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A/N So this is basically just a collection of random Supernatural quotes (And some jokes). do not read this unless you have seen all the way through season 9 of Supernatural. Most of these are from season 9 episode 11


Watch Supernatural. Join the fandom. Have an emotional breakdown every time a secondary character you liked dies. In fact, have an emotional breakdown at least once every season. Good luck! ;) Prepare to cry an ocean of tears.


Sam: What's wrong?

Castiel: Nothing

Sam: You're a terrible liar

Castiel: That's not true! I once decived and betrayed both you and your brother.

Sam: That's not the point


Cass: The men of letters believed that you could preform a tracking spell with extracted grace but they were never able to test the theory.

Sam: Well they didn't have a guinea pig. We do.

Cass: You have a guinea pig? Where?

Sam: Me Cass, I'm the guinea pig.

Cass: Ohh...


Terra (A random hunter): Your dad didn't believe him. We took him (A demon) out. Then we had a nice weekend together before parting our seprate ways.

Crowley: *Smiles a bit*

Dean: ...


*Demon attacks Crowley*

Crowley: "You're good." *Crowley kills demon* "But I'm Crowley."


Pb and J, teaching angels valuable lessons since Supernatural season 9.