Rotty snuck into Shantae's room while she was asleep, positioning her butt over Shantae's face, farting loudly as her warm gas blasted Shantae's face, her hair being blown back. Rotty giggled as she ripped more loud, brassy farts in Shantae's face.

After a few fart blasts, Shantae woke up, screaming as she saw Rotty's big butt in her face. "Rotty! What the hell?"

"Good Morning, fart face!" Rotty stuck her tongue out at Shantae, wiggling her jean shorts clad butt as she ripped another fart, blasting Shantae's face as Shantae fanned the air in disgust.

"Oh damn that stinks horribly!" Shantae remarked.

"Did it get you up?" Rotty asked.

"Yeah, but why'd you do that? That smelly butt of yours is quite the wake-up call!" Shantae stated, plugging her nose.

"That's why I did it!" Rotty claimed, swinging her hips as she farted loudly with each swing. "Nothing like some nice, smelly farts to wake you up in the morning! Not only do these strong, stinky bombs wake you up in the morning, but they keep zombies like me perfectly sane like a strong cup of joe! I fart in my brothers' faces all the time to keep them sane! You might say it's the only thing keeping me from wanting your delicious brain, girl!"

Shantae pulled the covers from under her, wearing her pajamas. "Oh, that fart gas of yours is strong all right! Peeyew!" Shantae remarked, then she ripped a loud fart herself.

"Ooh, good one, Shantae!" Rotty grabbed Shantae's pajama clad butt, tapping it. "Come on, juicy butt! Fart for me!"

Shantae rolled her eyes, smiling a bit as she ripped more loud toots, much to Rotty's enjoyment as she purposely smelled Shantae's fart gas. "Rotty, don't you think you're enjoying my stinky gas a little too much?"

Rotty slapped and squeezed Shantae's butt, forcing her to rip fart upon fart, enjoying her thunderous tooting. "Oh, what'd you expect? I'm a zombie girl! I just love rotten things!" Rotty farted out another barrage of butt bombs, stinking up the room and continuing to release more than enough flatulence to keep a whole group of zombies sane for a long time.

"Phew! Rotten is right!" Shantae remarked as she had to plug her nose to block out the rotten smell of her zombie friend's fart gas, as well as the fart gas that Rotty forced her to fart out simply by getting too comfortable around her pajama clad farting butt.