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Chapter 4: Shatter


Raw showed the events of last night as it then cut to The Authority in the ring but surrounding it was the entire WWE roster.

"Now everyone is wondering why we summoned the entire locker room to ringside? Well it's to address rumours that have been flying around for the past twenty four hours concerning the WWE World Heavyweight Champion David Redd." Hunter stated.

"David we are asking you to come out here now and put these rumours to rest." Stephanie called David out.

New Divide hit and out came the WWE World Heavyweight Champion David Redd, he made his way down but slowly walking to the ring as he then slowly went up the steps and into the ring and faced both his superiors.

"David I know that last night you fought against the odds and came out still WWE World Heavyweight Champion." Stephanie said as the crowd popped to that.

"However this is about what happened as the match ended when you moonsaulted on top of most of The Authority." Stephanie said as she showed the replay from last night as it focused on him celebrating but then hopping on one foot.

"David we spoke to your doctor and we know the extent of your injury so we're here to make an offer to you." Hunter said as everyone was in shock as the rumors were true.

"You can either do the decent thing and relinquish your championship." he gave his first option which the crowd disagreed with.

"Or you can defend your championship tonight against Seth Rollins and risk further injury." he gave the second option as David swiped the mic from him.

He began to ponder his options while then circling the them and the ring.

"You are right I'm hurt but I'm not down so here's my answer, tell your weasel that I'll meet him tonight and not only that I'll retain and show you that even though I'm hurt I will not hand this title to you as a matter of fact you'll have to pry it from my cold dead hands." David stated as he would not be forced to relinquish his championship.

The place blew up as did some of the locker room at ringside showing support for his decision as he walked out of there knowing he was going into another battle with The Authority.


David was having his ankle looked at and then being taped up heavily to prevent further injury to it.

"I would say you did the right thing but I won't." he was informed by his lady Paige who knew he was about to do something stupid.

"I know I'm putting my title, wellbeing and career on the line but I have to, I can't let them win after all the work I've done to get here and to make sure they don't control the championship." David made clear as it was more than about himself.

"You are an absolute idiot but you're right as well so just try not to get destroyed and if you don't I'll…" she whispered into his ear.

He was shocked to hear what she said. "You said you'd never do that, not in a million years, you said it would be blasphemy if you did that." saying not sure if he heard correctly.

"Well after last night you earned it." she said kissing him.

"I earned it over and over last night." he said continuing their session.


David with his championship on his shoulder walked through the hallway towards the entrance tunnel as he was then stopped by the COO of WWE.

"David I'm going to try and reason with you, surrender the championship, go home and recover or you go out there and Seth Rollins will rip, tear and shred that ankle of yours to pieces to the point you cannot wrestle again." Hunter made the offer.

David looked to him. "Old man this game of you trying to intimidate, bully and maim people really is getting as old as you are so I'm going out there and I'll beat your boy again and then I'm coming after you." he made clear of his next step as he left to go to the match.


Second coming hit and out came Seth Rollins who was alone for this match, he made his way down the ramp and into the ring and was all pumped up for his championship match as he awaited his opponents arrival.

New divide hit and that was the entrance of the WWE World Heavyweight Champion as out came The Red Dragon as he was walking normally despite his bad ankle he would defend his championship, he made his way down and entered the ring as he and Rollins faced off as introductions were made.

"The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship!" Lillian announced.

"Introducing first from Davenport, Iowa weighing in at 217 pounds, Seth Rollins!" she introduced as Rollins got fired up.

"Next his opponent from Cardiff, Wales weighing in at 236 pounds he is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, The Red Dragon David Redd!" she introduced him as he raised his title above his head.

The championship wais raised and then the graphic came up signifying it was a championship match as the bell rang and both men locked up as one got a headlock in on the other then into a sequence of holds which went to the mat as both were face to face and got to their feet.

Both knew what was on the line as they locked up again and David quickly got the upper hand as he took Rollins to the ground and with a headlock and converted it into a chin lock then into a front headlock bringing them up and then into a snap suplex, 1-2-NO HE KICKS OUT! A quick cover for David as he waned to try and finish this quick but Rollins was not going down that easy as they traded fists then as David missed a left Rollins countered with dropkick to the bad ankle of David as it floored him quickly with him clutching it.

Then he went at him and began to stomp on it but the referee got inbetween them and went to check on David as Rollins stood tall and was boasting he'd taken him down as Raw went to a commercial break.

Raw came back on the air and Rollins had David down with a leg lock again attacking the ankle as during the break David was back up trying to fight back but again Rollins kicked the ankle chopping him down as Rollins then got up and grabbed the foot and held it down and was putting all his weight on it by just standing on it as the pain on David's face said it all.

The match was already in Rollins's favour as he went for the cover hooking his good leg 1-2-TH-NO HE KICKS OUT! Rollins knew he would have to do more as he went back after the ankle but the referee told him to back off as he checked on David again asking him if he wanted to continue as David did and let the match continue with Rollins coming back at him David got himself back up with the ropes as they both began to exchange blows.

David quickly ducked a right and got in an uppercut as the champion was beginning to fight back against a relentless challenger, he got up on his one good foot and was hopping but then gritted his teeth as he stood on both feet as the ankle was really hurting him as he could barely stand on it but he fought through the pain and he just ran on it and quickly took Rollins down with a lou thesz press bringing the fists down onto him.

The Red Dragon was back in control and Rollins went quickly to the outside as David waited for him to get back in the ring as he did and going back at each other Rollins tried to target his ankle as he stomped on it that just seemed to anger the champion as he just head butted his challenger sending Rollins to the ropes as David went after him.

He took him off the ropes and just clotheslined him hard as he hit another and another and another not giving him a moment to get back in but David's ankle was holding him back as he went after Rollins for one more clothesline over the ropes but Rollins then quickly grabbed the bad ankle and used the momentum to throw David to the outside as Rollins saw his chance and from the ring A SUICIDE DIVE! He took David out and was back in control.

Raw came back from it's final commercial break and Rollins was about to try and finish this match as he power bombed David into the corner then brought him up and hooked both arms and HE NAILS THE PEDIGREE! 1-2-THR-NO HE GETS THE SHOULDER UP BEFORE THREE! Rollins could not believe it as he argued with the referee over a slow count but saw David trying to get back up and went right after the bad ankle and had in an ankle lock the pain was ten times worse than before for David as he tried to hang on and not give in to the pain with Rollins shouting abuse as he wanted to make him tap out.

David was all the way at the centre of the ring and was close to tapping but knew he had to fight through the pain and began to scratch and claw his way to the bottom rope as he did and with a burst of strength he got to it as Rollins was forced to break the hold but then went back for the ankle, David caught Rollins into an inside cradle 1-2-3! IT WAS OVER!

The place blew up as David once again stuck it to Rollins and The Authority he quickly went to the outside as he hopped up to one foot and was holding his title up…HE WAS BLINDSIDED BY KANE!

The Big Red Machine attacked the champion as then in came Noble and Mercury and along with Rollins they all joined in the assault as David was being mauled.

Then out came Triple H as he was shouting at them to stop and they did so but then looked down on David.

"Do it." he said.

They began to drag David over to the steel steps as Hunter went under the ring and pulled out his sledgehammer as David's leg was held down and exposed across the steel by the rest of his minions, he then approached David and was face to face with him.

"I tried to give you a way out." he said.


The place fell silent as they all just saw probably one of the most heinous attacks in Raw history as Hunter looked down on his victim with no emotion shown he told everyone to leave him as he was left alone as he watched David writhe in pain as it seemed he had shattered the ankle of The Red Dragon.

He just continued to look down on David as it looked like he was mesmerised by his suffering as referees, trainers and then in came EMT's to get David onto a stretcher as they carefully did so he continued to watch him and then took him out of the there and to the parking area where an ambulance was waiting as then coming to David's side was his girlfriend as she was terrified for his well being.

Superstars came to see him being loaded into the ambulance slowly as Paige got in with him and they closed all doors and headed out with sirens blaring as looking on was the COO who again had no emotion to his handiwork as Raw went off the air.


His eyes opening and not fully aware of his surroundings as David was beginning to have vision as he looked around to see he was in a hospital and beside him was Paige who had fallen asleep in a chair as he had been there for a while.

"Uh…" he said as he then looked right in front of him he saw his leg was raised and his foot in plaster.

"What the f-" he was interrupted by a doctor entering the room.

"Mr. Reddington I'm here to check on you." he said as he examined David.

"Where am I?" David asked as he sat up.

"You're in the hospital, we had to rush you in after your incident and perform emergency surgery." he explained.

"Explains my foot in plaster but why emergency for a broken ankle?" David asked.

"Well sir it seems not only was your ankle broken in six different places but there was other significant damage." he said.

David heard what it was as he could not believe it.


Raw showed what happened last week after the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match as then it cut to the ring where The Authority were minus Triple H.

"I'm here to address the situation of last week's incident and as you can see my husband the COO of this company is not here as he is attending a meeting with the Board of Directors concerning last week's fallout." Stephanie announced her husband's whereabouts.

"However because of the attack last week David Redd has been sidelined with not only a broken ankle but torn ligaments in his ankle which will put him out of action for the next several months." she announced David's injury which was met with a loud boo from the crowd.

"Therefore I am here to announce that as of now David Redd is no longer the WWE World Heavyweight Champion." she made the announcement as the crowd booed to that.

"Now with that said we need a champion, we need a new Face of WWE and tonight we will determine who will be heading to Payback to become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion!" she announced a blockbuster main event for the next pay per view.

However this was being watched from a hospital bed in Florida by David who was still recovering and would need further surgery on his ankle.

Not wanting to watch anymore of it David tried to reach for the remote but it was too far for him but it didn't stop him as he was reaching as hard as he could as he was almost on the verge of tipping out of his bed.

"You do know you could've asked for the remote?" Paige walked in as she grabbed it for him.

"I'd rather do it myself." he said as she gave him it.

"Dave don't be stubborn, you're hurt and your about to have surgery so stop trying to make things worse and lie back down before I make bangers and mash out of your kibbles and bits." she threatened him as he did as he was told.

"Why do I put up with this?" he asked himself.

"Because you do." she said cuddling up to him.

"I guess so." he said putting an arm around her. "So you ok?" he asked.

She gave him a bit of a confused look. "Am I ok? You're the one who's hurt." she said as she was just worried about him.

"Saraya I'm fine, I just need to get through this I only wanted to take my mind and yours off of me." he said as she leaned her head against his chest.

"Well mum and dad asked after you and told them everything, then asked was I being treated right by you." she detailed the questions her parents asked her.

"I treat you very well, I give you the last slice of pizza, I let you have more dumplings, I let you have the last two cans of lager in the fridge and if that's not treating you right then what is?!" he said in a tirade.

As then in came the doctor. "Mr. Reddington we're ready." he said as it was time.

"I'll be here when you wake up." she said as she gave him a quick kiss and got up to let him be taken to the operating theater.

This would be the start of his uphill battle but he had no idea what was coming next.

Dragon down! With his title reign over and career hanging in the balance can he come back?

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