A Disquiet Follows my Soul

Chapter 1

A.N: Pretty much what I think will happen in the next Star Trek movie.

"Your father was captain of a starship for 12 minutes. He saved 800 lives. Including yours. I dare you to do better."

Kirk opened his eyes. He looked around, but stood there, not believing nor trusting his surroundings. Another Starfleet crewmember sat in the Captain's chair, who he recognized immediately. Dad, Kirk thought, though he had never met him. George Kirk walked over to the Helmsman console, and set the autopilot to ram the ship into the Narada, but the autopilot was broken. George sighed, then gave a long look at the console, and made up his mind, setting the ship on a collision course.

Kirk wanted to help him, stay with him, talk with him, to do anything with his father. But he knew he couldn't. George sat back down in the Captain's chair as sparks flew and consoles exploded around him and the ship shook violently. Kirk stood off to the side, watching the spectacle as the ship's final moments played out. Then he heard the cries of a newborn baby, and knew instinctively that it was him. George opened a channel to the shuttle carrying the much younger Kirk, and his wife said,

"It's a boy."

Kirk shook his head in amazement, then asked, "A boy?"

Winona Kirk simply nodded, not noticed by George.

"What should we call him?" George asked.

"Let's name him after your father," Winona suggested. George laughed, then replied,

"Tiberius? No, that's a terrible name! Let's name him after your father.

Let's call him... Jim."

"Jim," Winona said, rolling the name over her tongue, thinking whether it was a good name. George interrupted her thoughts.

"Sweetheart, can you hear me?" George said, as the ship neared the

Narada and Kirk stood back, watching the whole thing unfold in front of his eyes. He knew this was a dream, but couldn't believe how vivid it was.

"Yeah?" Winona sobbed out, realizing what was about to happen, Kirk trying to blink back tears, and George struggling to stay in the chair as fires burned on the Bridge, and the screen cracked, and the remaining consoles exploding violently.

George looked back, and got a good look at Kirk, and realized who it was.

He turned to face the viewscreen, knowing that his son would live and follow his footsteps.

"I love you so much," George said as the ship was about to hit the

Narada. "I love you-" and was interrupted when the ship hit, throwing him and Kirk across the bridge.

Then silence.

Kirk woke up with a start, bracing for a collision that wouldn't happen. He took a good look around the room. He was in his quarters, with Beastie Boys playing in the background. He sighed, realizing that he wouldn't be getting a good night's sleep, and got up.

5 minutes later, he walked onto the Bridge of the U.S.S Enterprise, NCC-1701-A, the next one after the original was destroyed over Altamid. He walked in, then briefly said,

"Spock, you have the conn," then walked out again, leaving Spock confused. McCoy grunted, rolled his eyes, then walked out to follow him, Carol Marcus not long after.

Kirk sat in the Enterprise's new bar, which was built afterwards at the insistence of several people, the Captain included. He was drinking a random drink he found on the table when McCoy walked in, Carol a few seconds after.

"Something wrong Jim?" McCoy asked. He then noticed Carol standing next to him, and gestured for her to leave. She didn't budge. Kirk simply said,

"They're back."

McCoy stood there, dumbfounded, but Carol knew.

"The nightmares," she said.

"The one and only," Kirk said. His next words chilled both McCoy and Marcus.

"Something bad's going to happen. I can feel it. It's only a matter of time before it does."