The never meant to be Secret

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Chapter Two: Perverts everywhere!

"Okay...j-just humor us okay Luffy?" Sabo said, suddenly all previous traces of being drunk gone.

After Luffy's random...announcement...Ace and Sabo wasted no time in dragging Luffy right back to the treehouse where they then proceeded to question her.

Ace snorted, "There's no way in hell you're a girl."

"What?" Luffy smashed her forehead against Ace's angrily, "What does that mean?! I am a girl!"

Not being one to back down, Ace head-butted Luffy back and said, "Oh yeah? Prove it!"

As Luffy sat back down and didn't move otherwise, Ace's angry scowl turned into more of a smug grin, "Hah! See you can't even prove it."

"Luffy that's not something to joke about!" Sabo sighed loudly placing a hand over his heart.

"I know!" Luffy jumped right back up again, "This'll so you jerks I'm not joking!" And then before either Ace nor Sabo could say a single word, Luffy quickly pulled down her underwear and shorts, leaving her bottom half bare for Ace and Sabo to see.

"GAH!" Ace and Sabo both yelped, with furiously blushing faces they turned away from Luffy and slammed their eyes shut.

"Eh?" Luffy tilted her head, "What are you guys doing?"

"L-Luffy!" Sabo stuttered, "P-Pull your b-bottoms back up!"

"Damnit we believe you okay!" Ace shouted slamming his hands over his eyes for reasons Luffy did not know.

Luffy crossed her arms and glared, technically it was more of a pout, at her two new older brothers but she still did as they said, "You guys are acting weird! You're acting the same as Shanks did!"

Ace's eyebrow twitched, "...What?"

"Luffy..." Sabo slowly turned back around and sat down in front of her once he realized she pulled her pants and underwear back up, and smiled a cold smile which was mimicked by Ace, not that she noticed, "Wanna explain what you meant by that?"

"Luffy blinked, "Weird means weird."

Ace didn't hesitate in hitting Luffy over the head with his staff, "That's not what he meant baka!" Scowling Ace said, "He wants to know how we're weird like that Shanks guy."

"Oh!" Luffy grinned, her fist hitting her palm, "Shisisisisi! We got dirty so Makino made us take a bath together before we could enter the Party Bar and Shanks got all weird when he saw I didn't have a cucumber like he did!"

"You took a bath together?!"

"He got weird how?"

Ace and Sabo both asked at the same time.

"Shisisisisi~" Luffy laughed, grinning at the both of her brothers, "Yep! And I dunno...he kept hiding his cucumber and yelling at me to get cleaned up and put some clothes on already."

"And he didn't like...touch you right?" Ace demanded to know.

"Yeah! He helped me take my bath so I wouldn't drown!"

"He only washed you down right? Nothing else?" asked Sabo.

"Well yeah, what else would he do?" Luffy asked curiously, eyeing both of her brothers weirdly.

"O-Oh...well...uh...Sabo wanna take it from here?" Ace said patting Sabo on the shoulder before quickly running off into the forest.

"Wha? ACE!" Sabo growled out, taking one look at Luffy before bolting after Ace.

"Hey! Wait up!" Luffy called out chasing after her brothers, who just kept trying to run further away from her, "You didn't answer me!"


"Come on Lu! Hurry up!" Ace groaned annoyed. Yet again they had to stop because Luffy decided she just had to look at everything they ran past. They had somehow managed to sneak a couple bowls of ramen from the one restaurant but if they didn't hurry back soon Ace knew Sabo would kill him for taking Luffy past the wall and not even telling him where they were going.

Luffy giggled as she continued looking around and even staring at the floor as she ran, "But it's so clean here! Ace! Even the ground is clean!"

Ace scowled, he knew exactly where those bastards jumped at the garbage to keep this place so clean. Regardless of how innocent Luffy's comment was, it still pissed him off.


"Hn?" Yelping, Ace stumbled and tried his best not to drop any of the Ramen as Luffy suddenly launched herself at him, wrapping her arms and legs tightly around his waist. Ace blushed, he still wasn't use to this type of contact with other people, but it seemed Luffy thrived on it, "What the hell Luffy?! GET OFF!"

"Nope!" Luffy giggled, hugging Ace even tighter in case he tried to throw her off.

"SHIT!" Ace yelled, running into some guy noble and soon all but five bowls of ramen went crashing to the ground and onto the noble who immediately began yelling at them and threatening them, "Damnit Lu! Let's go!" Grabbing ahold of Luffy's hand Ace yanked hard and pulled her after him and he led the both of them out of there as quickly as possible.

"Shisisisi~!" Luffy giggled looking back and waving goodbye to the still fuming Noble, "That guy looks funny!"

"Shut up you idiot!" Ace snapped aiming a kick back at Luffy's head and hurrying back to the treehouse.

All in all Sabo was not to happy with either of them when he realized what they had done, he was especially upset with Ace and as punishment took the remaining five bowls of Ramen and ate them himself much to Ace and Luffy's despair. So preoccupied as they were with beating Sabo up for eating the rest of the Ramen and Sabo with defending himself, none of them noticed somebody standing a couple of feet away staring at them, Sabo in particular.

"S-Sabo?!" The figure gasped astonished, but quickly covered his mouth and sighed relieved when he realized none of the others had noticed him. Deciding not to take any more chances, he turned and fled back to his clean city intent on making preparations with this newly discovered information.

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