The adrenaline pumping through her veins, Shirai's vision slowed down as she looked down at the approaching ground. She could see the grey color of the concrete as well as the black roads that were getting closer with every second. She could hear the sound of rushing air as well as the feeling of cold rushing air on her skin.

The boy was slightly below her, they were both falling at around the same speed but he was around a foot to her left and a few feet below her. His red and green jacket marking a clear distinction within the sky.

Teleporting downward would definitely not be a good idea. Remembering how she teleported and slammed into the ground along with the other occasion when the boy with the gun was pushed backward after he was moved.

Clearly her power had some added effect besides teleporting. She figured if she were to teleport downward the accompanying 'force' that follows her teleport would only send her even faster toward her death. So that was a no go.

This meant that she had to try to reach him while falling through the sky.

Remembering a vaguish concept, she looked downward to her right while putting her hands at her side.

She just needed to touch him.

His incoherent screams of panic were not helping her concentration.

She focused and tried to steer herself toward the panicking boy who was also falling. If she could make herself like an arrow…

She noticed that her fall speed increased and she was getting closer and closer to the boy. This also meant that the ground was also getting closer and closer.

Trying to ignore the air on her face and the ground becoming more and more clearer. She reached out her right hand in order to try to reach the falling boy.

Her hand reached and touched something, it was part of the boy's leg. She bit down the feeling of disgust when she realized he had a lot of leg hair.

Not sparing a second, she looked upward and reached for that same feeling imaging they were in the air above. Upward and going forward and very much away from the terrifying ground.

She felt herself move while also simultaneously feeling the rushing air. She looked up to find herself closer to the sky, just barely a few meters above various buildings within the area.

She had also felt something change. Before she was reaching downward in order to touch the boy, her right hand reached out while her body was like an arrow. At the time the boy was upside down while they were both being pulsed by earth's gravity. Now it was different.

She was facing the sky, her positon had changed and now she was upward. She was looking up and the boy was to her right, she was still touching his leg with her right hand, and they were both soaring upward. It was kind of like her positon had been flipped.

Their orientation had changed. Was that due to her imagining a vague idea of a good positon?

She gripped as much of her right hand as possible on the boy's leg. Her hand barely covering his entire leg.

The force of the teleport was making her and the boy soar up at a decent speed. But it was odd, they were both going the exact same speed in the same direction. Even though the boy was much larger than she was.

She turned her neck downward to her right to find a barren rooftop around 7 meters from her. She needed to get out of the air as soon as possible. She felt like she didn't have nearly enough control in this situation. It would be seconds until whatever force her teleport had stopped and then she would be back at step one.

Reaching for that feeling again, she focused above the rooftop.


She and boy slammed into the rooftop, their bodies rolling on the concrete like a ragdoll. She felt her skin open up in the response to the rough surface, her knees were scrapped, and cuts opened up in various areas across her body. She could tell that she would have many bruises by the end of the day.

Groaning, she cursed her stupidity. She didn't factor in enough of her teleportation recoil. Or maybe momentum would be a better name for it?

If teleporting up made her go upward for a few seconds, then teleporting down would obviously make her go downward for a few seconds.

She was lucky the rooftop was big enough in order for her to not fall off when she was rolling, creating an internal reminder to delve more into her power, she tried to get up.

Her whole body was spiked with pain, trying to ignore it she looked around for the boy.

The boy was still groaning while on the ground, his body turned against the ground.

If he was groaning then at least he was still alive, she craned her neck to see if he was bleeding from her distance. He wasn't. Good, she didn't want an excuse to get close to the boy.

She saved his life but she still had a grudge.

Why had she saved him?

Because she herself put him into that situation? A situation where he would absolutely die? Why should she care? She hated those bastards who put her into that terrifying situation. He'd probably deserved it if he were splattered into the ground.

She sighed.

She couldn't bring herself to even pretend to think this way.

She didn't believe that she was the type of person who would abandon someone to a fate like that. No matter what they did to her. Sure, she didn't feel bad about defending herself from the thug with a gun. But she was pretty sure he was still alive.

Along that thought a memory came to her mind, of watching television and seeing the Triumvirate, the greatest heroes.

The feeling of admiration along with a single thought.

Yeah, she believed every child had that thought at least once in their childhood.

The thought of being a hero.

Shaking her head, she focused on her situation.

She was on a barren rooftop with a thug who may get over his wounds any second now. There didn't appear to be any visible doors to downstairs.

Ignoring the feeling of unease in her gut, she concluded that the obvious option was to teleport to another location.

There was another building ten meters across from the building she was on, she turned toward it, focusing on an area above where the rooftop will be. A spike of pain reminded her of the cuts and bruises on her body, she made a reminder to get some bandages while at home.

The area was much higher up than the one she chose for the building on the one that she was on, a couple meters or so above the flooring of the rooftop. She tried to imagined herself in that area, but the pain was an annoying irritation, frustrated, she reached for that feeling while look at the general area where she wanted to go.


She did not sense that strange feeling when she was moved.

She was still on the rooftop with the boy still groaning in pain.

Flabbergasted, she looked at the area in disbelief.

This didn't make any sense, the distance from her to the car was much further than a measly ten meters.

Did her power have some delay for every teleport?

She crossed that idea out, if that were true she wouldn't have been able to consequently teleport the rope and then right after the gag from her. Or the whole maneuverer she did while in the air.

If she even had a delay then it had to be a very slight one, so that can't be it.

Was it some kind of cooldown after so many uses?

Looking back in the last ten minutes or so, she counted that she used had her power eight times that she successfully used her ability, including the times she tried and failed that would make it ten.

Was it really a cooldown?

For some reason it didn't really feel like a correct idea. Call it a hunch or an odd feeling or whatever.

She thought back to the two occasions where her teleport didn't work.

The first was when she tried to teleport straight to her home, she had imagined her living room with the greatest amount of detail that she could imagine. And it still didn't work. She guessed that her power only had a certain range with her teleport, a certain radius in which she could move to.

The second was recent. What had changed then? She was in a little better state of mind, less panicked by the potential danger.

She could still hear the boy groaning in pain, a part of her wanted to tell him to suck it up, even she had managed to-



She could still feel the dull thrum of pain throughout her entire body.

Was her power unusable if she was distracted by the pain?

Thinking about it, it did fit. She was thinking more about the pain of her injuries than the location.

But then how was she going to solve it?

Wait for the pain to go away? Or just try to distance herself from the pain in hopes of it not affecting her concentration?

She heard the scuffle of feet. She turned her head to look at the only other source of sound on the roof.

The boy was sitting up, bruises on his arms and tears on his red and green jacket. There was a nasty scrap on his right arm but otherwise he looked okay, certainly not worth the minute worth of groaning in pain. His hands on the ground trying to push himself up. He swerved his head up and met eye contact with her.

Yeah, she was going to try the latter option now.

She took a deep breath and tried to calm her nerves.

She exhaled and angled her body so that she could have a view of the boy in her peripheral vison.

She took another deep breath, trying to mentally distance herself from the pain.

She felt a little sick in her stomach.

It was a repetitive feeling that kept being brought up ever since she teleported onto the rooftop. An uncomfortable idea Turning her attention to it, she uncovered the source of that peculiar feeling.

Her pride.

This was her last chance to avenge her pride.

She always considered herself a headstrong girl who faced her problems headlong, always standing upfront and staring at trouble with determined eyes, and never running away from difficulty.

And then she was kidnapped.

And then she gained power.

And then she used that power to run away.

Now she was truly going to run away without even trying to confront it, the cause of this entire situation.

She shook her head, and tried to shake away the feeling.

She had to.

She had to get home.

It wasn't escaping if she had a good reason to.

She wasn't dumb, two of the thugs including the one on the roof with her, knew her from school. They probably knew her face, her name, and even where she lived if she was captured on the way home. Word about her power will without a doubt get out. She had to find her mom and take her someplace safe. What if some of the thugs were already on their way to her home?

She exhaled and started to distance herself more and more from that dull ache.

She turned and fully looked at the boy. He was now roughly on his feet, staggering a bit from the movement of propping himself up.

But above all else she was afraid.

She turned toward that area above the building ten meters away from her, and focused on it. She imagined herself there.

She felt herself move and she cursed herself.

She was prepared this time, she used the momentum in order to tuck herself into a ball, covering her head. She rolled on the barren concrete flooring with a similar experience as last time, it hurt but it wasn't as bad. Not even acknowledging the lesser cuts and bruises created this time, she turned and looked back toward the building she was on top of a few seconds ago.

The boy was still there. She could tell that he was staring at her, even if she couldn't fully make out his expressions at that distance.

She wasn't used to running from her problems that was always the opposite of her. That was always the inverse of Kuroko Shirai. But at that moment. That moment when she was crying while staring at her freedom. That was all she could think of. To get away and move to that block of sidewalk. And in that moment, she was granted a power that was perfect for running away.

Turning away from him, Kuroko focused on the area above another building. She was going to start heading in this general direction until she noticed landmarks that she could recognize. Using those she can try to find a path to her home.

Even though she didn't want to, she felt a little disgusted.

Kuroko activated her power and she was in the air again. She was going to try out an idea she had. The momentum of her teleport was bringing her forward while in the air. The wind in her face and with her hair moving in the wind, she started surveying the area.

It didn't fit her.

Just when she started to feel the pull of gravity, she activated her power and she was in the air again. Above another building that was a little further from the previous one. While racing forward into the sky, she discovered that the further away she teleported the more her momentum lasted. She was lunging through the air at a faster speed than before definitely surging past the endpoint above the building. She was even surprised to see that it's effect lasted a while longer. She counted to five ten seconds before she noticed something change. Just when she felt the faintest influence of gravity pulling her down, she chose another area and moved.

It felt like she was given something that was the complete antithesis of her character.

In a certain point of view, she was flying, accelerating through the air and past the building which she teleported above. She just needed to find a better way to land. This time she moved slightly after just reaching her destination. She noted how it wasn't completely simultaneous.

She guessed that she can sum it up as her pride being wounded. The fact that she was given an ability to escape from her problems when she always prided herself on persevering through and finishing a problem.

When she made it to her endpoint again. She noted that the speed didn't stack, or build up with every teleport. She found a building that was within the shortest distance yet. She activated her power again.

She found herself above the area but with less momentum, her body not quite speeding past the building in which she teleported above. She started counting.

One second.

Huh so the distance = momentum worked conversely as well. Shorter distances may be more beneficial if she doesn't want to factor in the momentum.

Two seconds.

Now to try something else.

Three seconds

She looked downward to the building, any second now the effects of her momentum would give up and she would start to fall to the building. But before that, she wanted to try something an idea she had.

When she was about to mark four seconds, she felt the slightest feeling of her momentum giving up, she activated her power.

She teleported slightly downward, the momentum the least she has ever experienced.

She was surprised that it only lasted for a fraction of a second.

Then right after she again teleported slightly downward a second time, downward and forward by at least a foot.

She visualized it in her head as going down some stairs, with each teleport being a step in a sense.

After a few more consecutive teleports, there was only a feet left of air between her and the roof of the building. She was close enough that she felt that could just let herself fall.

Wincing from the pain from all her injuries and the stress landing harshly put on them, she gritted her teeth.

It was an inconvenient way of 'landing' in a sense, but it was the best option until she learned either how to control the momentum or land without injuring herself.

She tried to put aside the pain not for the last time of today and surveyed her location.

She actually recognized this area. She was around the south docks; she knew exactly how she was going to get to her house from here. She almost felt a little bit of relief before she quickly squashed that feeling.

This horrible day still wasn't over yet. She'll only feel relief when she sees her mom and they both manage to get to someplace safe.

Turning east, she teleported in the air heading off in the direction of her house. She could imagine what she would need to say to her mother.

End of Chapter 2-

Here's an Author's Note-I looked over the first chapter, and I realized a few things I may have missed. Worms powers are also supposed to be very personal as well as being ironic to some degree. Having a prideful girl who never ran away from her problems, want to run away with all her heart, and given a power that reminds her of running away. I'm not sure if that would fit or not. But hey it's something right? Sorry if it's too angst or whatever it's called.

Here's a response to the guest- Thanks for the review, I'm not really sure I get the message. I'm just going to add any limits that would fit with her character. Kuroko never went for a kill with her teleportation or ever really teleported something directly into somebody. So it wouldn't be that bad if she wasn't able to do so in this story.