Now, I do not condone real-life teacher-student relationships at all. This is just fictional. But I also know that I myself have had multiple crushes on teachers throughout my school career. It comes from being queer and repressed with no outlet. I have read a fantastic fic series called Educating the Universe, by OnyxSArdonyx and sockseevil, which served as inspiration. Onwards and upwards!

Thundering feet and slamming doors echoed down the long, full hallways, and Pearl felt herself flinch at each and every loud noise, hating the boisterous atmosphere of her high school. It's just for another year, she reminded herself with a deep breath. Just one more year. She repeated her mantra like a stuck record as she made her way to homeroom.

"Hey, P! We saved you a seat, nerd!" Amethyst. The short girl was a fireball of energy, and although she was bouncy and sometimes didn't realize people's boundaries, she was a good friend. She stopped Pearl from being so sanctimonious all the time.

Garnet looked up from her book, her mirrored shades reflecting the washed-out lights above. Pearl had once plucked up the courage to ask why she always wore the shades, and Garnet had simply replied; "I have really sensitive eyes." in her calm tone. So much for the mysterious Garnet.

"Hey, Pearl."

"Hello, you two. Good weekend?" Pearl sat down gracefully, and let her backpack slide from her shoulder to the floor. Amethyst shrugged, the strap of her tank falling down her shoulder.

"Eh, it was decent. Nothing special. How about you, Garnet?"

"My moms took me to see the game on Saturday, and I had my track heat on Sunday." Pearl's blue eyes widened.

"Oh, of course! How did you do?"

"Smashed it." Garnet said calmly, and coming from anyone it would sound big-headed, but from her, it sounded right. Like her success was guaranteed.

"Alright, G-Squad! Gimme five!" Amethyst reached over, and Garnet smacked her hand against hers, a little smile on her lips. Pearl smiled widely at her friends. The support she had found with them and their friendship was life-saving.

"Settle down, class. I need to do roll-call." Called their homeroom teacher in a droning voice. The background white noise died down a little, just enough to hear the names being called.

Finally, the bell rang, and they were released, bags over shoulders, clutching their new timetables.

"Whatcha got first, P?" Amethyst bounded up to Pearl's side to catch a peek of her timetable. Pearl tilted the paper down to let her see.

"Drama, with RQ. Wait a minute, who is 'RQ'?" Pearl looked back up in confusion.

"Miss Quartz," Garnet said, "She's good, apparently." Pearl was wracking her brain, trying to remember what Miss Quartz looked like.

"She's tall, big pink curly hair. Very pretty." Garnet told Pearl, noticing her confused expression.

"Oh, her! Yes, I-I know her." Pearl laughed nervously. Miss Quartz was very pretty, it's true. Pearl remembered seeing her one time going into the staff room and staring after her for a good two minutes. That was back when she didn't realise quite how gay she was. The days of non-blissful ignorance.

"I have her too, Pearl." Garnet pointed a slender finger to the box identical to Pearl's on her own timetable. Amethyst pouted, her big bottom lip pushed out adorably.

"I don't have her, you guys."

"Oh, poor baby Amethyst," cooed Pearl, ruffling the girl's already-mussed hair. Amethyst scrunched up her face and batted Pearl's hand away.

"Cut it out, nerd. It'll be a nice break in Gym without you cramping my style." She puffed out her chest, and flipped her hair over her shoulder. The picture of nonchalance.

Garnet and Pearl just laughed, and waved her goodbye. Amethyst flashed a peace sign and a wink, and ducked under two other seniors with giant backpacks.

"She'll be alright, won't she?" Pearl asked Garnet, who just gave her a look.

"Amethyst can handle herself, you know that." Pearl looked back at the busy corridor.

"I know," sighed Pearl. She just felt like Amethyst got a lot of shit she didn't deserve, and tried to shield her from it as far as she could. It probably wasn't the best modus operandi when it came to Amethyst, since she took pride in her independence.

Turning back, the pair descended down the stairs to the Drama Studio. Pearl looked around, marvelling at the litter that had already accumulated, even on the first day of school. Never underestimate high schoolers' ability to make a mess of any space they happened to occupy.

Garnet leaned against the wall next to the door, cool and casual. Pearl stood upright and nervous, her usual dancer's grace turned to tension. She wrung her hands in front of her, and peeked through the glass portions of the double doors. She could just see a neat desk at the far end of the room, and a set of desks. But where was Miss Quartz?

Suddenly a face framed by a mass of pink curls blocked her view, and Pearl jerked backward violently in shock. Garnet looked up at the disturbance, as the door opened, and Miss Quartz stepped out.

Oh my stars, she's beautiful, thought Pearl, with an awestruck look on her face. Her hands were frozen against the wall, and she could feel Garnet looking at her oddly, but she couldn't stop staring at this pink goddess.

"Oh, honey, I'm sorry for scaring you." Miss Quartz apologised kindly. At Pearl's dumbfounded look, she smiled.

"Pearl!" Garnet said firmly. Pearl snapped out of it with a few rapid blinks, and a shake of her peach-coloured hair.

"Oh, th-that's f-fine, Miss Quartz, I'm alright, no harm, no foul, right?" Pearl felt her cheeks redden and her mouth go a mile a minute, but couldn't seem to stop herself from babbling, or blushing.

"Pearl, that's your name?" Pearl didn't trust herself to speak, so she just nodded, lips a flat line.

"And that's Garnet." Pearl nodded to the black girl, who gave a calm wave.

"You've both got very pretty names, Pearl and Garnet. Do come in, don't stand outside." Pearl nodded, the look of awe creeping back onto her face. Miss Quartz went in first, and Garnet joined Pearl's side. She gave her an amused look, and Pearl blushed. Again.

Oh, God, she'd made an absolute fool of herself in front of Miss Quartz.

"You should probably rein your gay in a little, Pearl." Garnet whispered to Pearl, who gave her an exasperated look.

"I know, I know, she's just so..." Pearl trailed off, unable to even find words to describe Miss Quartz's ethereal beauty.

This was going to be a hard last year.

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