From author to reader.

Well, by now, hopefully you've read a lot of other fanfictions, especially self-inserts.

And I've so far found out that there are two types of self-inserts.

One, where the main character falls into the world literally or just somehow gets into the anime world.

The second one is where the main character is reborn, reincarnated into the anime world.

Well. We are going to focus on the second one in this story, telling you this right now.

And please do remember that Gintama, when translated, does mean silver soul.

So what are you supposed to do when you are reincarnated as Sakata Gintoki and part of his soul is with you?

And assuming you, the reader, are a girl, good thing that the body you reincarnated in is one too, at least. Too bad if you're a guy though.

The summary said [SI-as-fem!Gintoki], if you didn't read it.

Don't worry, this is not a reader fic. There is a legit OC and a legit plot. The questions are just for you to ponder, dear reader.

.Prologue end.