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Morning had arrived and everyone was already awake and doing their job. Kids were still asleep as school doesn't start until later in the day and Teens are starting their training to fully master their element. Nothing big ever happened in Elemenville other than the element festival and other fun events the society creates every year. The element festival was a traditional event that's been going on for centuries and is celebrated every year. All citizens of all elements celebrate and appreciate all the 4 elements for what they have provided. Food, games, shows, dances was everything you would see at the festival. This month was going to be the 120th anniversary of the Element festival which is why everyone was hard at work.

"It's that time of year again. The element festival…" Knuckles sighed, walking in between Shadow and Blaze. Posters announcing when the festival was going to take place was everywhere around Elemenville.

Blaze scoffed and rolled her eyes. "I think it's a dumb tradition. Why do we need to appreciate and thank the other elements? Especially the water element? They're nothing but a burden."

"I could care less. As long as we behave we should be fine." Shadow spoke, walking with his arms crossed.

"Sonic is still cocky as ever. I can't imagine what stunt he will pull off this year. Last year was a disaster." Knuckles mentioned, looking at Blaze and Shadow for a reply.

Blaze faintly smiled and shook her head. "He disrespected the fire elders. I don't know why Amy still hangs out with him. She could do better on her own."

"They have a deep connection that somehow works. She can handle him better than his mom. On the other hand, Sonic knows how to calm Amy when her temper hits her. I bet nobody else can do that." Shadow explained.

"How do you know that?" Knuckles asked, amazed.

"It's not hard to find out. If you watch them hanging out, you can clearly see what I mean. But we all know those 2 are just nothing but weak and pathetic. We are much better than they are." Shadow replied.

"We are. So, are you guys excited for our training today? We get to learn how to use our element like we've never used before." Blaze excitedly exclaimed.

"Heck yeah! I can finally master the legendary Fire Daze!"

Shadow sighed. "Knuckles…you can't master the legendary Fire Daze. It's a legendary power for a reason. Not many can pull it off. Besides, they won't teach us that. So, I suggest you keep dreaming until that day comes which is never."

"Gee…no need to be so negative. Who knows, it could happen." Knuckles defended.

"Come on guys. We're here. Let's hurry in because we're late as usual." Blaze opened the door, letting the 2 in. The trio have always been more of the negative side. One thing for sure about the trio was that they were not a group to mess with. With the flame burning inside of them, one simple accident can rage them. But, like they always say… "Don't judge a book by its cover."

Believe it or not, the trio are big softies. It's rare to see that side of them but when you do, they are like big teddy bears. Cream and Silver form the earth element discovered that big heart of the trio a long time ago. They promised to never tell. You can say the air element duo and the fire trio get along somewhat but still dislike each other.

4 hours have gone by and Blaze, Knuckles, and Shadow came out the building with bandages wrapped around their arms and shoulders. They all groaned in pain, walking like a zombie.

"Knuckles you idiot…you aimed your fire arrow towards my arm." Blaze growled.

"And you fire slammed my shoulder." Shadow muttered.

"H-Hey…you two fire bombed me! Ow ow!" Knuckles cried, rubbing his arm.

"Well, today was a disaster for our first day. I don't even think we're in good condition to attend the training tomorrow." Blaze spoke.

"True. We should just skip tomorrow. We heal pretty quickly anyway but we need at least one day." Shadow replied. Blaze and Knuckles nodded in agreement. As they were walking, they spotted 2 hedgehogs walking in their direction. Knuckles and Shadow groaned while Blaze remained silent.

"That was great! Did you see how used the tidal wave?" Amy excitedly remarked.

"Yeah! And it only took you one try. Did you see me do the water tornado?!" Amy nodded while chuckling.

"We earned our first badge. 9 more to go." Amy smiled. She spotted 3 familiar figures up ahead and started feeling uneasy. She stopped walking and stopped Sonic.

"Ames what's up?" Sonic asked. She pointed towards the trio.

Sonic looked to where her finger was pointed. He looked surprised but not scared. He kept on walking with Amy right behind him. Moments like these were rare for the trio and duo. But when they did encounter each other, it never ended well. Sonic and Amy stopped right in front of the trio as did Blaze, Shadow, and Knuckles.

"Well, if it isn't the water duo. It's been a while huh?" Knuckles asked, crossing his arms. Sonic rolled his eyes but nodded.

"It has. How you guys been? You three look awful." Sonic laughed. Amy face palmed.

Shadow and Blaze mentally groaned while Knuckles growled. "We just happen to finish our training today."

"Oh? Well, you guys must be really bad at using your powers if all of you guys ended up like that. On the other hand, Amy and I earned our first badge today at our training." Sonic exclaimed, showing his badge along with Amy.

"Impressive…" Shadow muttered.

"Comes to show that we are much better than you guys claim to be. We better go now. We don't need to waste our time humiliating you guys. Come on Amy." Sonic began walking away. Amy sighed and looked at Blaze with an apologetic look. She ran after him.

"I can't believe we just let Sonic talk trash right to our faces. We can't let him have that satisfaction. They have a badge already!" Knuckles shrieked.

"Let him have that satisfaction for now. We'll wipe that smirk off his face soon." Shadow remarked, walking away with Blaze behind him. Knuckles muttered a few words before following the two.

A figure came out of a bush and shook her head. "Unacceptable. I must start planning. This rivalry is worse than I thought."

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