There aren't many of these stories so I decided to take a spin at it. Hope y'all like. I know I have stories I need to finish but this is something I REALLY wanted to try. Okay so I'm sorry for Hiccup being OOC but it's crucial for this story.

A girl smirked to herself, canine teeth showing. "Hmm, these people need a lesson or two on their future."

A boy looked at her. "Just don't kill them."

The girl looked at him. "I make no promises."

Merida just received the news of her getting married, then a purple light shown and the four clans were gone.

Hiccup reached the cove carrying a basket. "Leaving! We're leaving! Looks like we're going on a vacation, forever!" Toothless jumped out wrapping Hiccup up when a purple light shone. All of Berk and the dragons were gone.

Blah, blah purple light poof the guardians, Pitch, and Jack were gone.

Blah blah, purple light, people were gone.

-in theater-
Everyone landed in a pile but Jack, Rapunzel, Merida, Toothless/Hiccup, and Pitch. Shadows covered Toothless so he wouldn't be seen. Many people yelled out in fear which brought amusement to Pitch who was hiding in the shadows as well. A girl with jet black hair, gray wolf ears, silver eyes, bronze skin, black wings, and a gray wolf tail stood tapping her foot. A boy with onyx hair, red eyes, obsidian wings, and pale skin just looked uninterested. (For their outfits look at the media.)

Finally, the girl rolled her eyes and yelled, "Shut the Hell up or I'll rip y'alls vocal cords out!"

They all turned to her. She sneered showing off canine teeth. "Who are you?" Rapunzel asked a bit terrified of the girl.

Her sneer turned into a smile. "I'm Nightmare-wolf, but call me Nightwolf. The guy beside me is my brother Grim Reaper. Just call him Grim. If you are to do anything threatening to anyone that I like, Grim will have no problem in collecting your soul from your motionless body."

"But why did you bring us here?" Rapunzel asked her fear growing.

"Oh, my sister had this 'terrific' idea on showing y'all your future. Well, the future of four heroes. Before I go further, Guardians, Pitch and Jack, they people can see you."

Jack nodded. In the inside he felt like he was going to burst in joy while on the outside he was calm and collected. Although, his face split into a grin that would've made Jeff the Killer and Chesire Cat jealous.

Pitch frowned. The girl seemed to be staring straight at him. She groaned and snapped her fingers. Pitch fell in front of Nightwolf who smiled down at him and held out a hand to help. He got up himself. The Guardians glared at the boogeyman. Nightwolf shrugged and turned to the audience. "Uh, Stoick make sure everyone in your village is accounted for."

Stoick glared at her, but did as asked. "Yes, everyone is here."

Nightwolf frowned. Her eyes widened in realization before narrowing into slits at the man who deemed himself as a good father. "Hiccup, veni nunc," she said in Latin.

"Uh, ego do vobis, ut?" Came the reply.

Sighing the girl said, "Etiam."

"Quid si nocere Toothless?"

"Non, ego polliceor."

The shadows gave away and revealed Toothless curled around Hiccup.

Gasps sounded through the theater mostly cries of anger from the Vikings.

"Hiccup!" Stoick bellowed in worry.

Hiccup ignored him and leaned against Toothless yawning and closed his eyes. "'M tired."

"Sorry Hiccup, but you have to get up. I'm sure you heard what my brother said right?"

"Eh, watching the future?"

"Yup. You're in it so you have to watch."

Hiccup groaned. During their conversation, the other visitors watched in fear and amusement. Fear for the boy's life as he laid against a dragon; amusement as he seem to not care as he was leaning against it sleepily. "Fine, fine. Bud?"

Toothless growled something. "What if they try to hurt you?"

Hiccup whispered, "I'll be fine."

Toothless begrudgingly uncurled himself and stood alongside Hiccup. "If they try one thing I'm gonna-"

Hiccup rolled his eyes and scratched his chin sending him into bliss in the middle of his sentence. Hiccup smiled. "You were saying?" He looked up to see his village staring at him in shock. "What?"

"How did you do that?" Stoick asked.

Hiccup bit his lip and smirked. "O tu, qui amicos haberet draco persk."

They stared at him confused. "Laddie, please we don' have time ta try and figure out wha' ye said. Wha' did ye say?"

Hiccup rolled his eyes. "Non sum molior explicare." He turned to Nightwolf. "So, are we going to see our future or what?"

Grim beat Nightwolf to the punch. "Yeah. Okay, so, Hiccup in the green chair, Merida in the red, Jack in the blue, and Rapunzel the pink. The rest of y'all can sit down where y'all want. Just make sure to stay on your side. Toothless sit beside Hiccup."

"Why are you putting that beast beside my son?" Stoick called.

"Because Toothless is very protective over him and don't start saying that he is mindless. Just watch and see."

Nightwolf coughed. "Yo losers y'all done? Good. I'm going to show y'all a video alright? Then we shall start. No fighting or y'all die."

Everyone nodded fearful, even Pitch.


They were awestruck, jealous, or just passive. "Alright, let's get this show on the road!" Nightwolf pressed play.

Hiccup can speak fluently in Dragonese and Latin. Any questions? Comments y'all know where they go.

I got these translations from google translate so don't blame me if they're wrong:
Hiccup, veni nunc: Hiccup, please come out now.
Uh, ego do vobis, ut: uh, do I have to?
Etiam: yes
Quid si nocere Toothless: what if they hurt Toothless?
Non, ego polliceor: they won't, I promise.
O tu , qui amicos haberet draco persk: oh you know, being friends with a dragon does have its perks.
Ego molior explicare: I am not going to try and explain.