Summary: Last chappie. Yes, I said chappie. So basically coronation to first child. I may make other stories off of this, but for now, it is complete.

Disclaimer: it still belongs to Hasbro, except for the plot and OCs.

~The Coronation, one month after the marriage~

"Today we crown our new king!" Bjorn announced.

Scarlett looked over at Sn- umm Nathaniel. He and his wife were all smiles today.

"If you step forward, my lord, we may begin." Bjorn said to Nathaniel. Both the new King and Queen were crowned in the intricate Norwegian way. The people were cheering. Nathaniel looked to his wife, and noticed that her smile was forced. He didn't make any mention of it.

After the celebration finished, Nathaniel pulled liv into their room. 'Alright, what's going on?' he asked her.

"Nothing, I- "

'Do not nothing me, what is wrong?!' he signed furiously at her.

"I, I'm pregnant." Liv said so quietly that Nathaniel almost didn't hear her.

'B-b-baby?' he signed shakily.

"Yes, our baby. Our heir." Liv responded solemnly.

'I- we are going to be parents.' Nathaniel stammered.

"Yes, and everyone will make this huge deal out of it." She said, then let out a heart-felt sigh. She then added, "I would rather keep it a secret for as long as we can."

'Of course, how far along are you?' he asked seriously.

"Umm, around two weeks… I think." Liv replied.

A smile suddenly lit up his face. 'I love you.' He signed, then he kissed her deeply.

"Mm, love you too." She replied before she returned the favor. Truth be told, they didn't think about their problems for a while.

~Around a month and a half later, at an airport~

"I, I'll miss you guys, all three of you." Shanna said, gesturing at Liv's slightly expanded stomach.

"We'll miss you too. Be sure to write or call, or something." Liv replied.

'Indeed, inform the team for me, please.' Nathaniel said.

"No need fer her ta do that. We're already here." Beachhead said from the plane waiting for Scarlett.

'You guys came!' Nathaniel signed excitedly as he nearly talked Beach in a hug.

"Whoa Snake, ya never hugged me before. Ya alright?" Beach said confusedly, but not unhappily.

"Hey Hebi-no-me, someone wishes to see you." Stormshadow said, also exciting the plane.

'Timber!' Nathaniel signed excitedly as the huge timber wolf ran out of the plane. Nathaniel whistled once and clicked twice, and Timber turned and raced to him. Nathaniel then disappeared under the wolf as Timber tackled him. 'Can he stay with us?' Nathaniel asked.

"Well, I don't see why not." Liv said before Shanna could reply.

"Good, because he was starting to tear apart the base looking for you." Stormshadow said.

'Would you guys like to stay tonight?' Nathaniel asked.

"I am afraid not, brother." Stormshadow replied, placing a hand on Nathaniel's shoulder.

"Wait, did you just say that Nathaniel is your Brother!" Liv exclaimed, looking between Nathaniel and Stormshadow.

"Oh, no. We are sword brothers, not blood brothers. Although, sometimes ours is a stronger bond." Stormshadow responded.

"Oh, okay." Liv said.

~seven months later, in the royal hospital wing~

"Aahhh!" Liv screamed as another contraction racked her body. Nathaniel squeezed her hand sympathetically. After five hours, a broken nose, a bruised gut, and a lot of pain for both Nathaniel and Liv, two beautiful babies were born. One boy and one girl.

Both had blond hair and blue eyes, the boy was much clingier towards his mother than his sister. The girl was clingier towards her father. The boy's name was Svein, the girl's Astrid.

~The End~