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The Barrier has been broken. Monster-kind is free to live on the Surface once more. All thanks to the efforts of one small human.

This day cannot get any weirder.

That dream. Really it had been a fucking nightmare. But it had been so... and now this?

It had tried slipping away from you at first, but you'd managed to hold onto the important details, and as you stand here with the others waiting for Frisk to return from walking the Underground one last time, you scour the dream deeply.

In it, the seventh human had stepped out from the Ruins. And like you had feared when you'd sworn to let the next human go to Miss Disembodied Voice From Behind The Door (which was apparently Toriel now that you've met her), the human had ravaged Snowdin Forest, their LV increasing fast. And when nobody came and the townspeople had panicked, you'd been there, actually helping, shoving boatload after boatload of Monsters to Hotland by ferry, a part of you panicking as well - find Alphys, the Lab, she'll get you guys out, don't look back, don't stop for anything.

But it'd left your brother alone to encounter the human without you. You hadn't been inside the Battle Radius when the two of them had entered A Fight. You could only watch, could only listen, as kind-hearted Papyrus had attempted to reason with the human, to appeal to their sense of good, maybe convince them to stop what they were doing.

It was surreal. A slow-motioned horror. When your brother's head had dropped into the snow.

Your jaw tightens at the memory, but you keep it out of the rest of your expression. You don't need to bother anyone else with this. Not when today has turned out to be so radically different.

As the human in your dream had walked away, you'd knelt at the foot of the dust pile they'd left behind. A vacancy had lodged within your SOUL. Bitter and ugly and dead.

What was the fucking point now.

You'd only come back to your sense as something very peculiar began to happen. Déjà vu had flashed over you in waves; it suddenly felt as though you were stuck repeating the same moment in time over and over again. A feeling very similar to when you used your teleportation trick.

An anomaly in the time-space continuum.

Eventually, the feeling became less frequent, and then finally stopped altogether; whatever had been going on was done now, it seemed. And in that moment a renewed sense of purpose had taken hold of you. Was the human was causing those anomalies?

...was the human Resetting time?

The Lab was empty when you'd blipped into the foyer. Alphys must have already gotten everyone to safety. You'd quickly stepped up to her computer and tapped in a series of what to an untrained eye would seem as nonsensical keystrokes. After pressing Enter, the terminal went black, before printing:





This is important to you. The fact that the keystrokes had been exactly correct, and not some mangled, muddied, half-conscious attempt you'd have expected from a dreamscape. Sure, you know that input pattern better than the back of your own eyelids (which really was saying something) but the accuracy still does not fit into a narrative of being sleep for you.

Which is really why you're thinking about this to begin with. The dream is too real. And this day has been too perfect.

Something is wrong.

The Time Log had displayed over 30 entries of discrepancies and you'd felt your SOUL shrivel. One right after another, just like you had felt as you'd mourned your brother - timelines that had decidedly ended but then suddenly sprung back into existence as if someone had went, "Oops, messed up, let me try that again." Like permanency just wasn't a thing whomever was doing this had to reconcile with.

Almost... like someone was playing a Game.

"Not until our sins are so great that we'll break the game if we ever reach the end..."


You blink. Your hand had flown up to clutch over your left socket. Toriel is looking at you in a mix of confusion and slight worry.

"Are you quite alright?"

A response halts in your throat as Frisk finally comes back into the hallway before the Barrier.

Frisk and the human from your dream are wearing identical outfits. Why didn't you notice that before? Their hair was the same, same height, same mannerisms apart from Frisk being a sweetheart and the dream-human being... something else.

"I'm going to let you sleep now."

That hadn't been Frisk's voice, though...

You're startled out of your thoughts as Frisk walks right up to you, tilting their head quizzically. Lowering your arm, permanent grin still in place, you regard them sharply for a moment. They must have sensed your change in demeanor, though, as Frisk seems to straighten a little and hold perfectly still.

"And then I'm going to Reset."

"So, kid!" Undyne abruptly interjects, looping an arm around Frisk's shoulders, completely oblivious to the moment you were having. "Ready to get the heck out of here?"

"And I'm going to free you all from the Underground one more time."

As Frisk and the others devolve into a conversation about talking robots, your mind is pinned open.

The human had Reset the game and had freed you from the Underground. Just like they said they would. All while borrowing Frisk's appearance to do so.

"And then I am never playing this game ever again."

They'd Reset before, hadn't they. The human had shattered the Barrier time and time again. Distant wisps of memory graze your thoughts, warm and tidy, an exact recreation of the moment you're living in right now.

You open your mouth to speak - you're not sure what you want to say, but there's a claw of uneasiness dragging down your spine and you'd really like to hear Frisk or Papyrus or oh god Alphys please tell you that you're insane.

Nothing comes out. You freeze. Frisk walks away from the group towards the door that led to the Barrier.

There isn't anything in your script for you to say, The Game tells you. Your legs move on literal auto-pilot as everyone else starts to follow after the little human. Sweat streaks down your temple and you concentrate very, very hard.

Suddenly, in a glitch of light, a prompt flickers inside of your head.










...oh fuck.