If I'm being completely honest, I forgot that I wrote this so I have no idea where I was going with this. I haven't caught up with the rest of the Keeper series and I'm realizing that this doesn't align with the Flash anymore, so ideally this would take place between the early seasons. I also forgot all about and that I actually published stories that still have drafts on my computer. This is the half finished chapter that I just found and even if I could finish I have no idea where I was going with this story-it was so long ago and I was in MIDDLE SCHOOL holy shit that was forever ago. I also chose the perfect time to rejoin the ff community (junior year wahoo!)

but please, enjoy this sad excuse of a chapter!

Naomi hurried through aisles in a market called Safeway. There was nothing safe about this place. Humans shopped in carts that could run you over. She grabbed the best looking fruit and almost gagged when she passed the meat section. The smell of cooking meat reached her nose and Naomi almost threw up.

"Naomi!" A voice shouted and Ania was at her side.

"Hey Ania," Naomi said studied the array of junk food in front of her, "I was just about to-"

"Now isn't the time," Ania waved an impatient hand, "the Flash is on to you. You need to hurry and make that crystal. The Flash always finds a way to catch bad guys, and right now he thinks you're a bad guy."

"But I can't make the crystal, I don't have the equipment," Naomi ran her fingers through her hair, "I don't know how either, Nolan only taught me so much, I wouldn't even know where to start."

"STAR labs is where you need to go. Let me help you," Ania said and passed her hand through a bag of chips on a shelf, "I'm a phaser."

Naomi frowned and studied the apple in her hand, "But I can't have you risking exposing your position for me, you live here. I don't want to mess with your life, or possibly revealing who you are to the Neverseen. They already know me. It's too dangerous."

"STAR Labs is the only place with the equipment to make that crystal. When you come to your senses, let me know," Ania sighed and backed away, "You know where to find me."

Naomi said nothing as Ania began to walk away.


Ania turned around and stopped.

"You said STAR labs had the equipment?" Naomi asked, guilt tightening around her heart at the thought of compromising a fellow agent. "Then I need to get in there."

"Easy…" Ania explained what to do and they left Safeway, but not before paying in lusters to the Elvin cashier.


"Barry, I got a ping at Safeway," Cisco said and Barry was there in a flash. Only Naomi wasn't there.

Across the city, she was walking calmly through the doors to STAR labs.

"Cisco, she's not here," Barry said as he zoomed through the aisles a second time.

Cisco just stared at the monitor as Naomi slipped through the pristine halls of STAR Labs.

"Yeah 'cause she's right here. In STAR Labs, right now," Cisco swore and Barry ran back, scooping Naomi up in his arms and promptly dumped her in a cell.

"You're not getting out of here until you start talking," Barry crossed his arms.

Naomi smiled cockily and vanished.

"What?" Barry groaned in exasperation, "How?"

He opened the cell and searched the inside for flaws or a sign, or a clue as to how she kept escaping but he found nothing.

As I can't recall what I actually planned to do with this story, I have to say that this is the end...

I hope you enjoyed this tiny snippet that barely counts as an update but regardless, I had to post it. It was just sitting in google docs with no one reading it