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Citius, Altius, Fortius

Chapter 3

"Great job on the floor exercise Luce," Lucy heard as she jumped off the floor exercise mat and turned to find her teammate and fellow gymnast Barbara Gordon standing there with a wide smile. The brunette smiled and hugged the redhead before being tugged behind the older girl towards where the rest of the gymnastics team waited for their team score. "You pretty much killed it on the floor, there's no way we're not getting gold for this," Barbara added.

"Wasn't just me, you, Sara, Selina and Belle have all done your best. You know it's been pretty much a team effort right?"

"Hence the 'team' event, I know, I know," Barbara chuckled. They met up with the rest of their team and anxiously waited for Lucy's score for the floor exercise. It was pretty much guaranteed that they were getting gold; they were ahead in points, it would take something pretty drastic for the judges to not score Lucy well in one of her best events.

The scores posted and it took a minute for Lucy to process them but soon she was smiling and bouncing with her teammates. "We did it, we did it!" Lucy was pulled into a group hug and then tugged up on the mat with the rest of the group. It was a blur of jumping, squealing and smiles in the aftermath of the win all the way through until after the medal ceremony.

"Oh wow," Sara Lance smirked as she analyzed the gold medal hanging around her neck. "Can't believe we did it you guys! Now, after all that teamwork, the individual events where we'll all be bitter rivals-"

"Sara," Barbara chided, rolling her eyes the snarky blonde.

Sara shrugged, "What? It's kind of true. Lucy and I are going head to head in the individual all around, and then you and Lucy in the uneven bars, Belle and Lucy in the vault, Selina and I in the beam, and then you and Lucy again in the floor exercise."

"Yeah, we're going to be competing, doesn't mean we have to be ugly about it," Belle agreed. Belle French, the soft heart of the group. It's a wonder that she's managed to put up living with Sara this passed week, but she's probably the only one out of them that could. Barbara and Selina Kyle were old friends and trained together, so they worked well together and just rolled her eyes at the competitive aura that Sara gave off.

"You need to tone it down there a little Sara," Selina agreed, wrapping an arm around the blonde's neck.

"Selina," the blonde growled, "Get off me you crazy cat lady." The dark haired girl chuckled and rubbed her knuckles across Sara's head.

"Ladies," Cat Grant called, drawing their attention, "As delightful as this is, you five should get to the locker room and go get some food. I can imagine you're all exhausted."

"Yes Miss Grant," the five chimed before heading to the locker room to get cleaned up.

"So Lucy," Belle started when they got on the bus to go back to their rooms. "You never did tell us who you ended up rooming with since the rest of us were paired up."

"Oh, um, Kara Danvers," the brunette replied quickly, wincing when the other four let out a variety of squeals and 'ooohs,'

"Mhm, Kara Danvers, the Kara Danvers, one of the hot shots on the women's swim team?" Selina asked, wiggling her eyebrows, "Tall, hot blonde Kara Danvers?"

"The Kara Danvers you've been in love with for the past few years?" Belle asked, remembering the name being mentioned by the other girl when they've all met up for gymnastics camp in National City.

Another round of 'ooohs' came and Lucy rolled her eyes, "You guys, lay off."

"Is she as hot in person as she looks?" Sara asked, leaning forward. "She's more muscled than some of the other swimmers, powerful, you know they're calling her Supergirl in the press."

"I also heard that she was super nice," Barbara countered. "The other athletes are calling her Sunny D from what I hear."

Lucy cocked her head, "I can understand that, she is really bright and kind. I didn't really expect that level of sincerity and kindness in a competitive athlete."

"You saying we're not bundles of sunshine Lane?" Selina asked.

"Shut up Catgirl," Lucy rolled her eyes again.

"Hey, I am Catwoman," Selina retorted.

"Selina, you're 17 and 4 ft 10 inches, Catgirl is appropriate," Barbara said, nudging her friend in the ribs.

The dark haired girl pouted, "I hate you all."

"Is Kara going to come watch you compete?" Belle asked, "I didn't see her in the stands tonight."

"She has races until tomorrow, the last one being the 4x200m freestyle relay," Lucy replied. "Her schedule has been insane. She qualifying for a race today and competing in a final, and a qualifier and two finals tomorrow. I can see why they call her Supergirl, I'm sure if her schedule permitted, she would've done more races. She told me she thought about the 200m backstroke, but she hates doing that outside the medley races."

"Awe, you guys have been bonding, telling each other stuff." Barbara faked a sniff and wiped away an invisible tear, "I want an invitation to the wedding."

The girls cracked up again and Lucy let out a huff. "I hate you all," she said, repeating Selina's earlier words. They were dropped off at the stop by their building and made their way to the dining hall to load up on carbs and protein, most of them going for the pizza.

"So, repeat our earlier inquiry, is this Kara Danvers going to come watch you compete?" Barbara asked.

Lucy shrugged, spearing her pasta with her fork. "She says she is, and she would be able to come to the individual all around, but…"


"But that's the day that Emma Swan qualifies for the 800m and Emma is Kara's hero so I can imagine that Kara wants to be there to cheer her on. I don't want to make her choose which one, and… I think knowing she's in the stands watching might freak me out a bit."

"Well that would be good for me," Sara said, "But I see your point. Besides, I want to take you down fair and square, with you at the top of your game."

"Sure Sara, whatever you say," Lucy snickered and pushed away from the table. "I'm going to the common room and see if Kara has raced yet. She's probably finished with her qualifier but I don't want to miss the last race."

"Tell the future wife when you see her later that we said hey," Barbara laughed and the other three made kissing sounds as Lucy walked away with a red face.

Lucy made her way to the entertainment room, and camped out in front of the TV airing the swimming events. "Do you know who's raced?" Lucy asked one of the other people watching the events.

"Just finished up the women's butterfly semi-finals," one of the guys said. "Watched Emma Swan win the 200m freestyle earlier and man she can swim."

The brunette quickly turned back to the TV and scanned the screen, locating Kara sitting back in the waiting area, having won her semi-final race according to the boards. She impatiently sat through the men's 200m breaststroke semi finals and perked up when she saw Kara entering the pool area again. She chuckled when she saw Kara smile brightly and wave when she entered, but was all business when she came to the starting mount. The signal came for them to take positions for the backstroke, and Lucy held her breath when Kara jumped in and took position. Another bell sounded and they pushed off the wall, powering backwards. Kara claimed that the backstroke was her weakest stroke but it didn't look like it as she glided through the water. Lucy watched the blonde touch the wall and flip under, pushing off into the breaststroke. The gap between her and the other swimmers was never wide which kept Lucy in a fit of nervous energy at the end of the couch.

A little over a minute and a half had passed when Kara was entering the final lap, surging forward with the freestyle stroke, hitting the wall a few tenths of a second ahead of the second place swimmer with a new personal best in the event, 2:06.73. "Yes!" Lucy shrieked, clapping her hands as Kara popped out of the water, a bright smile stretched across her face. A few minutes later, a still dripping Kara appeared on screen with her sister Lois and Lucy cringed slightly. She never liked being interviewed by her sister. Lois was terrifying.

"Well, Kara Danvers, fourth medal in Rio, third gold, up for two more tomorrow, you're feeling pretty good about now aren't you?" Lois asked, extending the microphone into Kara's face.

"Yeah, I mean, yeah, there were some pretty great swimmers in this event, some I've competed against and have admired in other competitions and so being able to win against them is incredible, but even just being able to compete would've been satisfying for me."

"We're at day four in these games, you've been here for a week now, have you managed to meet any of the other athletes? Other than your fellow swimmers of course?"

"Yeah, I've been able to meet some of the other athletes, some of which I've watched and admired for years, so yeah it has been a great experience."

"Meet anyone you're interested in getting to know better?"

Kara laughed nervously and a sliver of dread entered Lucy. "Wha-um what?"

Lois chuckled a turned back to the camera, hugging Kara with one arm, "And that's the latest from the aquatic stadium, stay tuned for the men's 4x200m freestyle relay happening in just a bit."

The screen changed to commercials but Lucy wasn't watching. She was thinking of the interview between her sister and Kara, her eyes narrowing. "I'm going to kill her."


"Saw your girl killed it in the floor routine yesterday and helped the USA gymnastics win gold in the team event," Kelly said to Kara as they shuffled away from the pool after qualifying for the 4x200m relay.

"Yeah, I was going to say something to her last night but she was asleep by the time I finally got back to the room and I ended up sleeping late so she was gone before I woke up," Kara replied, pouting. "And she's not my girl."

"Your wedding will be beautiful."

"Who's wedding?" Emma asked when she came up behind her two teammates.

"Kara and Lucy's," Kelly replied giggling.

Emma smirked, "Oh yeah, that wedding, it will be awesome. Lucy at 5'2" and Kara at 5'10", be like marrying a hobbit." The older two girls chuckled at Kara's expense, who just huffed but blushed at the thought of marrying Lucy.

She shook the thought away, dried off and put her clothes back on to wait for her next race. There were five events until the butterfly, so she had some time to get back in the right headspace. An annoying, grating voice broke her out of her zone though. "I hope you're not too tired from that performance qualifying for the relay Kara," Siobhan sneered, sauntering up to her. "Then again, it would be nothing for me to beat you, all worn out from your ridiculous schedule."

Kara scowled but before she could respond, Emma appeared in front of her and glared at Siobhan. "It would seem our last conversation didn't stick," the older blonde muttered as she grabbed Siobhan by the elbow and led her away.

"Um, what was that about?" Kelly asked, sending Kara a questioning look.

"I'm… unsure," Kara said slowly, her eyes narrowing as she looked in the direction where the Irish harpy and Emma disappeared. She shook her head and put her headphones back over her ears, getting back in the zone. About 45 minutes later, she was walking back to the pool, her entire focus zeroed in on the race ahead of her. Siobhan was in the lane next to her and sneered but remained silent.

The bell sounded and Kara was in the water, everything focused on the movement of her arms and the slight kick of her legs. She took fast breaths when she could, taking in large amounts of oxygen to power through her body. She hit the wall once, twice, three times and she was on the last lap, her legs kicking in earnest to get to the wall. She didn't know where anyone else was, she didn't care, all she cared about was getting to the wall.

Kara touched the wall and immediately looked up, a broad grin spreading on her face when she saw her name flash up first at 2:04. 97, nearly a whole second in front of the second place Siobhan. She heard the brunette to her right let out an angry screech and smack the water, but Kara ignored her and pulled herself out of the pool. Her arms shot up in victory as she smiled, finding her adoptive family in the stands cheering for her. Alex had managed to sneak away from soccer to come watch her last few races. The American women's soccer team had progressed to the quaterfinals, but the game wasn't for another few days so her coach let her have some time.

She barely made it back from the medal ceremony to prepare for her sixth and last race in these Olympic games, Siobhan hissing at her from the silver place that she'd get her next time. Kara rolled her eyes and ignored the bitter brunette. "You still got enough gas in the tank to do this Supergirl?" Emma asked as she, Kara, Ariel and Kelly prepared for the relay.

"Yeah, I mean, I rested, drank all of the water and gatorade you've been pushing on me, and, I kinda hate to say, but I wasn't pushing as hard as I could have in the butterfly," Kara admitted.

Emma smirked, "So Siobhan was all hot air then, I wondered. I'm worried about those two though." She gestured towards Ariel and Kelly. "Kelly doesn't look good, she didn't qualify for the 200m butterfly final, and Ariel's never really had her head in the game for swimming."

"She's a bit of an… um…"

"Airhead, twit, bimbo…" Emma suggested and Kara looked away. "Well," Emma sighed, "Nothing we can do about that, you're up first so maybe try to get us a good lead if you can."

"You're the anchor, you can easily outpace any of these people."

"200m is not my best event, but I'll give it what I got."

Kara watched as Emma's face transformed into her 'swim face' as she calls it and the four of them headed out to the pool. She took her place on the starting block when the signal came and took her mark. Silence descended in the arena and the bell sounded. She pushed off with as much force as she could muster and hit the water, surging forward. She kept the pace steady through the first two laps and then slowly started to turn on the steam on the third lap, powering ahead into the fourth lap. She wanted them to have a head start in case Emma was right and Kelly and Ariel weren't operating in the best head space.

When she touched the wall, Kelly jumped in after her. Kara quickly pulled herself out of the water and moved out of the way. Checking the times, she noted that she finished a few seconds before the second swimmer. With the rate Kelly was swimming though, the lead decreased slightly, and even more when Ariel took the water after Kelly. When the redhead touched the wall and Emma dived in, they were trailing in second place. Kara cheered on her friend, urging her to pour on the steam, and the blonde started to creep up on the leader, overtaking her in the final lap to finish the race at 7:44.02, over eight tenths of a second faster than the second place team.

Kara was squealing and jumping up at down as she helped Emma out of the water, wrapping the older girl in a strong hug. "Hey, ow, geez you've got strong arms," Emma winced and Kara immediately let her go. "If I'm supposedly trying to drown you, you're definitely trying to suffocate me."

"Sorry, sorry, I work out a lot," she replied before excitement took over again. "We did it!" Emma laughed and walked away to grab a towel and Ariel walked up to Kara.

"I think this is my last Olympics," the girl said quietly and Kara turned to her curiously. "I know you saw me in there, I wasn't focused. I don't really find this, competing, all that enjoyable anymore. I'll focus and try my best in my remaining events, but I think I'm done after this. If Ursula doesn't kill me that is."

The blonde patted her on the shoulder and went over to check on Kelly. "Hey, are you okay?" Kara asked, "You seemed a little off."

"Ugh, food poisoning I think," Kelly groaned, "I'm mostly recovered but a little weak. That's why I didn't qualify in the butterfly. I should be good for my other races, but this one had me worried."

"You could have said something, I mean, we could've gotten someone to sub for you…"

Kelly shook her head. "No, it's, it's selfish, but I wanted to prove that I could do it, that I could do this. It may be my last Olympics, it might not be, but I wanted to do this. I gave it everything I had. I really need a nap, a shower and some ginger-ale right now though."

"After the medal ceremony, because we won the gold medal!" Kara started bouncing again, shaking the strawberry blonde a bit with her excitement.

"Alright guys," Emma said when she jogged back over to them. "Let's get cleaned up for the medal ceremony and then we'll draw straws on who has to talk to Lois Lane."

"Not it," Kara yelled as she raced back to the locker room, the other three following on her heels.


Lucy heard the door to the room rustle open and she blearily opened her eyes. "Hey," she greeted, sitting up in bed.

"Snickerdoodles, sorry, did I wake you?" Kara whispered.

"I was only dozing, I was waiting up for you… Did you say snickerdoodles?"

Kara blushed, "Ah, um, maybe?"

The brunette snorted, "You're adorable. Congrats on the two wins tonight. Six medals, five gold, that's a pretty impressive record for your first Olympics."

"Ah, thanks," Kara smiled, "Did you watch the races on television?"

"No I was there," Lucy replied, shocking Kara. "I finished up practice and managed to make it over to see both of the medal races."

"What? I didn't see you in the audience, you could've sat with my foster parents and Alex, they would've loved it if you sat with them."

"No no, that's fine, I was near the edge with some of the members of the gymnastics team in case our coach called us and we had to leave. They all thought you were amazing."


"Yeah, with the schedule you're keeping, and you just keep getting back in the water, you're a powerhouse. And at only seventeen, you've got a good three more Olympics in you."

"Probably, I really like swimming, but I don't want it to be all that I do."

"Mhm, same with me, I really like gymnastics, and I'll be sad when I have to stop, but I don't want to stop yet."

Kara nodded her head absently, "On a different note, since I'm done with all of my events, I can come watch you tomorrow in the individual all-around! It's gonna be great!"

"Ah, um, about that Kara," Lucy stammered, "I was wondering if you could… not come…"

The blonde's brows furrowed, "You don't want me to come?"

"Um, it's not that," the gymnast struggled out. "It's just… You make me nervous honestly. I'd want to impress you with my routine but I fear that it would fall apart and I really need to focus. So why don't you go support Emma in the 800m, or watch your sister's soccer game?"

"I make you nervous? I've seen you compete before you know."

"I know, I just, I never knew you were there…" A blush coated Lucy's cheeks and she fidgeted slightly on her bed.

Kara studied Lucy for a moment, her mind filling in blanks and drawing conclusions that made her heart pound and she hoped she was correct in her assumptions. "Alright," she said slowly, "I can go back to the aquatics stadium tomorrow and cheer on my fellow swimmers, but you do know that I'll be cheering for you too right?"

Lucy let out a breath, "Yeah, yeah I know, thanks Kara."

The swimmer moved around the room, getting ready to take another shower after that quick rinse in the locker room. She turned to look back at Lucy who was punching her pillow to get it fluffed up a bit more. "Lucy." The word came out involuntarily and she bit her lip when the shorter girl turned towards her with a questioning look on her face.


Kara released her lip and crossed the room, softly kissing Lucy on the cheek. She felt the older girl freeze under her touch and her skin felt hot to the touch. "You make me nervous too," she whispered in a reddening ear before disappearing into the bathroom.

The brunette came out of her stupor at the sound of the click and softly touched her still flaming cheek. "Oh wow… oh no," she muttered falling back into her pillow. "What am I going to do?"


"You kissed her?" Emma asked in disbelief when Kara told her what had happened the night before. She had just finished her 800m heat and was in the locker room cleaning up when the other blonde burst in on her.

"It wasn't like I planned it but yeah," Kara said, blushing. She had her hands pressed over her face, trying to will the heat away or hide her embarrassment if that didn't work. "Oh gosh, what was I thinking, I kissed her. On the cheek, but still…"

"Whoa!" Emma said, setting her hands on the younger girl's shoulders. "Calm down and breathe. If you pass out I'm totally leaving you here. Smythe would find you with your luck and pull some stupid prank." Kara froze and took a deep breath, exhaling slowly. "Good, now, I need some information. She said you made her nervous right?" The girl nodded. "She didn't like push you away or scream or anything?" Another nod. "Well, to me, it seems like she digs you as well. Oh god. Please don't tell me this is your grand awakening into lesbianism or some shit."

"No! Oh no, no, I'm bi- um, I guess pansexual. She's the first one I really… felt this way about though." Kara sighed, "She's just so cool, and strong, and fierce, and amazing…"

"Slow your roll kid, enough heart eyes for one conversation," Emma said, shaking the girl slightly. "No wonder they call you Sunny D." She gave Kara a slightly disgusted look and continued to change her clothes.

"No one does but you."

"Everyone calls you that Kara," Emma rolled her eyes. "Now, I really think she likes you. You guys live in the same city. This could be your chance to really start something beautiful."

"You aren't going to tease me about having a beautiful wedding again are you?"

"No, but you will. Seriously, this is this shit they put into romance novels. You're leaving with six medals, and that's awesome, but you've a chance at something more. Go after your girl. Change your life beyond the pool. Memories will last alot longer than these medals."

Kara looked at her friend critically, "You sound like you're speaking from experience."

"Ah, well, let's just say I'm working through my own romantic narrative at the moment."

"What? Tell me everything!"

"Shh, Danvers, focus on Lucy. Do something to win her over." Emma asked, changing the subject.

The younger blonde groaned, "I don't know, I don't want to distract her from her events."

"Gymnastics goes through next Tuesday," Emma murmured.

"But I leave on Wednesday. What am I supposed to do? If she doesn't actually like me then we at still live in the same city. It's not like it houses a million people and we'd never see each other."

"Follow your heart, kid. You might miss out on a great girl."

Kara sighed as Emma walked away, thinking about the older girl's words. "Knock knock, any olympians present?" Alex's voice came and Kara whirled around when she heard her sister.

"Alex!" Kara squealed, drawing the brunette in a big hug. Her excitement doubled when she spotted Susan right behind her. "You guys? What are you doing here?"

"Well, we heard you were here cheering on Emma, so when we got done with our game, we came here to surprise you. We haven't gotten the chance to hangout all that much, and no doubt coach is going to be having us run drills until we leave next week." Alex let out a grimace at the thought.

"Oh your game, I heard what happened," Kara replied mournfully. "I'm so sorry."

"We're not," Susan said, "Well most of us. Sweden played a great game and deserved to win. We'll just have to try harder next time."

"Or kick their ass in the next World Cup," Alex groussed.

Kara glanced at her sister, "I see she's one of the ones not happy about how things turned out?"

"She's upset at herself mostly since she was only able to get one goal passed the Swedish goalie."

Alex raised her fist definitely, "I will get her next time."

A throat cleared behind them and they looked back to see Emma Swan giving them a wiry look. "Oh, right, Alex, Susan, this is Emma, she's absolutely the coolest person ever," Kara babbled out, "Emma, this is my sister Alex and her best friend, my other honorary sister Susan."

"Good to meet you, nice to be introduced to the sister and honorary sister of my honorary swimming sister," Emma smirked, looping an arm around Kara's neck and rubbing her head.

"That puppy-like personality got to you then it seems?" Alex asked dryly.

"She's like the personification of a golden retriever isn't she?"

"Hey!" Kara protested but the other three ignored her.

"Yes, yes she is."


"I concede defeat this time Lane," Sara told her, "But only because I got silver. I will take you down next time though."
"Whatever you say Sara," Lucy rolled her eyes at the blonde gymnast and continued hauling her stuff to the dining area. She had completed the individual-all around a few hours previous and emerged with gold, Sara securing the silver spot. She was achy, twitchy and more importantly starving. She really wanted to eat an entire pizza and a few bowls of ice cream. She didn't have another event until the uneven bars and vault on Sunday. She needed food, a shower and she wanted to see her roommate, but at the same time she was afraid of seeing the blonde, afraid of what might be brought up. That kiss has been lingering on her mind since the previous night and she swore she could still feel whispers of the swimmer's lips on her cheek.

It was exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. She really wanted to talk to Kara but she didn't want to lose focus for her events. She had a few days in between, but if the conversation with Kara went in the direction she hoped, there would be no way she could regain focus. She needed to talk to someone. But not Kara.

"So what's eating you?" Barbara asked, sitting down on the opposite side of the table.

"What do you mean?"

Barbara gave her a dry look, "You're three slices into a pizza and you haven't even noticed. Clearly you're sitting over her deep in thought about something."

Lucy waited a minute until the redhead was drinking something. "Kara kissed me." She wasn't displeased with the end result. The redhead ended up spitting her drink out on her food and Lucy couldn't hold in her laughter.

"Yeah yeah, laugh it up," Barbara replied. "And what do you mean Kara kissed you? Like kissed you kissed you?"

The brunette shrugged, "Just on the cheek, but still it was very suggestive, and I don't know what to do."

"Tall, blonde and obviously into you?" Barbara snorted, "You tap that."


"What?" Lucy shot her a dark look and the other gymnast sighed, "Alright, if you want my opinion, don't avoid the conversation, don't miss your chance."

"But what about my events? I can't lose focus!"

"Then, I don't know, keep close, don't avoid her, but maybe hold off kissing her again until after Tuesday? And what's to say that she hasn't thought the same thing as well? She's a fellow athlete so she knows how much competing means to you."

"Yeah, Kara's considerate like that," Lucy smiled.

"Seems like it," Barbara murmured, "But Luce, don't let this chance go. This could lead to one of those great romances that people talk about, Tristan and Isolde, Romeo and Juliet…"

"Tragic you mean?"

"Shut up, you know what I mean. Besides, adorable, hot, smart and sweet? When are you going to find someone like that again?"

"Fine, I'll talk to her," Lucy agreed, "After my last event on Tuesday."

"Darn, I was hoping you would be knocked off your game just a little bit by being all smooched up and in love by then."

"Not on your life Gordon."


"What's with the hat Danvers?" Kara heard behind her and she turned to find Emma standing there with a beautiful brunette woman. It was Tuesday, the last day of women's gymnastics, and Lucy was competing in the floor event against her fellow teammate Barbara Gordon.

"Oh, um, Lucy said I make her nervous, so if she doesn't know I'm here, it's fine," Kara replied, looking at the brunette curiously.

"Right, Kara, this is-"

"Regina Mills," the woman interrupted, holding her hand out. "Fencer, you're Kara Danvers. I've heard a lot about you, both from the news and this clown here." She smiled affectionately over at Emma.

"Ah, what?" Kara blinked, staring in bewilderment at the two women.

"We're here to watch the event and support your girl Kara, geez," Emma said, elbowing the other blonde.

"Oh, Oh! Right." Kara curiously followed behind the older women as they made their way into the gymnastics arena and found a few seats. She studied the two, wondering why Emma had decided to bring the olive-skinned woman with her when she suddenly remembered what the girl had said to her last Thursday. "No, no way!" She cried, giving Emma a withering look. "You've been giving me flack about Lucy when you've been going through the same thing with Regina!"

Emma's face reddened at Kara's words and Regina snickered. "What things are you talking about dear and what has Emma been saying to you?"

"Stuff about this being the beginning of an epic romance and that my wedding will be beautiful, when obviously she's been nursing her own cru-" The rest of her sentence was muffled when Emma slapped a hand over Kara's mouth.

"Ignore her, ignore her, she's obviously fatigued from swimming so much last week. All that water, must be affecting her brain," Emma laughed uncomfortably.

"Mhm, must be a common occurrence in swimmers then," Regina quipped before turning her attention back to the mat.

Kara pulled Emma's hand off of her mouth. "I like her," she whispered to the older blonde. "Why didn't you tell me? You knew about what I was going through with Lucy."

Emma shrugged, "It's complicated, Regina and I are new and it's still a bit uncertain what we are, but let's just say I really like her."

"I like her too-"

"You like everyone."

"-She seems really nice," Kara finished, ignoring Emma's remark. "Does she live near you or is this…"

"She lives in the DC area, apparently her mother is a senator or something, so it won't be a problem seeing each other again, but, I don't know, sometimes I wonder why someone would want me when my own parents didn't even want me."

"Emma, you can't let their actions affect yours. You kept telling me that this was my moment with Lucy. Well, what if this is your moment with Regina, your chance to see if you could become an epic love story. You've got to at least try."

"True love," Emma murmured under her breath.


"Nothing, just something that Regina said," the older blonde shook her head. "Now what's up with this event, what are they doing?"

"Floor routines dear," Regina supplied, "If you were paying attention you would understand that."

"So they what, just run around on the floor mat, doesn't sound very hard, oh my god," Emma gasped when she saw one of the gymnasts propel herself in the air, doing a few complete flips before landing back on the mat and continuing with her routine. "Oh my god, who does that, she was over ten feet in the air, why do they do that? They're so tiny…"

"Tiny, but fierce," Kara commented. She turned and saw Emma looking a little green. "You okay?"

"I'm fine, I just, I don't like heights and the thought of doing that…"

Regina chuckled dryly, "You're a swimmer and you don't like heights? How does that work?"

"I'm not a diver Regina, I just jump off the starting mount into the water, I don't have to worry about landing on my head or anything else," Emma retorted.

Kara looked concerned while Regina continued to cackle gleefully. "You going to be okay?"

"Just poke me when it's Lucy's turn," the older blonde muttered, covering her eyes with her hands. "Oh god."

The younger blonde turned her attention from the other two women and watched the event unfolding before her. She was mesmerized as the different gymnasts completed their routines, each one utilizing the entire mat as they danced and soared around the stage. She wasn't sure how the scoring system worked, but she did figure out that if they fell or stepped on the green mat, they lost points in their total score. The rest mystified her because some gymnasts she thought were amazing as they threw themselves in the air, twirling and spinning before coming down, were given lower scores than others who did similar movements.

Her sport was easy compared to this. Jump in water after buzzer, keep in your correct lane doing the right stroke and go really fast. It was simple. She didn't have anyone scoring her artistic performance, just keeping track of how fast she was going. She wasn't sure how Lucy was able to withstand the pressure of a sport that seemed to be partly opinion based.

"Kara," Regina called, gaining the blonde's attention. "When is your friend going?"

"Um she drew last I think," Kara murmured, searching for a list. "Ah, yes, last, it shouldn't be much longer." A few more gymnasts went and Barbara Gordon was currently in the lead with 15.497 points. She started bouncing in her seat when she saw Lucy approached the stage. "Emma, Emma, look up, she's starting!"

The older blonde reluctantly looked up but Kara was too involved in the sight of the brunette on the floor mat to pay attention to anyone else around her. The gymnast had a blank but determined expression on her face, her entire mind focused on the task ahead of her. Kara held her breath as the music started and Lucy took off across the floor, springing herself into the air, flipping her entire body three times before landing hard at the corner. Kara winced at the sound the mat made as Lucy impacted, but it didn't look as if the brunette were affected at all as she continued to turn and dance around the mat. She completed several more difficult maneuvers, a few more jumps and spins before finally landing back in the center of the ring, her body tilted back in an almost relaxed pose, as if she had just finished pushing herself out of bed.

The entire arena erupted into cheers when she finished, and Kara jumped up, cheering right along with the crowd. "Oh my gosh, that was so cool, she was just whoosh and up, and then down and then spin and then ka-pow." Kara didn't know what she was saying, all she knew was that she had to express what she just witnessed and words were failing her.

"Was it enough to beat Gordon though, her routine was also flawless," Regina murmured.

Emma looked queasy again, "Mad respect for gymnasts. I will never make another short joke about them again."

"You've been making short jokes? When did you do that?" Kara asked, befuddled.

"Nevermind, just watch the score board."

Kara looked suspiciously at her friend before glancing at the board, waiting for the scores to be posted. This was another frustrating thing about this sport. She knew right away how well she did, the times were automatically triggered by a sensor in the wall and double checked by the time keepers. This, the athletes had to wait on their scores from judges, who needed time to deliberate and finalize their judgements. It was beyond frustrating.

It was only a few minutes, but it seemed like a lifetime before the scores were flashing on the board, 15:785, Lucy had won gold. "Oh my gosh she did it!" Kara squealed again. "That's four gold medals and a bronze. Oh man, if only she hadn't lost her grip on the uneven bars the other day."

"She did get five medals in one olympics, that is almost unheard of in gymnastics," Regina pointed out. "I don't think any other female gymnast has accomplished that."

"Are you going to go down and congratulate her?" Emma asked.

"Um…" Kara worried her bottom lip between her teeth as she thought. "No, I think I'm going to go back to the room and wait for her. I think her sister is watching and Lucy might want to spend time with Lois… Unless she tries to interview her, in which case she'll be at the room earlier than expected."

"Lois Lane can't be that bad," the brunette said but her voice faltered slightly when she took in the expressions on the two blonde's faces. "Is she?"

"She's terrifying," Emma stated, "Utterly terrifying." She stood up from her seat and glanced down at Kara, "Well, if you're leaving, we'll probably head out too. May or may not see you at the airport tomorrow, and if we don't, keep in touch Kara, you have my number."

"Oh yeah." Kara jumped up and squeezed Emma again, resulting in the older blonde groaning slightly. "Right, sorry, I'll keep in touch. And if you guys are ever on the West coast, look me up!"

"It was good to meet you dear," Regina smiled and Kara returned the smile, grabbing her in a tight hug as well. "Ooof, well I understand the Supergirl reference now. You are quite strong," the brunette muttered when Kara released her. "And the Sunny D references."


"Nothing dear," the fencer just waved away the younger girl's questioning look and walked off with the other blonde swimmer.

Kara turned her attention back to the celebrating gymnasts and smiled, watching as Lucy smiled brightly and hugged her fellow teammates and coach. She lingered in the arena observing the medal ceremony and the aftermath of the competition. Suddenly, Lucy's eyes locked onto her form and Kara yelped, tugging her hat further down in front of her face. The gymnast's brows furrowed but her attention was quickly called away by her teammates. Kara waited until they had left the arena to return to the locker room before sitting up straight again and taking off her borrowed hat. "That was close," Kara sighed, running her fingers through long blonde hair.

The swimmer gingerly made her way down from her seat and out of the arena to the bus stop. She bounced on her heels as she waited for the bus, missing the sound of approaching footsteps.

"So that was you." Lucy's voice came suddenly from behind her, nearly giving the blonde a heart attack.

"Aahhh," Kara yelled, flailing slightly before turning around to face the shorter girl. Lucy was giving her an amused expression and Kara grinned sheepishly. "Um, surprise?" The brunette just crossed her arms and gave Kara that 'look.' Kara crumpled, "I, uh, I just wanted to come watch one of your events, and this was the last one, so you were going to be trying extra hard and I figured if you didn't know I was there that it wouldn't make you nervous…"

Lucy couldn't keep a straight face and let out a giggle at the sight of the flustered blonde. Her hands fell back to the strap of her gym back across her shoulders as she tried to catch her breath. "I'm sorry Kara," she breathed, still giggling slightly. "It was just too good of a chance to resist. I'm not mad, I'm happy you were there, especially since I got to see how adorable you look in a baseball hat."

Kara reddened and looked down, shuffling her feet. She was saved from any further embarrassment by the bus pulling up, and she boarded quickly, Lucy following after her. The two road in silence back to their room. "So did you like it, the event I mean?" Lucy asked, wanting to break the stalemate between them.

"Oh, it was awesome," the blonde replied brightly. "The way you guys just tossed yourselves into the air without any care in the world, it was so cool. Emma freaked out though, apparently she's afraid of heights."

"And she was freaked out by us jumping?"

"The thought of it freaked her out," Kara shrugged, "I'm not quite sure, Emma is… odd."

The two made it back to their room and Lucy flopped down on her bed with a sigh. "It's over," she muffled out into her pillow. "I can take a break, eat sticky buns and not hit the gymnastics mat every morning."

"I know," Kara grinned, sitting down next to Lucy. "I'm planning to eat some sticky buns and lay by the pool, not in the pool. It'll be good to get some sun rather than waterlogged with chlorine. School starts soon though, so not too much sun for me."

Lucy lifted her face off of her pillow and turned to her friend, "I'm sure you'll manage to find time for some sunshine around classes."

"Hopefully," Kara smiled down at the brunette before a serious expression crossed her face. "Lucy, we should talk."

The gymnast sat up on her bed and nodded, "Yeah, we should."

Kara fidgeted slightly, twiddling her thumbs. "Um, I don't know how to say this but… I really like you Lucy."

Warmth filled the brunette's heart and she moved closer to the blonde. "I like you too Kara."

Kara's breath stuttered but she pushed forward. "Everyone's been telling me that this could be my chance, our chance for an epic romance, one that people write stories about, talk about…"

Lucy laughed quietly. "People have been telling me the same thing," she whispered. "I don't want to miss our chance Kara. We may work out or we might not, but we won't know unless we really try."

"So, a date maybe, when we get back to National City? A chance to see if this could be something or if we were caught up in the rush of the Olympics?"

The brunette quirked her eyebrow thoughtfully for a moment before tugging the taller girl down to meet her lips in a tender kiss. It wasn't a kiss of passion or lust, but one filled with promise and anticipation. "Sticky buns and coffee," Lucy murmured when they broke apart, their faces only inches apart.

"Sounds great," Kara whispered. She closed her eyes and leaned her forehead against Lucy's before opening them again. "And for the record, I don't think this was because of the rush caused by the games."

Lucy smiled, "Neither do I."


"How much stuff could you possibly need," Alex groaned as she helped Kara carry her stuff up the dormitory stairs. "The house is only 30 minutes away, it's not like you left the state."

"I don't want to have to take the time to drive home for something, so I just brought most everything with me," Kara explained, her own arms full as they made their way to the fifth floor. It has been a few days since they had flown home from Rio, skipping the closing ceremony in order to move into her new dorm.

Kara left Rio with the promise of a date with Lucy in the coming weeks, but she hasn't heard from the brunette since returning home. It greatly saddened her not to hear from the shorter girl, but she understood. Her schedule was hectic when she came home, being greeted at the airport by cheering fans and well-wishers. It was odd and overwhelming and she wasn't quite sure what to do with all of the attention.

"How much further?" Alex whined when they reached the fifth floor, breaking Kara from her thoughts.

"Not much further lazy butt, I thought you were supposed to be strong," Kara teased.

"Shut-up, I'm tired." The blonde just hummed and her sister rolled her eyes. "You hear from Lucy yet?"

"Not yet."

"Hmph, how much time does it take to send a text," Alex grumbled.

Kara rolled her eyes at her sister and nudged her along, "Come on, 518 is just down the hall." The blonde pushed the brunette up the hall until locating the correct room. "Oh," she gasped when she opened the door, wide blue eyes meeting surprised hazel.

Alex snickered, "Well doesn't this look familiar. I'm going down to check on the status of mom and dad, let you guys talk."

The brunette disappeared back down the hallway and Kara turned to the short brunette standing frozen in the room, her arms still full of clothes. "Lucy, I, uh, what?" Kara stuttered out, breaking Lucy from her trance.

"Kara, hi," the brunette smiled. "I didn't know you were going to National City University."

"They have a great art program, me? What about you, I didn't know you were going to be here."

"NCU has a good law school," Lucy shrugged. "Good chance of getting in if I attend here previously."

Kara nodded her head absentmindedly, moving her things into the room. "Makes sense. It, uh, looks like we're going to be roommates again…"

"Seems so."

"Are you, uh, okay with that?"

"Why wouldn't I be?" Lucy asked in confusion.

"Like, you don't think this will interfere with… you know."

Realization dawned on Lucy and she turned to fully look at the blonde. "I think, that it is fate telling us that Rio wasn't our only chance," the brunette whispered. "That maybe, this was something that was meant to be."

Kara smiled shyly, ducking her head. "Really?"

Lucy grinned and softly took Kara's hand. "Really." Their lips met again in a soft, shy kiss, this one more familiar than their previous encounter but still chaste and full of anticipation. "So, coffee and sticky buns after you finish moving in?"

"It's a date."

So, there's the final chapter!