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Edward's Mistake

Bella recoiled in physical pain as Edwards sharp words cut through her. Suddenly she realized what she truly was to him – his servant, his means to an end. Perhaps he really did keep her around simply for the challenge of abstaining from her blood, the scent of which called to him like no others'. She realized she was anything to him but the woman he loved. For his words proved he could not possibly love her. With that realization Bella began to see the situation she was now in. For the threat of the Volturi still existed. She must either be turned or killed or it would be Alice and Edward who paid with their lives for Bella's knowledge of the vampire world.

As Bella thought through all of this, Edward seemed to realize just what he had done. Remorse and desperation became the primary emotions on his face and he urgently tried to apologize to Bella as she turned in a daze, with tears coating her pale face and asked Carlisle to drive her home. The rest of the family watch in stunned, horrified silence as Carlisle and Bella headed out to the Mercedes. They all knew the love Edward held for Bella and could not believe he had taken his stress out on her so harshly. Given the way Edward had left Bella in the woods all those months ago in a misguided attempt to protect her, and the things he had said to do so, not one of the Cullen's expected Bella to take Edwards harsh words any other way. As Jasper collapsed to his knees under the onslaught of feeling Bella's emotional pain, a deep foreboding settled over each one of them. They all knew Bella craved immortality only to be with Edward. Somehow, they knew they were in danger of losing their beloved daughter, sister and mate. Two days later, when Bella finally returned to the Cullen house, they would realize how justified their fear had been.