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"Over here Sally! I found a great rock!" Tails yelled, waving his hands. It was early in the morning and Rouge, Sally and Tails had woken up early to warm up their powers for their training later in the day. Usually when they trained, they loved to challenge themselves and an example of a challenge was to blow away a heavy object. Sally chose to go first and told Rouge and Tails to go find a big rock. It didn't take long before Sally heard Tails call. Rouge flew next to Sally and they both ran to their friend's voice.

Sally clapped her hands in joy while Rouge smiled with a nod.

"Okay guys. This is attempt number 5. I have to blow this rock away…" Sally remarked. Tails and Rouge went behind Sally so they could let her focus. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She extended her arms out and made sure her footing was also in its position. She opened her eyes with a grin.

"Wind gust!" Sally yelled, feeling her power take impact on the rock. As soon as the wind gust made contact with the rock, she expected the rock to be sent flying but unfortunately, it barely moved. She groaned and dropped her arms. She landed on her knees while panting heavily. Tails and Rouge ran up to her and kneeled down.

"Sally are you alright!?" Tails asked, worriedly.

"Y-Yeah…believe it or not but that wind gust does take a lot of my energy away…" She replied, still panting.

"I think that's enough practice for now…we still have our training today and we need to be energized to get our first badge. I heard Amy and Sonic already got their first badge." Rouge mentioned.

"What? Already? How did you hear about that?" Tails asked.

"I was taking one of usual flights around town yesterday when I spotted Amy and Sonic. You'll never believe who they were confronted with."

"Who?" Sally and Tails asked in unison.

"One hint. Fire." Rouge replied.

Tails and Sally gasped, knowing who Rouge was talking about. As much they didn't like their so called used-to-be-friends, they knew the biggest rivalry was between Amy and Sonic against Blaze, Knuckles and Shadow. Tails was surprised that no outburst was mentioned since normally and encounter between those groups never started or ended well.

"What else happened?" Sally asked.

"Well, Knuckles, Shadow, and Blaze looked awful. It was kind of funny honestly but I'm assuming they had finished their training and it didn't end well. Then Sonic and Amy were walking in their direction and that's when things started getting intense. As usual they were trash talking each other but Sonic wouldn't stop bragging about his badge. Later they all went their separate ways and that's when I left." Rouge explained.

"Well, we're going to get our badges as well. We won't let Amy and Sonic think that they're all that only because they got one lame badge. They still need 9 more so it's really no big deal." Sally exclaimed, rolling her eyes. Tails and Rouge nodded in agreement and they all rushed towards the building where they would receive their training.

"2 more days until the festival!" Cream cheerfully chirped.

"I know! I can't wait to eat the candy. I'll admit, the water candy that the adults make are so delicious. At least they believe everyone deserves to be united together and all be friends unlike ours…" Silver sadly replied.

Cream sighed in agreement. "Yeah. I know what you mean. But, we're somewhat friends with Sonic and Amy right…?" she asked, her voice so soft.

Silver shrugged. "Last time we had a conversation was a year ago. I don't think they consider us friends. But we don't need them Cream. We're perfect on our own. Who needs all of them." His voice turned bitter.

"But we used to have so much fun together. Remind me again what happened between all of us?" Cream asked.

"Well…let's see…"

It was a sunny, warm morning. Today was the first day of school for the young children that were going to learn great things about their powers, and rules of the community they all lived in. Of course every kid was excited with a hint of nervousness but that didn't matter. To finally befriend other kids with different elemental powers seemed out of this world.

"Come on Sonic! Blaze, Shadow, and Knuckles are waiting for us!" Amy's high pitch voice called, impatiently tapping her foot on the ground.

"Hold on Amy! I'm looking for my other sneaker. I can't find it." Sonic cried.

"You dummy…your sneaker is right here!" She replied, pointing to where the sneaker was.

Sonic ran downstairs and nervously chuckled. "I knew it was there…"

"Sure you did. Now hurry up! I don't want to be late." Amy sighed.

Sonic tried his best to put on his sneaker. Once he did, he ran to get his backpack and ran outside where Amy was. He took her hand and ran with her. Amy tried her best to keep up but she was no match for his speed.

"Sonic! I'm going to fall!" Amy cried.

"No you won't. Trust me. Now, we're almost there. I can see Knuckles and Shadow up ahead."

"Well, it's about time you two showed up." Knuckles rolled his eyes.

"What took you two so long?" Shadow asked.

Amy didn't respond but instead glared at Sonic. He nervously chuckled.

"Where's Blaze?" Amy asked.

"She's going to come a bit late. But we should head inside the class now." Shadow started walking away. The 3 caught up to him. In the classroom, a bunch of kids had already arrived. Some were talking, others were playing and a few were with their parents.

"Cream!" Amy squealed. She ran to her best friend and hugged her. Cream giggled and hugged back.

"Amy! Long time no see. How you been?" Cream asked.

"I've been great. How about you?"

"Good! I finally learned my first earth attack. It's called Tree wrath. Mommy says I can't use it in class because it can hurt other people but I can use the trees branches to fight!" Cream explained.

"Cool! I also learned my first attack. It's called water bubble. I make bubbles out of water and all I got to do is throw them at people and it makes somewhat of an impact." Amy smiled.

"Sweet! Today we'll finally learn more about our powers." Amy nodded in agreement. She took Cream to greet the rest of the gang. Later Blaze and Silver walked in the class. They both ran up to their friends and greeted all of them. The bell then rang and every kid sat on the carpet.

"Hello class! My name is Ms. Wabely! I will be your teacher for the rest of the school year and I will teach all of you guys about your elemental powers. Now, how many kids from the water element do I have?"

About 12 kids raised their hands including Sonic and Amy. Then, Ms. Wabely asked for the fire element and 14 kids raised their hands. 11 kids from the earth element raised their hands and 15 for the air element.

"Well, I see we're almost about the same number of elements. Well, can anyone explain to me a little bit about their element and what they know?"

Knuckles was first to raise his hand. Ms. Wabely smiled and picked Knuckles.

"My name is Knuckles and I'm from the fire element. What I know about the fire element is that we're cool and the most powerful in this community." His cocky response made a few kids glare at him. Blaze and Shadow face palmed. Sonic soon shot his hand up and waved it around, waiting to be picked. The teacher nervously smiled and picked on Sonic.

"My name is Sonic and I'm from the water element. One thing that I know about our element is that we're smart and have saved various people in the past. We're legends." Sonic smiled, crossing his arms. Amy sighed and rolled her eyes.

"That's not true! Earth is better than Water and Fire!" Silver spat.

Sally stood up and crossed her arms. "Nuh uh! Air is. You should thank us on hot days for the cool air we bring for all of you."

Amy gasped and frowned. She stood up and glared at Sally. "How about the fresh water we bring? Without us you guys wouldn't have a pool or an ocean to swim in!"

"Hey she's right!" A kid stood up, agreeing with Amy.

The teacher sighed and tried calming down the students but that didn't work because before she knew it, every kid in the classroom was arguing. Luckily nobody was using their powers.


She was wrong. The kids began attacking each other, destroying the classroom. Ms. Wabely jumped under a table and took out her phone. She immediately called for help and hoped nobody was hurt by the time help arrived. It took about 5 minutes before police arrived and managed to calm down the kids. Every kid was divided by their element power and glared at their new rivals.

Later, parents arrived with angry expressions. They were all yelling at their kids and punishing them. Amy and Sonic looked at each other wondering what punishment they were going to receive. Knuckles, Blaze, and Shadow had already left with their parents. Silver and Cream were in a room, being yelled at. Sally, Tails, and Rouge were outside, nervously waiting for their parents.

2 weeks later

It's been 2 weeks since the incident and a lot has change. Kids from different elements no longer wanted to play with each other but instead with their own kind. Every lesson Ms. Wabely taught was awkward and quiet since nobody decided to participate. It took about 5 months before everyone started becoming friends except for a certain group that grew to hate the rest.

Amy and Sonic no longer spoke to their used-to-be-friends and instead the two hanged out. Same went for the rest of the group and it stayed like that ever since. This hatred grew only more as the years went by and everyone in town knew about it.

"Now that I think about it…the argument was kind of lame. We were kids…" Silver sighed.

"Yeah. But I guess everyone took the insults personally. My question is will we ever be friends again one day?" Cream asked.

"Only time will tell…"

The two disappeared around the corner. 2 minutes later Sally. Tails, and Rouge came out from a building that Silver and Cream once stood in front of not long ago. Sally jumped in joy while Tails and Rouge admired their badges.

"Well, who would have thought we'd get our first badges today?" Tails laughed.

"Our hard work paid off! Now let's keep practicing until we get 10 badges! In the meantime, we should really help set up the festival. It's in 2 days and everyone needs to pitch in. What do you say?" Sally suggested.

Tails and Rouge smiled in agreement. The 3 ran off. A figure came out behind the building and looked at 3 running off.

"They aren't so bad I guess…But I can still sense the hate they have for the other elements. Luckily my plan will take action in exactly 2 days."

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