A/N: I wanted to try my hand at writing a Supergirl fic because I've been coming up with a lot of ideas for stories, but haven't really finished any of them. Decided to give this a whirl. I'm a big SuperLane fan. I love reading SuperCat fics, there are a lot of really good writers, but I can't write that pairing well. Kalex and SuperLane don't get as much attention so I decided to go with them.

I wrote this story during the Olympics but had to wait a bit before posting it. I ask a friend of mine if she wanted to do a sister story or so and she agreed. So if you like Once Upon a Time stories, make sure you check it out.

Make it Gold by Gravity in the Air

Citius, Altius, Fortius

Chapter 1

"Alex," Kara whined as she followed her sister off the plane at the Rio de Janeiro International airport. "Why couldn't we room together?"

"I've told you Kara," the brunette sighed, her short hair shifting slightly around her head. "I need to stay with the team. I've got to practice, and you're going to be practicing as well, so you'll barely notice I'm not there."

The blonde girl pouted but continued to hustle behind the older girl, grabbing the rest of their luggage before making their way out of the airport and into the bright Brazilian sun. "Danvers, Little Danvers," a voice called out to them, causing both of their heads to turn. They both spotted a young, short-haired woman waving at them.

Alex grabbed her sister by the elbow and guided her to the woman. "Vasquez," Alex nodded a greeting at the midfielder, rolling her eyes when Kara chose to hug the woman instead. "My sister, the hugger," the brunette huffed out, stuffing their luggage into the car parked behind her teammate.

"Admit it Danvers, you're just jealous that Little Danvers likes me better," Susan Vasquez chuckled as she pulled back from the blonde swimmer to snicker at her teammate.

"Shut-up Vasquez." Alex climbed in the car and slammed the door shut, "Drive."

The other woman let out a long suffering sigh before ushering Kara into the car. "Come along, the queen says it is time to go."

"We've got practice, Vasquez, and I would like to drop my stuff off in our room before hitting the field for coach to yell at me!"

"Coach isn't going to yell at you, Danvers, geez. She knew and okayed you coming a little late so that you could fly with your sister."

Kara smiled as she listened to the two banter all the way to the Olympic village. Alex and Susan had been friends since they were in grade school playing pee wee soccer together. When she was adopted by the Danvers when she was twelve after her parents died, both of the older girls were already sixteen and in high school. Kara didn't expect a warm welcome from them since her arrival in Alex's family was rather sudden, but they both embraced her into their lives. The little, only-child orphan suddenly found herself with new parents and two overprotective older sisters. It was a little overwhelming at times but she wouldn't have it any other way.

She tuned back into the conversation happening in the front seat of the car. "Do you think I'll be able to watch any of your games?" Kara asked, leaning forward. "It would be weird if I wasn't able to catch even one of the games."

"We want you to watch some of the games too, Kara, but you're going to be pretty waterlogged for a while," Alex said, looking back at her sister. "You're in a minimum of six events, you'll be pretty busy."

"Yeah," Kara hesitantly agreed. "I probably will be pretty busy."

Vasquez snorted, "That's an understatement. Six events? Really?"

"I didn't mean to qualify for six events, those were all ones that I've done before during competition," Kara defended.

"Yeah, okay whatever," Alex replied. "How much do you want to bet she's going to compete in those events in four years?" She asked her friend, much to Kara's protests.

"You guys…" Kara groaned, "Can we please change the subject?"

Smirking, Vasquez glanced slyly at her friend. "Hey Alex, do you know who else is here for these Olympics?"

The other brunette caught the playful look on Susan's face and decided to play along. "Why no, Susan, who else is here?"

"Why none other than top ranked gymnast Lucy Lane of course," Vasquez snickered as she heard Kara's head hit the ceiling, letting out a small yelp.

"Guys!" Kara squeaked out again, her face beet red. "I told you not to talk about it."

"Kara," Alex cooed, "You have a crush on the scary, tiny gymnast, it's adorable." The blonde slapped both of her hands over her face and sunk down into the seat while Alex and Susan laughed at her.

Her crush on Lucy Lane was something she didn't like to talk about. The other girl was slightly older than her but was already a national superstar in the world of gymnastics. It wasn't hard to hear about her with both of them being from National City but they moved in different circles. Kara in the pool most of the time or in the soccer stands cheering on her sister and her sister's best friend while Lucy would be on the mats in the gym.

It had been several years since she first heard about Lucy Lane and since that moment, she's been following the other girl's career, checking out every competition online and reading every article. The state gymnastics championship was being held in National City that year and her foster mom Eliza thought it would be a good opportunity to check out a different sport other than soccer or swimming. She drug Kara with her to the event since Alex was away at college, and Kara was instantly intrigued. Most of the girl's competing in the event were short in stature but their bodies held great power as they vaulted themselves in the air with tremendous force.

She was watching the competition with mild interest painted on her face until Lucy Lane stepped on the mats. She was instantly enchanted. The shorter girl approached the uneven bars with a face of fierce determination and power that left the blonde girl speechless. She carefully etched every stance, every jump, every move the brunette made in her mind. She didn't realize that her routine was over until the girl was walking off the mats to stand next to her coach on the sidelines to await her scores.

Kara felt a tap on her head and looked up, blushing as she saw her sister looking at her with a knowing gaze. "If you're done daydreaming, we're here, grab your stuff," Alex said, climbing out of the car.

The blonde glanced up and was instantly spelled bound by the Olympic village, the reality of where she was and what she was doing setting in on her. "Alex!" Kara squealed, bounding out of the car after her sister. "I'm here, we're here! Isn't this exciting?!"

Susan bounced over from around the car and decided to jump up and down with her, high pitched squeals erupting from their mouths while Alex desperately tried to make it seem like she wasn't with them. "Alright alright, Kara, calm down, remember this is our first go on the big stage too ya know."

"This is exciting!" Kara squealed again, still bouncing lightly on her toes. "I wonder who I'm rooming with? Since, you know, someone didn't want to room with me…"

"Don't start that again," Alex sighed as she pushed Kara towards the building. They retrieved their keys to their rooms and headed towards the elevator. Alex dropped her stuff off in her room first with Susan before going with Kara up to her own floor. "I think I heard them say that the women's swimming, diving and gymanstic teams were on this floor," Alex commented, "Along with the supervisors of course. Wonder if you'll finally get the chance to bump into one Lucy Lane?"

"Alex…" Kara hissed out, fumbling slightly with her keys before the door swung open. Both she and her sister look up and Alex had to bite back a smile while Kara gasped.

Lucy Lane stared out of the room at them, her eyebrow raised in a questioning manner. "I'm assuming one of you is my roommate?" She asked, looking from the brunette to the blonde.

"Oh, um, that would be me," Kara said hesitantly after a harsh elbow to the side from her sister. "I'm um, Kara Danvers."

"Lucy Lane," the shorter girl replied. "I would stay and help you get settled but I have to go, I'll catch you later."

"Uhuh, bye," the blonde waved absentmindedly, her eyes trailing after Lucy as she walked down the hallway.

The two watched the gymnast leave and Alex turned her attention to her still gaping sister. "You are so screwed."


"You're rooming with Kara Danvers." Lucy rolled her eyes as her sister Lois repeated the phrase she had just told her. "The Kara Danvers. The blonde haired, blue eyed mermaid that you keep fawning over ever since you first watched her swim a few years ago?"

"Yes, Lois, that Kara Danvers," the gymnast replied, willing away the twitching that had started in her left eyelid. "And I told you not to mention that."

"Hey, you're the one that called me in a panic because you realized you're rooming with your crush."

Lucy felt a blush forming on her cheeks and attempted to will it away. "You asked me to call you when my roommate came and since practice is over, I figured it would be a good opportunity to talk with you."

"Right right, hey is she as hot up close as she seems? I remember going to some of her races with you and damn…"

"Lois!" Lucy hissed.

"Alright, alright, I'm done, just remember that this is the beginning of your epic love story."

The gymnast let out an aggravated sigh in an attempt to cover the pounding of her heart. Kara Danvers was absolutely gorgeous. She had known that before, obviously. The girl was one of the hot shots on the USA's swimming team, qualifying for almost all of the events. She was the talk of the sports world after the qualifiers and was expected to dominate all of her events, medaling in all of them at least. Her picture had been splashed across the news with the rest of the swim team, but Lucy hadn't known how blue her eyes were or how bright her smile was until the girl was right in front of her. It was only years of training in gymnastics and keeping her cool in front of an audience that kept her from freezing and staring stupidly at the blonde.

"Luce, Lucy, you still there?"

"Yeah, sorry Lois, I'm still here."

"Dreaming about your future nuptials?"

"Shut up Lois."
"I didn't say with who!"

Lucy sighed again before shifting the conversation away from her cru- Kara Danvers. "When is your flight getting in?"

"A few days, I'm going to be there covering the event, and of course to see that Kitty Cat is treating my sister well. Fortunately I don't have to deal with jetlag so I shouldn't be super exhausted from travel, just slightly cranky because, you know, plane. I can't believe you decided to go down there on your own."

"I was with Cat and the team, Lois, I wasn't really on my own," she replied. "Is uh, is Dad coming with you?"

There was silence on the other end of the phone and that was more of an answer that words could ever be. "Luce…"

"Don't bother Lois, I'll talk to you later." The younger girl hung up the phone before her older sister could speak again and blinked her eyes, attempting to keep any tears from forming.

She scrubbed harshly at her face and made her way back to her room. Opening her door, she blinked as she found Kara walking around the room in a pair of hot pants and a sports bra with her hair wrapped in a bright pink towel. Lucy's brain completely stopped when she saw the half naked blonde dancing around the room. The swimmer turned when she heard the door open, and froze when she saw the tiny gymnast standing in the doorway with her mouth partially open.

"Uh…" Kara stuttered out, "Hi, uh, I didn't realize you would be back so early… Well I didn't know when you would be back at all so…"

Lucy snapped out of her stupor and waved her hand, "No no, it's fine. I'm assuming you also just got done with practice?" She pointed to the towel turban on the other girl's head and watched in amusement as Kara looked confused before patting her head.

"Oh," the blonde's eyes widened as she realized her hair was still wrapped on head. "Oh, oh no, I forgot." She quickly tugged the towel off of her head, being careful to untangle her hair from the material. Moving to her luggage, she dug through her bags and pulled out a bottle of oil.

"Does that help with the chlorine damage?" Lucy asked as she watched Kara pour some of the oil in her hand and run her fingers through her mostly dry hair.

"What? Oh, yeah," the blonde replied. "I didn't think you knew who I was…"

Lucy snorted, "You're joking right? You're the big star on the women's swimming team. You're all anyone can talk about, the big hope for this olympics to take some serious gold."

Heat infused Kara's cheeks and she stammered a bit. "Me? Oh, well, I guess, I'm not all that special, I just like swimming, and I get the chance to swim a lot."

"Not special, sure," the brunette said, moving around the blushing blonde to get to her own bed.

"Well, what about you? You're one of the top gymnasts in the world, I imagine you're going to be bringing home some medals too."

Stifling a pleased smile, Lucy smirked over at the blonde. "Oh, you know who I am?"

"Um, well," Kara stuttered, "We're both from National City you know, so it is kind of hard not to hear about you and I may have gone to a few of your competitions with my foster mom and thought how cool it all was and that you must be really strong to be able to do all of the stuff you do, I mean I just swim in the water but you jump up in the air and and… I'm rambling…"

Lucy blinked for a moment and realized for all of the athletic poise the other girl displays in competitions and near the water, get her far enough away from the water though and she's awkward and adorable. Finding out Kara was an awkward, easy-going person probably made her heart pound even harder. "I couldn't do what you do Kara," Lucy said, placing a hand on the other girl's arm. "I mean, I can't even imagine."


"Yes, pushing your body forward through water which is dragging against you along with gravity, keeping the same motion for 100 or 200 meters, not really being able to tell how you're doing because if you look at the competition you'll lose your concentration." Lucy shook her head, "Even though I compete with the team, it's still just me up there. You have to deal with multiple people in the water with you."

"It's not so bad," Kara shrugged, "I just focus on the pounding of my heart and the motion of my arms. You're right, if I focus on the other swimmers, I'll lose my concentration."

Lucy was quiet for a moment, "Are you ready for your first race? It's on Saturday isn't it?"

"The 100m butterfly heats and 400m individual medley, yeah," the blonde answered. "I'm ready as I'll ever be, though I do still have a few more days to practice thankfully, get used to the water. What about you?"

"Qualifications are on Sunday, so I have another day before anything happens," Lucy shrugged. "I feel like I'm still not all that great on the uneven bars, but I'm working on it."

"I'm sure you'll do great," Kara replied warmly, squeezing her hand. "Though I do have a question, the gymnastics coach… Is she really as terrifying as people say she is?"

"Cat Grant," the brunette started, "Is a nightmare."

Kara winced at Lucy's words, "I can imagine, but she was a professional gymnast, won what, thirteen gold medals when she was competing?"

"Something like that," Lucy nodded. "She's good, like really good, don't get me wrong, but she demands the best out of me all the time, and the rest of the team I guess. She makes it clear that we are to give our very best every time we hit the mat, even for practice, that way we're used to it. Demanding, condescending, rude sometimes, unrelenting, but it is an honor to train under her. I moved to National City years ago just so I could train with her."

"I didn't start to seriously swim until I moved to National City either," the blonde said. "It wasn't something I really thought about but then I was doing it and it was relaxing and fun. Every chance I got, I was in the water. Easier than running around a field after a ball like my sister and her best friend. All I have to worry about is the water and making sure I have enough in me to finish the race."

"Soccer player right?" At Kara's nod, Lucy continued, "Yeah I can't even imagine. I don't have to worry about the other gymnasts attacking me when I'm on the mats. Psychological harassment can get pretty rough off the mats though, which I'm sure you can understand."

The swimmer just shrugged, "I'm sure a lot of people say stuff, but I don't really pay attention to what they're saying."

"Must be nice to ignore it like that."

"Alex calls me oblivious." Kara moved to her suitcase and pulled her pajamas out. "Better get to bed. If I don't get enough sleep, my coach will be a nightmare."

"Diana Prince right?"

Kara grimaced, "She can be… intimidating as well."

"I'll see you tomorrow then. It's been good to meet you Kara and I look forward to rooming with you this month."

"You too," Kara replied, desperately hoping that the other girl couldn't see the blush on her face or hear the pounding of her heart. Lucy clicked off a few of the lights to leave the room in semi-darkness as she also got ready for bed. The swimmer idly listened to her as she moved around the room before exhaustion finally caught up with her and she slipped away into sleep.


Kara adjusted her swimming cap and tugged her goggles down over her eyes, waiting for the sound to mount the block for her first event, the 100m butterfly. The heats and semi-finals were on the first day while the final was the next day. The heats and final for the 400m individual medley were later so she was treating these races as a warm up. She tuned out everything but the sound of her own breathing while she waited. She heard the call to mount and stepped up on the block and went through her ritual of loosening her arms before the race. Silence descended in the stadium and she heard the bell, pushing herself off the block and into the water.

Both of her arms propelled herself forward at the same time, her legs kicking in sync as well. Her focus zeroed in on the wall in front of her and she hit it with both hands, turning and kicking back in her last lap. Once she hit the wall, she glanced up and checked the board. Noting that she came in first for her heat, solidifying her spot in the semi-finals, Kara grinned and swam to the edge, pulling herself out of the pool. "You did good kid," her coach said as she walked over to her holding out a towel. "Not as fast as you could have gone, but I'm assuming you're pacing yourself like we talked about."

"Yeah," the blonde replied, wrapping the towel around her and downing the water the woman had brought her. "I've got a busy schedule, but it should be pretty fun."

Diana grinned and ushered the girl away from the pool and back to the sitting area. "Watch the other races, relax, drink water, but stay in the zone. You need to stay completely focused today, you have your first chance for a medal, you can't be going in tired."

Kara nodded and then made a face when she saw who was leading the current heat for the 100m butterfly. "Siobhan Smythe," the blonde muttered, "I heard she had made the Irish team. Good for her."

"She's the one that gave you all of that trouble a few years ago," Diana murmured, watching as the Irish swimmer popped out of the water after her heat. "With the way the semi-finals are divided, you won't face her until the finals if she progresses."

"She will, the annoying ones tend to do that," Kara sighed.

"Just ignore her, get in the zone, don't pay any attention to her."

Kara put her earbuds in and closed her eyes, tuning out the rest of the world until her next race. She was in the third heat for the individual medley so she had some time. She had zoned out, concentrating on her breathing and drinking water when she opened her eyes and saw that it was getting close to time for her next race so she shed her towel and earbuds, heading back to the warm up pool.

Several minutes later, she was in the water preparing for the backstroke, her worst stroke. The bell rang and she took off. She had two laps to get through before shifting through a different stroke, and she wasn't going to let her weakness for the backstroke keep her from her goal. Two turns of the backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly, and Kara was entering the last two laps with the freestyle stroke. She hit the wall and glanced at the board, seeing she had come in second a few hundredths of a second behind the first place qualifier. Kara nodded, knowing that qualifying was the most important part and hopped out of the pool to prepare for the butterfly semis and the final of the medley.

About an hour later, she had qualified for the final in the butterfly for the next day and was jumping into the water for the medley final. She instantly knew that this was for the final and her body set itself into a good pace, waiting for the right moment in the last two laps before kicking into a higher gear. Kara hit the wall with one hand and heard the cheers coming from the stands and glanced over at the board, a huge smile spreading across her face. 4 minutes and 27 seconds, she had finished first and set a new world record.

Pulling herself out of the water, she bounced with excitement while she collected her towel and jacket. "I knew you could do it kid." Diana came up to her and clapped her on the shoulder, "And you hate doing the backstroke."

"It's weird," Kara laughed, exhilaration at winning her first medal, her first gold medal at the olympics. "I don't know what to say, this is just…"

Diana laughed, "You go get dried off, your medal ceremony will be within the next hour or so. You want to look good for you medal and the anthem don't you?"

"I…" Kara's brain blanked, realizing that she was going to be standing on the top of the medal platform, "Oh my gosh."

The interview with the reporters on scene was a blur and before Kara knew what was happening she was stepping down from the medal podium with a gold medal strapped around her neck. "What just happened?" She wondered, looking down at the disc.

"Kara sweetie!" The blonde turned around when she heard her adoptive mother's voice.

"Eliza!" Kara squealed, bouncing over to her, "Did you see me? I won! I won a medal!"

"I know! I saw you! Too bad your sister couldn't come…"

"She had a game today, it's fine, she's coming tomorrow though," Kara replied before spotting someone else standing a few feet away. "Lucy! Hey Lucy come here!" The swimmer waved the gymnast over, smiling brightly when her request was met. The two had become good friends in the time that they had been rooming together, almost as if they had known each other for all their lives. The shorter girl still made her heart pound, but she brushed it away, focusing on their budding friendship. "Lucy, this is my adoptive mom Eliza Danvers. Eliza, I'm sure you recognize Lucy Lane."

"The gymnast, of course," Eliza smiled brightly and pulled the other girl in for a hug. Lucy let out a startled squeak and she glanced at Kara wide-eyed, narrowing them when she heard the blonde giggle. "We went to a few of your competitions," the older woman said when she released the girl. "You are very good. I did gymnastics briefly when I was a child, but I got too tall. Never stopped loving to watch it, though I do love watching swimming and soccer for my girls of course."

"Where's Jeremiah? Following the soccer team?"

"Of course, though we're trading out on Monday and he'll be here cheering you on in the 200m medley and the 100m breaststroke."

"Thanks Eliza," Kara's eyes crinkled when she spoke. "I'm going to find something to eat, I'm starving and probably head back to my room."

"Alright, I'm going to call Jeremiah, I'll see you tomorrow sweetie." The blonde woman kissed her on the head before disappearing.

"Sorry about her," Kara said to Lucy once the older woman was out of earshot.

"No no, it's fine, she's very… nice," the gymnast replied, smiling at her roommate. "Congratulations on the gold medal, I knew you could do it."

The blonde smiled and pulled the shorter girl in for a hug, "Thanks Lucy, it means a lot that you came. I didn't think you would get the chance with preparing for your events."

"Qualifications are tomorrow and coach said the team is doing really well. Team event isn't until Tuesday, and then the rest are on the later half of the week," the gymnast replied. "You think I'm not going to come support my roommate in the events that I can get to?"

Kara gave the girl a beautiful smile before a look of sadness crossed her features and she visibly wilted. "I won't be able to make it to any of your events until after my events are over."

"It's fine Kara, the uneven bars, vault and beam are all next weekend and you'll be done with your event by then," Lucy smiled. The blonde was about to reply when a loud rumble emerged from her stomach and the gymnast chuckled while the swimmer turned beet red. "Come on Supergirl, let's go get you fed."

"I can't wait until everything is over and I can finally eat some of the amazing food I've been smelling. Until then, protein protein protein."

"I know the feeling, I could kill for a cheeseburger."

"Mhm, cheeseburger," Kara moaned and the two left the swimming complex. They caught a ride back to the Olympic village and made their way to the main dining hall. Kara loaded up on fish, pasta and fruit while Lucy stuck to lean chicken and vegetables. "I love spicy food," the blonde told Lucy when they sat down with their food. "I love all food really, but I can't eat spicy food while competing."

"I like spicy food as well, though I prefer sweets," the brunette agreed. "Though no sweets for me until after the games. Though I doubt Cat will let me have sweets for very long before I go back to training."

"Do you like sticky buns?" Kara asked, her cheeks bulging with food. "Man I love sticky buns, there's this really great place back home that makes the best sticky buns."

"Noonan's?" At Kara's happy nod, Lucy clapped her hands, "I love Noonan's, you're right, they do have the best sticky buns. Occasionally I manage to sneak them without Cat knowing."

Kara nodded sympathetically, "Diana pretty much forbids them as well, but like you, I tend to sneak a few without her knowing."

"Sugar is necessary for life," Lucy stated seriously, shoving a few pieces of chicken into her mouth to match the girl across from her. Her heart fluttered at the bright smile sent her way and the two continued to eat dinner before heading back to their room.

"Oh that was a lot of food," Kara said as she flopped down on her bed, letting out a moan of contentment.

Lucy's brain short circuited hearing the moan and seeing a strip of golden skin exposed between where the blonde's shirt ended and her pants began. She almost swore she could feel smoke coming out of her ears when Kara pulled her shirt up slightly to reveal perfectly toned abs. "That's a good food baby," Kara crooned to her stomach, rubbing it softly. Lucy tripped and fell on her bed, letting out a groan of her own. "Luce you okay?"

"I'm good," the brunette replied. "Just, huh, tired, long day."

"Did you have a hard practice today?"

A stream of curses filled her head when she remembered that she really didn't have a hard practice that day. "Um, yes," Lucy answered, propping herself up on her bed. "Yes I did."

"Your events are mostly next weekend aren't they?"

"Something like that, but qualifiers and the team event are up first early in the week." A mischievous look entered Lucy's eyes, "Gymnastics is one of the most popular sporting events during the Olympics afterall."

"Swimming is pretty popular these days," Kara shot back, sticking her tongue out at the brunette. She sat up in bed and ran her hand through her hair, wincing at the stiffness found in her locks. "I'm gonna need to use a whole bottle of conditioner at the end of this week." She shook her head and turned her attention back to Lucy, "How long were you at the aquatics center watching swimming anyway."

"I came close to the end of the 1500m race, Emma Swan sure can swim can't she?"

Kara perked up, "Emma is so cool, she's one of my personal heroes. She's been so nice to me so far, making sure that I'm hydrated and giving me advice. A lot of people said she was kind of standoffish, maybe a little prickly, but she's really nice. Wasn't her race amazing?"

"It was, though she seemed a little disappointed in the relay."

"I didn't get to speak with her after the relay, but I'm pretty sure she was tired from her earlier race. She said her coach benched her yesterday because she overdid it in the heats. She didn't get to go to the Opening Ceremony."

"That was fun wasn't it?" Lucy smiled, remembering the fun the two of them had the night before. "Could you understand anything?"

"I know French," Kara replied, shrugging, "I could understand a little bit, but I really didn't need to. All of the lights, colors, dances. They were speaking more with their bodies and hearts than anything else."

Lucy sat up on the bed and glanced over to where Kara had laid back down on her own bed. "You can be quite profound sometimes."

Kara blushed, "I'm really into art. Performance art like last night is just another form of art, and I can appreciate it."

"Art, is that what you want to do?"

"Maybe," the blonde murmured, "What about you?"

The brunette cocked head and shrugged a little. "I thought about going to law school, I'm not sure what type of law I would study though."

"Being a lawyer is still pretty awesome, you should totally go after it if that's what you want to do."

"You think so?"

"Of course!" Kara bounced excitedly on her bed, "I want to be an artist when I retire from swimming. I'll coach or something of course, but I really, really want to do art."

Lucy thought about Kara's words and smiled. "Yeah, yeah I'll do it. I don't want to ever give up gymnastics, but, like you, I'll need something else to do. But enough about the future, we've got Olympic games to think about."

"Just had to remind me didn't you?" Kara groaned. "I just want a really really big cupcake, or sticky bun."

"You'll get those soon enough, after the games."

So, there's the first chapter.