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Delmarva High, for the very first time that spring, was bathed in dripping yellow sunshine. It was coming through the windows, through the doors, through every crack and crevice the building had.

Eyes closed, Garnet sat on one of the benches outside the front of the school, soaking it up. She concentrated on everything around her; the footsteps of early students, chatter and gossip, the feel of old varnished wood under her hands, the glorious warmth sinking into her skin.

One sound didn't fit the others, and that was the purring engine of a motorbike. Garnet opened her eyes curiously, and felt a pang of jealousy when she realised it was the mysterious stranger Pearl had gone home with, dropping her off. Pearl delicately climbed off the back of the bike, and handed the woman her helmet and jacket, as well as the neck-guard. The woman leaned in, and Pearl grinned playfully. Garnet felt her heart squeeze watching them kiss goodbye. She looked away.

"You look like you're enjoying the sunshine." Garnet opened her eyes and found Pearl, looking as put-together as always. She had her soft pink cardigan from the night before neatly folded over her arm.

"And you look like you had fun last night." Answered Garnet shortly, hating herself when Pearl blushed and looked down.

"Yes, S was lovely." Garnet raised her eyebrows and forced herself to sound interested.

"How lovely?" She attempted to tease, and Pearl smiled secretively.

"Very lovely." She giggled, and sat down next to her best friend, "Look, I'm sorry for disappearing on you like that last night. I didn't want to worry you or Amethyst." Garnet waved her away.

"No worries, Pearl. We know you, and if you trust someone enough to go home with them, you're safe. Just let us know before you go next time, please?"

"Of course!" Pearl nodded fiercely, before smiling at Garnet. Smiling back, Garnet felt brave enough to plant a kiss on Pearl's cheek.

"I'm proud of you, you know?" Pearl tilted her head, confused, "You came out and did something you wanted to, and you got what you wanted. Could have been executed better," she teased as Pearl looked away, embarrassed, "but you did it."

"I feel more confident now," Pearl said firmly, hands clasped in her lap.

"I'm glad," said Garnet simply.

"YOOOOO, MAH GURL PEARL GOT HERSELF SOME LAST NIGHT!" Amethyst bellowed over the entire courtyard, prompting Garnet to slam her palms against her ears and Pearl to furiously shush her, as the other students looked over at them.

"Amethyst, I am going to eviscerate you for this!" Amethyst just grinned mischievously at her friend, and made a noise that sounded like a laugh, but was far too evil to be trusted.

"It's true though, you got yourself some hot biker-chick ass last night." She sat down heavily at the bench, and looked expectantly at Pearl.

A long silence. Amethyst tapped her toes against the floor, and fidgeted.

"Well?!" She prompted. Pearl just looked at her haughtily, "Come on, P! I wanna hear all the dirty details!"

"I'm not telling you anything since you shouted my private business across the entire state!" Pearl crossed her arms and stuck her nose in the air. Garnet just sighed. counting down the seconds until...

"Well, sorry, P! Is that what you wanna hear? Are you gonna be a snob all day?" Amethyst said angrily. Pearl whipped her head round so fast, Garnet got whiplash just looking at her.

"How dare you! I'm not a snob!"

"Could'a fooled me!"

"You little-"

"Guys!" Garnet slammed her hand against the table, and the bickering pair fell silent.

"Amethyst, apologise." Amethyst looked indignant.

"I already did!"

"Properly." Garnet said, her voice hard.

"Fine! I'm sorry for yelling about your business in public, Pearl."

"Apology accepted." Pearl said primly. Amethyst rolled her eyes at her friend's theatrics.

"Pearl?" Pearl looked at Garnet, smiling, "Apologise to Amethyst." Pearl's face dropped. Amethyst laughed loudly.

"What? Garnet, what for?" She whined.

"For being snobby." Garnet let a little smile quirk her lips, as Pearl sputtered.

"Garnet! That's not fair, I'm not snobby!" Pearl held her angry expression until she noticed Amethyst giggling under her breath and Garnet joining in, "Oh, you two! Fine, I'm sorry for being," she paused, seemingly bringing herself to say the word, "snobby."

"Apology accepted," Amethyst said loftily, "Now can we hear all the deets, P?"

"As much as I want to hear about your night, Pearl, I need to be in Gym right now. Talk to you both later!" Garnet stood up, grabbed her backpack and walked away, relieved that she'd dodged having to hear all about how S got to hold Pearl all night long and hear her noises and see her waking up warm and satisfied.

"Well, I don't got to be nowhere for an hour, I got me a free period. Spare me nothing, Pierogi!" Pearl blushed, and began.

Amethyst found Garnet first at lunchtime, hunched over Chemistry homework.

"'Sup G-Squad, how you doin'?" Garnet shrugged casually, eyes on her textbook, "Pearl's doing English revision today, so it's just me and you, boo!" Garnet gave a thumbs up. Amethyst didn't like this. Garnet was quiet, but she was never mute.

"Are you really okay, Garnet?" She didn't answer, and Amethyst knew why. "This is about Pearl, isn't it."

"Not everything I do or say is about Pearl!" Garnet exploded.

"But this is."

Garnet sighed, forcing herself to uncurl her fingers from her textbook, one by one. She felt tears pricking her eyes, and swallowed them back. She wasn't going to fall apart so easily. She felt, rather than saw, Amethyst sit down next to her.

"It's just that Pearl decided to let go with a total stranger," she admitted, voice shaking, "and I can't sit there and be the best friend when I want to be with her so badly, I just can't."

"Oh, G, come here," Amethyst opened her pudgy arms, and Garnet folded herself into them. Amethyst held her best friend close, running a hand soothingly up and down Garnet's broad back. She absorbed Garnet's gentle hiccuping sobs.

"She does love you, you know." Amethyst said quietly.

"But not in the way I want." Garnet said sadly. Amethyst just held her tighter.

Soon enough, Garnet calmed down, and Amethyst let her sit up again as she wiped away her tears from under her sunglasses.

"God, I feel like such a pining mess. This is my fault anyway." Amethyst laughed.

"What, it's your fault Pearl found someone?"

"I suggested the club. I thought... I don't know what I thought. Maybe a new environment..."

"Garnet, if you really do want to date Pearl, you need to be more upfront about how you feel. You can't sit and listen to her blather about her night of passion and then pine silently. She's never gonna know, you hide your feelings too well around her."

"So you think I ought to be more open?"

"Well, go easy, G, and don't take everything I say as gospel. All Amethyst Advice comes with a warning that I can't take responsibility, you know this." Garnet smiled, despite herself.

"Yeah, I do."

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