Chapter 1: A Change of Fate





Ichigo kurosaki was an average teen in Tokyo walking home from school. Well, as average as you could get when your parents are dead and you're a loner. It was like this for a while, but he didn't let it bother him much. He was wearing a white t-shirt, jeans, and sport shoes. He was currently in an alleyway, heading to his small apartment in the 20th ward not far from a coffee shop called the Anteiku. He thought of it as a nice little relaxing and safe haven. He had just met two interesting people there, Kanama and Hugo, or something along those lines.

He had his natural scowl on, thinking of what he should cook tonight. As he was walking he could see a woman crying in the distance. "Hey! Are you ok?" Ichigo asked as he ran up to her. She was still crying as ichigo got close and asked again "Are you okay?" looking worried. Then at the moment the woman's crying turned to sadistic laughing. "You fool~. Thanks for becoming my meal!" The raven hair women said piercing Ichigo's gut. Ichigo then stare into her cold red irises think 'She was a ghoul. Damn it'. After that the world around him went black, but before he blacked out he heard the crazy hunger filled laughter of the female ghoul.

"Oi, King, wake up!" is would ichigo heard. For a few seconds nothing happened. Straight after those few seconds he felt a hard kick to his head. "Oww. What was that fo-" Ichigo suddenly choked. He wasn't in the alleyway, he instead was in a sideways world of black and white skyscrapers, with a moon lite sky. "Where am I and who kicked me?" Ichigo poundered. "Behind you, ya idiot." the voice said. Ichigo turned, what was behind him was...him himself. A bleach white version of himself in a white hoodie with black highlights, pitch black jeans, and normal black shoes was standing before him. On his jacket was a weird skull design (substitute soul reaper logo). The main thing he noticed was it's eyes. The sclera were pitch black and then you had the irises, both were blood red like a ghoul's.

"Who or what are you" Ichigo yelled while backing away a bit. "Aww, and here I thought you'd recognize yourself." the creature said. " You're obviously me because, one I'm me and two you're not human" Ichigo said angrily. "Well, you are technically right, but I am you, I'm your instincts." the yet to be named creature stated. "What kind of crap answer is that?" Ichigo asked bluntly. "I guess a better answer is I'm your inner demon" the clone said. "What?" Ichigo said, still not getting it. "Oh for crying out loud, I represent you ghoul side, ya damn idiot!" the soulless demon yelled out. "Wait how can I be a ghoul and whatever else you said if I could eat human food all my life?!" Ichigo yelled. "It's because you're your powers just awaked or some other bullshit." the albino demon said. "But my parents were human!" Ichigo yelled. "Well you're mother was, your dad was a ghoul. How else do you think he died when you were younger?" the pale imitation continued frowning at the carrot top. "That could be any number of reasons, and even if it's true that doesn't explain how I'm only a ghoul now." Ichigo said. "Let me make a long story short, you're ghoul father hooked up with your mother, who I guess had some sort of powers that transferred to you that represent ghoulness, then had you." the demon like creature clarified. "Well maybe that's how it happened. For all I know maybe you were just defective, I'm not an omnipotent being that knows all."

"Ohh, to answer your question from earlier, You're in your inner world." the clone said. "Should I be worried" Ichigo said referring to the sideways world. The pale clone shrugged "Possibly,but it's always been like this.". "You gotta name 'Inner demon' of mine?" Ichigo questioned. "Nope, not yet anyway" the inner demon said. "How about Zangetsu?" Ichigo suggested. His 'twin' chuckled. "Slaying moon? I like that, but where'd that come from?" Zangetsu said with a sadistic smirk. "To be honest I have no Idea" Ichigo said confused as he was starting to wake up.

When Ichigo was awake he noticed he was still falling, then he smirked, as his right eye changed color to match Zangetsu's while the other stayed the same. His wound immediately healed and he regained his footing. "Don't you know it rude to trick people like that?" Ichigo asked creepily. "B-but how? You smelt like a human moments ago" the raven haired ghoul questioned.

At that moment a pure black kagune erupted from Ichigo's wrist forming a katana like blade, "Well it's obvious, isn't it? That all change!" Ichigo yelled slashing down at the woman. Two seconds later she split into two instantly dying. The aroma of her blood soon filled the air. A revolting smell to humans and ghouls alike. After the whole scene was over he was breathing heavily sweat dripping off of his forehead, the events that just took place starting to sink in.

Ichigo let a truly important question cross his mind 'Wait if I'm officially a ghoul hybrid now...WHAT DO I EAT!?'. With that said Ichigo started sprinting home, with lots of questions about what just happened brewing within his mind, not wanting to be reported to the CCG if somebody happened. 'What is happening to my life right now?' his thoughts now consumed with slight panic, hoping all of this was just a nightmare that he might wake up from.

* Author's note: Thank you all of you, those who found this to be a interesting fanfic 2 years ago. Sorry for not doing anything for 2 years, but that was a combination of lost of interest and doubt in my story telling skills. Hope you all enjoy the revisions. Working on chapter 2*

-Nightspirit out