Harry Potter: Faerie Blessed

This is a story idea that just popped into my head one day when I was thinking about writing a new story. It will deviate from canon Potterverse facts and lore, but I'm hoping it goes quite well.

Shall we begin?

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There are many realms of existence that run parallel to our own, yet many do not have the eyes to see them. The lands of the Old Folk is one such realm. In the days when our world was young, the lands were filled with powerful civilizations, such as the Mines of the Dwarves, the Undersea Kingdoms of the Merfolk, and the Forests of the Fae. The histories of these kingdoms far outstripped that of humankind, and they lived alongside us, granting humans their favor in exchange for tasks that were completed. As humans grew and expanded though, the Old Folk grew to dislike the path humans were taking, and the disregard they showed to the lands they had cultivated, and so the Old Folk began to seal off their borders. Some species, like the Merfolk and the Goblins, tried to maintain civil accords with those few humans that still possessed the gift to see and understand them, but others, like the Fae, sealed away their kingdoms and limited access with humans.

And thus it continued on to the present, when a chance encounter changed things as they were.


For Harry James Potter, life seemed like he was being punished for some crime he had no memory of committing. He was forced to live in a cupboard by his Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia, and was forced to act like their slave as he cooked and cleaned for them and received beatings when he was too slow in the completion of his tasks. Not to mention his Cousin Dudley tormented him and was actually encouraged to do so by his Aunt and Uncle.

Right now he was enjoying a rare moment of peace as he walked through the streets of his neighborhood, as it was illuminated by the glow of the setting sun. He was passing the playground, where he had once hidden from Dudley when his portly cousin was angry with him for getting him in trouble with their teacher at school, when he noticed some teens standing over a young girl around his age that was holding a cloth bag.

"Leave me alone," said the girl as she tried to get up, but one of the older boys pushed her back down.

"You don't seem to be understanding things," said the teen, "we're bigger than you, and so we'd like you to give us that bag of yours."

"I'll never do so," said the girl.

"HA!" sneered the other boy as he kicked the bag out of the girl's hands, "Like a wimp like you can stop us."

Watching this made Harry's blood boil as he recalled all the unfair beatings and punishments he had received from his relatives, and he stopped in his tracks, before turning toward the bullies and letting out a shout.



Arya of the Fae was not having a good day. She had decided to come to the human world because she had been curious about how humans lived their lives without magic, and had passed through one of the portals into a quiet neighborhood, but not long after she had arrived, she had encountered some teens that had thought they would give her trouble because she looked like a 7 year old girl. They even had the audacity to demand she hand over the pouch she was carrying her lunch in which she had spent almost a decade carefully weaving. She was about to turn the brats into roaches and send them back to their parents to be squashed, when she heard a loud shout.


The teens turned away from Arya and she saw a young boy with messy black hair, and a strange shaped scar on his forehead, standing at the entrance to the playground.

"Don't pick on her!" yelled the boy.

"Why should we listen to a shrimp like you?" asked the lead bully as he walked up to the boy, "What can you do to make us?"

Arya watched as the teen pushed the boy to the ground, knocking the glasses off his face and cracking the lenses. The boy got to his feet and swung at the teens, but they easily dodged and kicked him to the ground.

"Aww," sneered the lead teen while the others laughed, "did that hurt? Do you want your mommy?"

The boy got up again, but the teen kicked him harder, causing him to cough up some bile as he hit the dirt.

"You can't stop us," laughed the teen, "you're worthless and you just wanted to play hero."

"Go away," ground out the boy.

"Shut up," laughed the teen as he kicked the boy again.

"Go away!" yelled the boy again causing the ground to shake and the wind to whip around the boys.

"What are you doing you freak?" yelled the teen as he shielded his face.

"GO AWAY!" yelled the boy.

Arya felt a powerful surge of magical energy and the older boys were sent flying away from the boy on the ground, falling to the ground unconscious. Intrigued by this, Arya got to her feet and walked over to the fallen boy, kneeling by his side.

"Are you alright, child?" she asked.


Harry was fighting back tears from the pain he received from the older boys, when he heard a beautiful voice asking if he was alright. Looking up, he saw the girl kneeling by him with a concerned look.

"A-are you ok?" Harry asked, causing the girl to smile.

"You are an interesting one, child," she said, "most people wouldn't have intervened for a total stranger."

"It w-was the right thing to do," said Harry.

The girl gently placed her hand on Harry's head, causing him to flinch slightly on reflex and muttered something in a language Harry didn't recognize, and suddenly the pain from his injuries began to fade away and he grew drowsy, falling into a deep sleep. The last thing he saw before the darkness consumed his vision was the girl smiling down at him.


Arya smiled as she shifted the boy's form so his head was resting on her lap. She was surprised at how pure this boy's intentions were and how far he went for her. Muttering in an ancient language, she cast a few mild healing spells to deal with the injuries the boy had received protecting her, not that she needed protection, but it was a nice gesture. Still, she felt that this boy was different than the other humans she had met. With a smile she waited for him to wake.


When Harry came to, he felt oddly comfortable. Opening his eyes, he found himself resting on the lap of the girl he had helped earlier with said girl smiling down at him.

"Good," said the girl, "you're awake."

"What happened?" asked Harry as he got up.

"You fell asleep," said the girl simply as she dusted off her skirt and got up, "so I stayed here to watch over you."

"Oh," said Harry as he made to leave, "well, your parents must be worried, so I should just head home."

"What about your parents?" asked the girl.

This made Harry stop and look away in pain, "…they're dead."

"I'm so sorry," said the girl.

"It's fine," lied Harry, "I've gotten used to it by now."

"Well," said the girl, "thank you for helping me earlier."

"It wasn't anything special," said Harry, "it was the right thing to do, so I did it."

The girl chuckled, "That's not a mindset most would have. What's your name?"

"My name is Harry Potter," said Harry.

"I'm Arya Nyxie," said the girl with a curtsy, "a pleasure to make your acquaintance."

"I really should be getting home before my Aunt and Uncle get angry," said Harry, "it was nice meeting you."

"Likewise," said Arya as Harry walked away, 'he's different from other humans. Maybe I should bring him to the Queen's attention.'

With that, the girl turned on her heel and vanished into the moonlight.


The next morning, Harry woke up early to cook breakfast for his relatives. He had been punished the previous night for coming home late and resolved to wake up early and prepare a good breakfast to hopefully appease them.

"BOY!" yelled Vernon as he walked into the room, "I hope you didn't burn the bacon again."

Harry made sure to take the meat off the stove and plate it before it got too crispy. He quickly set the table and got to work on the previous night's laundry as his Aunt and Cousin walked in as well. While the family was eating, there was a polite knock on the door.

With a sigh, Vernon got to his feet and lumbered over to the door. Opening it, he sighed when he saw a young girl standing there.

"May I help you?" asked Vernon dryly.


Arya cringed inwardly as she looked at the walrus of a man that had answered the door. This…beast, couldn't be related to the young boy that helped her. She could feel the man's impure aura radiating off him like a wall of thick stench that almost made her want to wretch.

"Hello," said Arya, "I'm here to pick up a Harry Potter. There's someone who wishes to see him."

"What do you want with him, girl?" asked Vernon, "Has that boy done anything wrong?"

Arya sighed, quickly running out of patience with this prime example of Human filth. She decided to go with a more direct route and focused her magic into her vocal chords before speaking again.

"Please bring Harry to me," said Arya, magic filling her voice, influencing Vernon's mind to follow her command, "there is someone who wants to meet him."

"Uh, sure," said Vernon, "Boy! Come here!"

Arya smiled as Harry quickly ran up and chuckled at the obvious confusion on his face.

"Hello again, Mr. Potter," said the girl.

"Arya?" said Harry, "What are you doing here?"

"Your Uncle was kind enough to allow you to come with me," said Arya, "there is someone important who wishes to meet you."

"Who?" asked Harry.

Arya smiled, "Why the queen of course."


Harry was quite confused as he followed the girl he had helped the previous night as she led him to a secluded area near the playground they were in. He watched as she walked over to a tree and placed her hand upon it while muttering in a language that made the hair on the back of his neck tingle as if exposed to a static charge. Suddenly, flower blossoms exploded into bloom on the tree, causing it to give off an ethereal glow as runes formed on the trunk.

"Come on," said Arya as she took Harry's hand, "follow me."

Arya led the stunned boy toward the tree, surprising him as they passed through it and emerged in a radiant forest with motes of light dancing around. Harry could feel the power in the air as a tangible force as Arya led him through the trees until they arrived at a clearing. Sitting in the center, atop a throne made of a twisting tree, was a beautiful woman wearing a flowing silver dress and flowers in her white hair. What was most striking were the great butterfly wings that stretched from her back.

"Arya," said the woman in a voice that was kind yet filled with power, that commanded respect, "is this the human child you spoke of?"

"Yes Your Majesty," said Arya as she bowed before the woman.

"Child," said the woman to Harry, "what is your name."

"I-I'm Harry," said Harry, "Harry Potter."

"Young Arya has spoken quite highly of you, Mr. Potter," said the woman, "she said you selflessly defended her despite not having known her previously?"

"It was the right thing to do," Harry said, as he had to Arya.

"Indeed," said the woman, "yet few would choose that path. And even fewer would have the gift you do."

"Gift?" asked Harry.

The woman nodded, "The gift of magic. The gift to see and interact with the world as your kind did in days of old."

"I have magic?" said Harry in disbelief, "That's impossible. Magic doesn't exist."

"Oh?" said the woman as an amused smile appeared on her face, "Then how would you explain your presence here, in the Faerie Wilds, speaking with the Faerie Queen Titania herself?"

"You're a Queen?" said Harry in surprise, "And a Faerie?"

"Indeed," said the now named Queen Titania.

"S-s-sorry for any disrespect, Your Majesty," said Harry as he bowed.

"You truly are an interesting human," said the Queen.

"Thank you," said Harry.

"Now," said Titania, "a pure and good deed such as the one you did indeed deserves a reward."

"If I may, Your Majesty," said Arya, "from what I've seen, Harry's living environment is abysmal at best, and when I cast a spell to heal him from the injuries he suffered when helping me, I found years worth of old injuries that were never treated."

"What do you suggest, Arya?" asked the Queen.

"Perhaps he could live amongst us?" asked Arya.

"A human among the Fae?" said Titania, "We sealed our borders for a reason."

"I can be of use to you," Harry blurted out, "I can cook and clean and such. I don't want to go back if I don't have to."

Titania was silent for a moment before she chuckled, "Fufufu, you are truly unlike any other human. Come forward child."

Harry hesitantly walked to the base of her throne and the Faerie Queen leaned down and kissed him on his forehead, causing energy and warmth to surge through him.

"I grant upon you my favor," said Titania, "you shall live here, among friends. Arya, please find him some decent clothes and contact Oberon. We shall need the help of the Elves."

"Yes, Your Majesty," said Arya as she led Harry out of the clearing.

As the two of them left, Titania smiled slightly. She new this meeting marked the beginning of a new era. Where that era took them…well, that is yet to be seen.

Wow. That went on longer than expected. Well, here's the beginning of a new story. I hope you like it.