nail the buckle bomb on Ambrose he positioned him in for the Pedigree he looked to David.

"HEY DAVID!" he shouted as David looked. "THIS IS GONNA BE YOU!" he shouted again as he was about to win the match with A PEDI-NO A SUPERMAN PUNCH FROM OUT OF NOWHERE! Roman nailed him while he was distracted as he was lining up Rollins for A SPEAR! But he was then grabbed by Ambrose who got the arms for DIRTY DEEDS! 1-2-3! IT WAS OVER!

David then hopped the barrier while Ambrose celebrated his win in the ring, he went to find Seth who was on the outside still down from the Spear as David approached him Rollins just got to his feet and ran as fast as he could out of there but David decided not to.

"See you tomorrow Seth."

So the WWE title is going to SmackDown but David is also a free agent...take a guess.

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