Harry Potter: Faerie Blessed

Sorry for the wait for this chapter. I was having a bit of trouble thinking of ideas. I think I'm good now, so without further ado, I bring you chapter three.

Disclaimer: I own nothing and inspiration for this fic comes from Harry Potter and the Riders of the Apocalypse by HunterBerserkerWolf. Also parts of this chapter were inspired by the Inheritance saga.

Also, yes, Lady Arachne is basically Rachnera from Monster Musume, but with a slightly altered personality (and no S&M)

Over the next few years, Harry learned many new things as he lived among the Fae. From the Elves, he learned the ways of the forest. He learned to track targets through the trees without making a sound and was taught the art of archery, becoming one of the only humans that could even approach the level of skill that an Elf had with the bow. From them he also learned the way of the sword, and, through his lessons, his skinny form filled out with muscle, making him look a lot healthier.

The Fae also taught their young charge during his stay with them. From them, Harry learned the ways of Faerie magic, gaining the ability to draw upon the pure energies of nature around him allowing him to shape and mold them in various different ways. He learned that the wizards and witches of the old days were able to use magic in this way, but because they lost touch with nature and the world around them, they now need staves and sticks to channel the energies around them, making him the youngest wizard to use wandless casting.

From this, he learned about the value of all living things and the energy their lives gave to nature. This led him to adopt the traditional diet that the Elves Fae held which prohibited the consumption of foods like dairy and meat products, due to the gathering of said foods tainting the energies of the Great Forest due to the discomfort it put animals through.

As Harry learned more from the Forest Dwellers, more of the Old Folk began to take notice of the young boy. In fact, after several months of Harry's training with the Elves and the Fae, the young boy received a message with an invitation for an audience with the Dwarf King.

The invitation was delivered while Harry was practicing Archery with the Elves one afternoon. He had just lined up a shot with his practice bow when a messenger from the Dwarven Mines emerged from the ground, startling him enough to throw off his aim.

"Focus Harry," said Elweiss, the Elf in charge of teaching him the art of the bow.

"Sorry Master Elweiss," said Harry before turning to the badger that was carrying the message and plucking the scroll off its back, allowing the creature to scamper away, "what could this be?"

Harry carefully read through the message, having been given lessons on reading and writing in the old languages, and glanced up in surprise.

"What is it, young one?" asked Elweiss.

"I might be mistranslating this letter, but it looks like the Dwarf King Durin wants to meet me and has invited me to dinner," said Harry, causing his instructor to calmly walk over and read the note on the parchment.

"No," said the Elf instructor, "apparently, Lord Durin does indeed want to meet with you. I believe that you should go and get washed up. It would be best for you to look presentable. The Dwarves are a proud folk and appearing before their King is a great honor."

"Thank you Master Elweiss," said Harry as he bowed to his Elven teacher.

"After bathing in the spring," said the elven master as he put his bow to the side, "it would do you good to go and visit Lady Arachne. She should be able to get you some formalwear for the evening. To visit the Dwarf King without looking your best would be a great insult."

"Yes, Master Elweiss," said Harry before running off to the part of the forest that the spider-woman had made her web.


A few hours later, Arya was leading Harry to the edge of the forest. The boy was now dressed in white robes that had a blue trim that had been weaved for him by Lady Arachne, and he was a bit nervous about meeting with the ruler of the Dwarf Kingdom.

"You shouldn't be too worried," said Arya as she led her young charge out of the trees, "the fact that Lord Durin has summoned you himself, means that he has taken an interest in you."

"Why would he be interested in me?" asked Harry, "I'm nobody special."

"Harry," chuckled the Faerie girl, "you're the first human in several centuries to have been allowed to set foot in our forests, and the only one to have been blessed by Queen Titania herself. For that reason alone, many of the Old Folk have taken interest in you and want to see what impressed the Queen so much."

Upon seeing Harry's doubtful look, the Faerie giggled into the back of her hand, "Don't worry so much," she said to the boy, "just remember that Dwarves are a proud folk and master forgers, with only Goblins as their equals, and only in the art of sword-making. As long as you are respectful, and do not insult their skill or their works, everything will be fine."

They continued walking until they reached a large stone pillar that had two large metal doors set into it. The doors had intricate designs set into it and the surrounding pillar had carvings of events that Harry assumed were important moments in the history of the Dwarf Kingdom m. Two large suits of armor stood at attention by the doors, blocking the way with the halberds they carried as Human and Faerie approached.

"Peace be with you," said Arya with a respectful bow, "my charge here has an audience with His Majesty Durin."

Arya nudged Harry and prompted him to show the official invitation he had received from the Dwarven Lord. The Guardians paused for a moment, as if they were regarding the human boy, before moving out of the way, causing the metal doors to slowly open.

"This is as far as I can go," said Arya, "the invitation was extended to you and you alone. Besides, Faeries dislike being in enclosed spaces, so we tend to avoid going underground."

Seeing that Harry still looked anxious, the Faerie gave him a comforting hug, "Don't worry. Everything will be alright."

Releasing him, she gave him a last comforting look before transforming into a mote of light and heading back into the forest. Harry took a deep, steadying, breath and walked through the metal doors, into a decently sized room with no windows or doors aside from the ones he had entered through.

Harry nearly jumped in surprise when the room jolted and began to descend downwards, similar to the one time he had ridden an elevator when the Dursley's took him to a department store to carry bags while shopping for toys for one of Dudley's many birthday presents. As the room descended into the ground, the metal walls rose away, giving the human boy his first look of the Kingdom of the Dwarves.

The Kingdom stretched through a vast cavern, with houses of stone carved out of the support pillars holding the cavern roof up, making them resemble skyscrapers, and buildings lining streets that crisscrossed the cavern floor, with automated carts driving alongside tracks that allowed train-like vehicles to speed by carrying raw ore and passengers. Metal bridges that resembled highways crisscrossed the Kingdom, and in the center of the room was a massive pillar that seemed to be a castle or citadel, with every path and road intersecting at that point. It was something out of a fantasy storybook, yet at the same time, it was unlike anything he had ever seen before. In random places on the ground, were several large holes where the glow of flames could be seen, the fire-pits providing warmth to the massive underground city.

The lift came to a stop allowing Harry to step off the platform. Several armored Dwarven Guards were waiting to greet him, all standing at attention respectfully. As the human boy walked up, the leader placed his fist on his chest in a respectful salute and bowed.

"We welcome you to the Mines of the Dwarves at the behest of High King Durin the Everlasting," said the Dwarf.

Remembering his lessons from the Elves and the Fae, Harry gave a bow of his own, "Peace be with you," he said, giving the traditional greeting of the Old Folk, "I am honored to accept the invitation of the High King for my attendance."

"If you would follow us," said the Dwarven warrior as he straightened up, "High King Durin is waiting."

The Guards led Harry into one of the train-like vehicles, and it took off across the tracks that lined the streets, heading for the central pillar in the vast cavern. As the train sped across the tracks Harry got a better look at the Kingdom of the Dwarves. The Dwarves were artists and crafters, with many shops offering their goods for trade, sculptures and statues filling the windows, being made from metals or carved out of stones. Harry couldn't help but realize that the storybooks he had nicked from the trash after Dudley had finished with them only covered the surface of this Kingdom's culture and lifestyle.

The vehicle pulled to a stop in front of the central pillar and the Dwarves led Harry out of the train and into the monolith. Once inside, Harry could recognize the splendor and magnificence of the Dwarven citadel. The walls were adorned with elegant tapestries and superb paintings and the tiles under their feet formed an amazing mosaic that led the boy to a large set of oaken doors inlayed with gold and silver.

"Lord Durin awaits you inside," said the Dwarf that had led Harry through the monolith before opening the door to reveal an elegant dining room with a long table with an older Dwarf Lord wearing a set of silver mithril armor and a golden helm sitting on an ornate throne at the end.

"Please, come in," said the Dwarf High King from his seat at the grand dining table, "I am pleased to see you could join me for dinner. Do not worry, I am familiar with Elven dining customs and have provided a menu that is suitable."

Harry sat down at the table and several servants entered carrying plates of food and pitchers filled with Ale. Harry sampled a spoonful of stew and was surprised to find that it had a wonderful range of flavors while not having any animal by-products that he could detect.

"This is good," said Harry.

"I'm glad you think so," said Durin, "my chefs have entertained Oberon in the past, though the Elf king was reluctant to come each time. Do try the ale."

"I'm underage," said Harry, but the Dwarf Lord shook his head.

"That is the law in the human world," said Durin, "here in my kingdom, if you are old enough to wield a weapon, you can drink as you please."

Harry took a sip from the brew and winced at the strong flavor, "I think I prefer tea."

"Ha!" laughed the Dwarf king, "You'll get used to it boy. I'm sure you're wondering why I wanted to meet you?"

Harry nodded and the Dwarf king lowered his goblet and steepled his fingers as he looked at the human sitting across from him, "You intrigue me," said the Dwarf, "it has been many eons since a human has walked these lands, and longer still that one has earned the favor of both Titania and Oberon. Because of this, I wanted to find out what kind of human would gain the attention of the Fairies and Elves. Tell me boy, what do you think of the Dwarf Kingdom?"

"I have to say that it's not what I expected," said Harry.

"In what way?" asked Durin evenly.

"Well," said Harry, "from what I've heard about Dwarves, they are warriors and miners as well as smiths."

"You speak from a human perspective," said the Dwarf High King, "that is what the humans came to us for, so that is what they see us as. In truth, we Dwarves are artists. All of the splendor you see around you was crafted by our very own hands. While it is true that we create superb weapons and armor, our true masterpieces lie in our works of art."

"I didn't realize that the Dwarves were artists as well," said Harry.

"Many humans don't," said Durin, "now, for the respect you have shown, I am willing to allow you to apprentice under some of our masters. What skills would you wish to learn? The forging of armor? Swords? Perhaps our cultivating of Mithril from the earth?"

Harry flushed slightly but stood and bowed to the Dwarf king in respect, "If it would not be too much, I would like to learn to create art from the Dwarves."

"You would seek to learn of art?" asked Durin with a raised eyebrow, "Many would ask to learn the ways of our smiths?"

"I have learned much today," said Harry, "and the one thing that I would most like to learn is the true pride of the Dwarves. You are unrivaled as smiths, but you are the masters of art. I wish to learn."

The High King of the Dwarves regarded the human boy before letting out a large belly laugh, "Hahaha, I can see why Lady Titania has taken an interest in you boy. You passed my test, and as such, I will be happy to have our masters teach you. Now, let us enjoy our feast."

Harry nodded and continued to eat as the Dwarf King smiled bemused at finding such a unique human among the many that forced them to seal their borders.