Shantae, Rottytops, and Sky were all relaxing in Scuttle Town's bath house, the three of them having their bodies dipped in the hot water as they were laid back.

Until Rotty felt the urge to fart, and being the playful zombie girl she was, she started letting loose, fart bubbles coming up behind her as Shantae and Sky took notice.

"Ugh, Rotty, are you farting again? Seriously?" Sky remarked, fanning the air.

"What can I say? I'm rotten, and my farts are rotten! All farts are rotten, but the point is, I'm rotten just like my farts, and my farts are rotten, just like me!" Rotty stated, having said a mouthful as Shantae caught wind of her farting.

"Rotty, I know we're good friends and all, but your farting gets out of control sometimes!" Shantae stated. "And now I can't relax because you're stinking up this whole bath house!"

"I am, aren't I?" Rotty continued to fart in the bath water, Sky and Shantae backing away from her. "Oh come on, guys! It's just warm water! And warm air!"

"God I swear you're as weird as you stink." Shantae shook her head.

"Thank you!" Rotty smiled, feeling complemented.

"Ok that's it, get out!" Sky pointed to the door, standing up a little as she covered her breasts.

"Ok!" Rotty stood up, pointing her wet butt at Shantae. She wasn't wearing any clothes! None of the, were. The wet, naked zombie girl ripped a wet fart in Shantae's face, causing the half-genie girl to plug her nose in disgust. Thankfully Rotty wasn't flashing too much "detail" of herself.

"Rotty! Ewwww!" Shantae groaned.

"What? She said get out. So I got out of the water, and now I'm getting out these farts!" Rotty farted a big one in Shantae's face.

"Damn it! You're so rude and crude! I'm leaving!" Sky snapped as she stood up, wrapping a towel around herself as she headed to the changing room. Sky farted loudly herself, much to Rotty's delight and Shantae's indifference, as well as Sky's annoyance. "That changes nothing!" Sky pooted again as she walked into the changing room, her farts sounding wet from having been submerged in water.

"See, Shantae? There's never a wrong time to fart!" Rotty giggled.

Shantae ripped a big fart herself, her body still submerged as a huge fart bubble popped out of the water begins her. "Woo! That one stunk!"

Rotty leaned in to smell Shantae's fart, loving how rotten it smelled. "Damn girl! Your other genie power must be being able to rip such amazing rotten smelly farts, is it not?"

"Uhhhh…." Shantae rubbed her arm, unsure how to respond. "Well, bath water does make farts stink worse."

"My thoughts exactly!" Rotty sat right in front of Shantae, her butt right up to the half-genie girl's clit. Shantae blushed as Rotty's fart bubbles that followed tickled her vagina. "R-R-Rotty! Stop that! It t-tickles!"

"Oooh, you like that!" Rotty smiled, grabbing handfuls of her friend's butt cheeks, invading her personal space even more as she forced Shantae to fart more.

"Nnnngh! Rotty! I'm not your girlfriend! Just because we're wet and naked doesn't mean you can act like we're a bunch of whores!"

Rotty frowned. "Sorry." Then she smiled. "Do you wanna be girlfriends?"

Shantae rolled her eyes, sighing and smiling a bit. "Rotty, you're as weird as you are rotten, in more ways than one." Shantae chuckled.

"That's the spirit!" Rotty slapped Shantae's butt, prompting her stand up in the water, the two of the, ripping loud farts.

"Ooooh, why is this starting to smell good?" Shantae commented as she started to feel accustomed to the smell of their fart gas, despite her better judgment.

"See, I told you! You like that!" Rotty giggled as she and Shantae were both ripping farts upon farts, the bath house eh stinking worse.

"Hey! Stop that!" The bath house lady walked up to them, plugging her nose as she fanned the air. "The bath house is for relaxing and rejuvenating your tired bodies! Not expelling stinky gas from them!"

"Sorry, sorry!" Shantae blushed, her hands on her butt as she farted again.

"Just because you're the town's guardian genie and you've saved Scuttle Town several times, don't expect me to treat you special, even if you weren't farting all the time!" The bath house lady remarked.

"Oh cool yourself, girl! We are relaxing and rejuvenating! I'm ridding our bodies of foul smelling gas!" Rotty stated, bending over to let another loud one rip.

"Well could you two please stop-" then the bath house lady accidentally farted loudly herself, shocked as she farted again.

Shantae and Rotty gave each other glances, then they both nodded, Shantae's spirit lifted as both of them pointed and farted in the bath house lady's face, as much as she detested it, shocked by the two girls mooning and farting at her.

Sky walked out of the changing room, back into her regular clothes, before she saw Shantae and Rotty farting on the bath house lady wet and without clothes on, much to her chargin as she fast walked out of the bath house, unwilling to get involved as the bath house lady continued to get blasted by the beautiful butts of our favorite half-genie heroine and her rotten zombie friend.