Chapter 6

Don't give up

Gintama OST 2 : 32 Omae no Daiji na Renchuu Nara

Suggested to be listened to during this first part.

"Everyone, we have a very important announcement to make." Gintoki announces solemnly.

"It has been decided that this fanfiction will be updating randomly. No longer once a week nor will it be guaranteed to be updated on Saturdays BUT that does not mean that we will STOP updating nor is this story up for adoption." She continues.

"It is really sad-aru..." Kagura sniffs.

"We haven't even appeared officially yet…" Shinpachi sniffs as well.

"And this story is endinggggg?!" They both shout together, fire appearing in the background.



Unfortunately, their source for venting their anger is Gintoki.

"Please… pl-please… read until the end of the chapter… for… m-me…" she reaches out.

Her hand then drops weakly to the ground.


You can stop listening to that ost now.

"Eh? It's you again? Didn't you learn your lesson yesterday?" Gintoki raises her eyebrow at Takasugi, who is back at the entrance of dojo the next day.

"Fight me one more time." He challenges, looking very determined.

The very next day, at the exact same time...

"GIve it a rest. How many times are you going to show up as a dojo challenger?" Gintoki taps her shinai idly on her shoulder.

"As many as it takes to win." He answers, the determined gleam in his eyes shining brighter.

"You can try." Gintoki smirks, having an equally determined twinkle in her eyes as well.

Gotta give credit when it's due though. He's improving fast and might just beat us one day. But of course, we'll improve too.

Of course! We can't afford to lose against him! And even then, we just have to train harder for… Gintoki trails off.

Yuan's silence was all that he needed.

And so, the days passed again, with Gintoki sleeping in class, actually listening to class, looking out of the door at the Sakura in class and everyone's most anticipated one, beating Takasugi to the ground.

That was until, he managed to get 1 point from her.

And she was so close too…


She had risked, going for a jab, wanting to pull the shinai back at the last moment to go for a head hit.

Takasugi, however, had surprised her by hitting her shinai, thus making her balance askew. She didn't think he would be fast enough.

As she regains her balance, he lunges at her and she almost dodges it, twisting her body to the side. As though he expected her dodge, he changed his swing mid-way with momentum and succeeded in hitting her.

Being surprised and thus, caught off guard helped with her by not having the agility to block mid-dodge.

She flew.

Thump! It echoed throughout the dojo, causing it to be silent for a moment.

"O-one point?!" The referee announced, sounding very surprised.

Cheers erupted from the crowd.

Takasugi was then surrounded by the class as they were amazed that someone (other than Sensei, of course) had beaten Gintoki, their class's champion.

"Sugoi! You actually managed to defeat Gintoki-nee!"

"Ya-ta! Another person who could help defend us from bullies!"

"We have nothing to be afraid of anymore!"

"Don't act so friendly with me! We're not even schoolmates!" Takasugi protests.

"Oh? You're not?" Everyone turns to look at the speaker.

"And here I thought that you have already joined our school." Shouyou-sensei smiles. "I mean, you were so enthusiastic everyday about training- No, about challenging the dojo." He corrects himself purposely, prompting the students to laugh at Takasugi, whose glare did not have any of its intended effect.

Gintoki watches the warm scene, smiling softly before someone puts a hand on her shoulder. To her credit, she did not flinch, knowing everything. This was one of her favourite scenes, so of course she knows!

"We're not on opposing sides anymore so let's all make onigiris together!" Suggests the 'stranger', holding an already-made onigiri.

"GAH! Nevermind the opposing sides, who are you?! Why would I eat onigiri with a stranger?!" She shrieks, causing everyone to look at them.

Your acting skills are on point.

Thank you. I do take pride in that.

"I'm not asking you to eat them! I'm just asking you to make them!"

"What kind of ritual is that?!"

"Ah, sorry. I'm already eating one." Shouyou-sensei admits sheepishly, one hand holding the back of his head, the other holding an already-bitten onigiri.

"So fast!" The two exclaimed together.

With everyone else laughing, Takasugi Shinsuke then caught on the laughter and laughs along with them, while Gintoki smiles gently at the scene, a warm feeling filling her up again.

You'll help me, won't you? To protect their souls.

Of course. I'll try my best.

And they both grimaced, knowing what's to come.

Yuan sighs and says we're supposed to be happy now. Let's not worry about the future… At least not for today.

Gintoki hums in agreement.

"Would you like an onigiri? Oh and I'm Katsura Koutarou. Sorry about that."

Gintoki snaps out of her thoughts and replies to the now-named Katsura by taking the onigiri from his hands and eating it.

"I said to make the onigiri! Not eat it! Who was the one who complained about eating with a stranger now?!" Katsura exclaims.

"Calm down. You told me your name so you are now an 'acquaintance', not a stranger."

"Yes but I don't know yours! So you are a stranger!"

"Ah. Sorry. I'm Sakata Gintoki. Can we eat now?"

"What is with this girl?" Katsura grumbles.

"Takasugi-kun... Was it?"

The purpled-haired boy stops in his tracks.

"Just because you defeated me once doesn't mean that you have won yet. I believe you know how many times I defeated you before you won. If you truly want to defeat me and make up for all your loses…" Hook. "Come back tomorrow." Line. "But I'll be the one to defeat you then." Aaaaand sinker.

The day after she ties Takasugi up and left him hanging on a tree, thanks to the bet she made to 'spice things up' (damn plot), Gintoki spots Takasugi stalk- er listening to Shouyou-sensei's lessons.

And then a group of kids walks up to him and started talking to him.

She couldn't hear them but weeeeeeell...

Already? It has only been a week...


Oh well… I just have to deal with whatever life throws at me. Good thing that I know that they are throwing lemons.

What are you going to make with the lemons?

For now I have no choice but to make lemonade. Maybe next time i'll be able to make grape juice. Or am I making grape juice already?

Life is like a conveyor belt, is it?

That's a nice Gintama OST but I wonder how life can really be described as...

Gintoki was later approached by Katsura during her lunch break, who warns her of the impending danger.

Being a good (not really) student, she tells Shouyou-sensei to release the students early as well as what Katsura told her.

She sneaks off that evening, knowing that Shouyou-sensei knows where she's going.

Is it here? Yuan asks as she walks into a suspicious alley.

Yup. Should be in this kind of shady area. You can see the two idiots there. Gintoki confirms.

Okay. Let's go.

(Katsura and Takasugi POV) (kind of)

"Two students from a prestigious school? Don't make me laugh."

Katsura and Takasugi look at the familiar silver-hair in surprise.

"Don't you mean the school which is training rebels and is going to take over the government, Shoka Sonjuku's three bad students?" She continues, smirking at them.

"Why are you here? I thought I told you to run." Katsura asks first.

"Don't be so surprised. Do you know how long it took me to find you all? And besides, why would I run? You guys are staying up at night, skipping out on sleep-" Gintoki walks forward and taps her bokuto nonchalantly on her shoulder, keeping her expression neutral.

"And are therefore already part of our school. Of course I would come to say goodbye. But you've done enough, I'll take it from here." She stops walking and puts her hands by her side.

"Shoyou-sensei and I are nomads so we can live anywhere. But the other kids need someone to guide them. And if you get involved anymore, you won't be able to go back. Do you guys want to stripped of your samurai status?" She tries to dissuade them while looking straight ahead.

But it doesn't work.

"If I had anywhere to go to, I wouldn't be here in the first place." Takasugi walks with purpose.

"I have been alone since my grandmother died." Katsura, similarly, walks forward unhesitatingly.

Of course it doesn't work.

"More than anything, I no longer have any ambitions to fill with that kind of status." Katsura stops at Gintoki's left.

"Even if I had ambitions like that, I wouldn't want them handed to me like that." Takasugi states, already on Gintoki's right.

Don't underestimate us.

"I'd find them with my own eyes…" Takasugi starts, pulling his bokuto out.

"And grab them with my own hands." Finishes Katsura, who also pulls his bokuto out.

Both of them never knew they could be so in sync.

"That so? Then get ready." All three of them prepare themselves as the light from the faraway lantern comes closer.

"Hey, you kids over there. What are you doing at this late hour?" A bakufu agent asks.

As the light from the lantern illuminates them, they introduce themselves and get into stances.

"I'm Sakata Gintoki, a disciple of Yoshida Shouyou and a student of Shoka Sonjuku."

"Likewise, Katsura Koutarou."

"Likewise, Takasugi Shinsuke."

And as one, "En garde!"

The adults were surprised that the children were attacking them but quickly got into defensive stances after the initial shock and exclaims of disbelief.

"Please don't draw them." A familiar voice rings out in the dark, causing the trio, as well as the adults, to stop just before anyone could cause real damage.

"Keep your swords sheathed, all of you." Shouyou-sensei states calmly.

"Please don't make me draw mine." He continues, the light from the lantern illuminating him as well.

"Yoshida Shouyou!"

"You bastard!"

"You can say whatever you want about me. If you find me an eyesore, I'll gladly leave. But…" The adults made way for Shouyou-sensei, with their hands on their swords, feeling the killer intent leaking out from him.

In an instant, all the swords and their sheaths broke, the sound of metal breaking in the air.

When did he even move?

"If you point those swords at my students, I won't hesitate to truly topple the government." His green eyes turned red ashe glaredat officers.

They, the students, weren't able to see to it as his back was facing them.

The adults didn't even hesitate to leave with their tails between their legs.

"It looks like there were still some bad students left, even after I ended class early." Shoyo-sensei teases. "I am sorry, Dojo Challenger-san that it seems that there won't be a dojo or school for you to even challenge anymore." He looks apologetically at Takasugi.

"Don't worry. My target was never some dojo to begin with. It's you, Sensei." Takasugi focuses resolutely at him.

"And if you ask us, anywhere can be a school, so long as you are there." Katsura pipes up.

"And finally, neither yours or our bushido will be broken by something like this right?" Takasugi at ends.

"Gintoki." Shoyo-sensei signs and walks a few steps forward.

"You seem to have brought along some students who are more impertinent than you." He remarked to her.

"Exactly, Sensei." She beams proudly at him.

"Very well then." Sensei humours her. "Let's get started on an impromptu lesson." He raises his index finger.

Which turns into a fist.

"You half-grown adults are too young to skip out on your sleep."

And puts them to 'sleep'.

"Welcome to Shoka Sonjuku~." He smiles at them.

In Iga,

"Shogun-sama, this is how you throw a kunai."

A clean thunk sound rings out in the training grounds as a kunai embeds itself in the middle of a target.

"Really? Then let me try." A boy with an aura of dignity, typical hairstyle and clothes of the period takes a kunai from the Shounen Jump-loving boy who threw first.

'Shogun-sama' then takes a deep breath before flinging the kunai but it lands in between the second ring and the third ring of the target.

"It's not… Bad? Compared to the previous ones." Consoles a purple-haired glasses-wearing girl. True to her words, there are kunai scattered about on the ground, as well as a few others on the target, with the only exception of one kunai in the middle.

"You improved." The brown-haired boy tries to console too. He then guides 'Shogun-sama' by holding his hand and together, they threw the kunai.

It lands cleanly in the middle, right beside the other one.

"Thank you." Shige Shige smiles at Zenzou and Ayame.

Meanwhile, in Edo…

"I'm Peacock Princess Kada and I shall take over this town!"

This prompts Jirocho and Tatsugorou to continue fighting for their town with renewed vigor and Tatsugorou, instead of taking a fatal hit by an enemy, managed to block it and survived.

Random corner!

"Another great chapter from This Bites! By Xomniac. It would be great if there were many more fanfictions like these. Of course, there are existing ones. But it would be nice if there were more." Gintoki stretches and yawns, tired from sitting for an hour long in an Internet cafe.

"Your time is up. Please leave." A waiter comes by to remind her.

Gintoki stands up and leaves, knowing that resistance is futile, after being thrown out and banned from the previous one. "Damn it. This Bites takes up an hour to read a chapter." She grumbles.

"But oh well, nice long quality chapters are good though. But sometimes waiting is a pain." Gintoki walks aimlessly, mumbling under her breath.

"Hm… if Gintama is going to do a live action movie, it would be nice if they could switch between live action and anime. That would make it interesting, wouldn't it?" She continues to wonder out her her thoughts. Her feet leads her to a bookshop, where she manages to buy the last issue of Shounen Jump before heading back home.

"Oh. I'm ba-"


Gintoki gets hit by a combo attack from Kagura and Shinpachi.


The Shounen Jump falls out from her yukata. The two protégés give Gintoki a death glare.

Gintoki knew she was doomed. "I-I can ex-explain this." She put her hands up in an attempt to calm them down, with Kagura and Shinpachi standing over her.

"Of course! It's because you spend our pay away on useless things that's why our story isn't popular and that we aren't getting our pay-aru!"


"You don't have to worry about that. Other people are buying it. WORRY ABOUT OUR STORY FIRST!" Shinpachi pushes up his glasses.

"AND PAY US OUR PAY-ARU! " Kagura points her umbrella at Gintoki.

"So how am I supposed to increase our popularity? Put OkiKagu in the summary?!"

"Anything but that." Kagura spits. "The fandom is already overflowing with it-aru." She glares at Gintoki.

"So you are fine with people writing about OkiKagu?" Gintoki taunts.

"IT'S NOT THAT BUT RATHER I CAN'T TELL THEM TO GET RID OF THE STORY-ARU!" Kagura yells indignantly, without a blush unexpectedly.

"Ah. So do you prefer Soyo-hime?"




"Hello?" Shinpachi asks meekly.



"Ha. That's impossible. I'm sure you have read the note up there."

"Up until that line, everything else was written before the note." Shinpachi deadpans.

"We are so doomed, aren't we? Chapter 7 has only maybe 10% written. It will take a long time before this story will update again." Gintoki sighs.

"Thank you for all the support this far and pleases read the author's note." Shinpachi bows towards the 'camera'.

"It might be his/her last will." Shinpachi muttered under his breathe.


Everyone pretended that they didn't hear anything.



The sun mockingly shines down at everyone.

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