Rottytops was swinging her hips back and forth like she always does in her idle stance, letting out a fart with each swing, being inside the forest near a zombie caravan. "Phew, they don't call me Rotty for nothing! The rottenness of my farting is really tops!"

Then Shantae appeared from the side of the forest. "Hey Rotty, you wanna go for a-" suddenly the rotten stench of Rotty's gassy blasts hit her, the genie girl plugging her nose and fanning the air in disgust. "Peeyew! Can't you ever hold in those rotten farts for once?"

"You know I can't!" Rotty giggled as she kept farting during her idle stance. "I could, but these rotten but burps have to come out sooner or later! Better out than in, after all!"

Shantae groaned as Rotty kept farting, trying not to breathe in Rotty's raunchy farts as she spoke. "I just came because I felt like having a race with you, and to let you know that you can't use your farts to cheat this time!"

"Oh, sure thing! I'll have a fair race with you, on one condition." Rotty stated.

Shantae crossed her arms. "What?"

Rotty quickly swayed her hips to the side, ripping a huge fart in Shantae's face. "You have to do a few other things for me, with me! I'm just so glad you came today! I have butterflies in my stomach! "Rotty ripped another big fart at Shantae, the half-genie coughing as she was disgusted by how rotten Rotty's farts were. "Oh who am I kidding! That's just rotten gas that my butt wants to poot out!" Rotty pooted out another fart that vibrated her jean shorts clad butt.

"Ugh god Rotty it stinks!" Shantae complained. "But probably not as much as this…" Shantae turned around, swaying her hips as she farted loudly herself, her harem jeans clad butt vibrating from her bad gas.

Rotty smiled and gawked as she leaned in, curiously smelling Shantae's farts, enjoying how rotten and smelly they were. "Oh Shantae those smell divine! Why would I want your brain when I can have your pleasant, smelly butt blasts?"

Shantae rolled her eyes, giggling a bit. "Oh Rotty, you're so lucky to be a zombie. Unlike you, we humans obviously find farts to be repelling! Good thing I enjoy them too!"

Rotty bent over, letting out another big fart from her huge, shorts clad rump, enjoying the feeling. "That's the spirit!"

Rotty slapped Shantae's butt, making her blush a bit as she farted again, much to Rotty's enjoyment as she farted along with her. "Hey, maybe later you can teach me to belly dance and fart at the same time!"

"Yeah, but first, for starters, try not to get too personal with me." Shantae stated, feeling a big embarrassed that Rotty slapped her farting gassy butt.