Chapter 1

Something was not right. Even thousands of leagues under the ocean, he could feel the surface writhe. Two great forces were clashing on the world above.

He could feel the tremors in the ocean floor. He had not felt the earth this shaken since his siblings walked the surface.

They were all dead now, they were too weak. How many years had it been; a thousand, ten-thousand, hundred-thousand? He had stopped counting long ago.

All he knew was that for countless years the planet had been peaceful. All of his enemies were dead now, so there were no more attempts at his throne.

That being said, something had woken him from his slumber. Nothing that could wake him could possibly be good.

He raised his massive snout and took in the water around him. The ocean water was filled with the blood of dead and dying sea life.

The anguished songs of frighten whales sounded all around him. Earth was in pain, his kingdom was in pain. He grumbled as he pushed himself off the sea floor.

The water bubbled and thick clouds of silt swirled around him as he rose to his feet. He needed to investigate what was happening on the surface.

With a thrash of his mighty tail, the massive saurian began to swim up from the depths. There was only room for one on his throne.

Only one could lord over his kingdom. Whatever was causing the calamity on the surface was about to learn that, the hard way.

Weapons clashed, lasers flashed, and gemstones shattered. The battle over the mobile warp platform was not going well for Rose Quartz's warriors.

The Homeworld gems held the advantage for numbers over her gems.

The mobile warp platform was also working in the Homeworld gem's favor as it allowed them to warp in fresh troops anywhere on the battle field.

The sky was flashing with lights of various color as gems that could fly dueled in the air.

With a loud boom and a flash of pink light, Rose's laser light cannon spoke and swept across the battle field, disabling many Homeword warriors.

But no matter how many were disabled, more would always be ready to replace them. A shrill war cry was cut short by Pearl's spear.

With a poof of white smoke, a reckless Homeworld warrior retreated into her gemstone. Pearl picked it up and handed it to Rose to be bubbled.

"Rose, I think you should reconsider being this close to the front line," Pearl stated as she readied another spear. "It is too dangerous."

Rose smiled warmly before her eyes snapped back to the battle before them. A rather imposing fusion had just bulldozed through a group of her loyal warriors.

Before the fusion could continue its rampage, a familiar red gem smashed her gauntlets into the fusion's face. The fusion was dispersed, but was quickly replaced.

Out numbered, Garnet withdrew to the high ground to Rose's position.

"This is going badly," she stated in her usual stoic manner. "Perhaps we should call a retreat?"

Rose pursed her lips together as she looked over the battlefield. Yes; she was losing many of her warriors, but a retreat would crush what little was left of her followers' morale. They needed that mobile warp platform.

As Rose opened her mouth to give her next order, Garnet suddenly grunted in pain and fell to her knees.

"Garnet, whats wrong?" Rose asked as she put her hands on her shoulders.

Garnet was trembling her eyes were wide with fear. She stammered incoherently for a moment before she finally managed to utter a response.

"Something is coming." she stated as she tried to calm herself.

"What is coming?" Pearl asked, growing uneasy. "More Homeworld reinforcements?"

Garnet shook her head and swallowed the lump that had formed in her throat.

"No...something else," Garnet answered.

"What is coming, Garnet?" Rose asked in a calming, motherly voice.

Garnet looked up into Rose's eyes. Garnet's eyes were wide and swelling with tears.

"I have no idea."

As Garnet's words sank in, Pearl noticed that the tied seemed to be receding.

She was not the only one to take notice as several loyal gems started to retreat to the higher ground.

Gems couldn't drown, but several thousand gallons of water crushing down onto them was not ideal.

The Homeworld gems dug their weapons firmly into the ground and braced themselves for the impact.

Rose formed a bubble around her and her army as the wall of water came crashing down over them.

Everything went black as the water washed over Rose's bubble.

As the water drained, both armies stood in complete shock at what had come forth from the angry ocean.

Towering over even the largest gem fusion was a creature the likes of which none had ever seen before.

The creature stood easily over three-hundred feet with a tail five-hundred feet in length. Its back was lined with three rows of massive jagged spines.

Its skin was black like volcanic rock and it's muscles rippled with primal strength. Its eyes burned with an ancient fire, a fire that could not be smothered.

It was not of the Homeworld forces, nor was it of Rose's.

"Rose, w-what is th-that thing?" Pearl stammered as she clung to her like a tick.

Rose was silent, she was at a loss for words. She had seen many strange and wonderful things on this planet.

It was this planet's diversity that made her want to protect it. But the creature that loomed over the two opposing armies was something that shouldn't have been possible.

She was as fascinated by it as she was frightened. What did it want? Where did it come from? What was it called? Could such a creature even have a name?

Then she remembered something. Some of the local life forms had spoken of such a creature. She thought that they were merely stories told by superstitious primitives.

But there he was, towering over them in all of his glory, and all of his terror.

"The primitives spoke of a creature named 'Gojira' or 'Godzilla'." Rose spoke in a strangely calm voice. "Look at it, isn't it fascinating?"

Pearl was taken aback by Rose's response. How could she not be afraid?

"What does it want?" Pearl asked. "You understand this planet better than me. What does it want?"

A sudden low growl alerted Rose. The creature, Godzilla, was moving towards the mobile warp platform.

"Oh, dear."

Godzilla was not amused, not in the slightest. His kingdom was crawling with little alien bugs. They looked like the hairless apes that called the surface home.

Some of the bugs were large, others were small. Some were bright colors, others were dull. Some had several limbs and held strange looking sticks.

How disgusting! These were the things that had awoken him and were hurting his kingdom?

But they were so small, how could something so small be able to make the planet hurt so much?

That's when it dawned on him. They weren't bugs, they were parasites. Some of the parasites were gathering around a strange floating rock.

For shelter? For food? He didn't care, it wouldn't matter soon. They had made the foolish mistake of intruding into his territory. They would not make the same mistake.

He wasn't going to let them live to make the same mistake again. He took in a lung full of air, and shouted his name to the world.

The creature unleashed an apocalyptic roar that pierced deep into the hearts and minds of both armies. Some gems started to run.

Some collapsed into a frightened heap on the ground. Some just started to poof into clouds of white smoke.

Pearl gripped her head as hard as she could as she tried to block out the roar. Garnet did the same, and met similar results.

Rose however, stood tall over her subordinates as the mighty saurian roared. There was so much strength behind that roar. So much power.

Her fascination as quickly replaced by fear as the titan lunged at the warp platform. With a deafening crack and boom, the creature smashed his shoulder into the warp platform.

The platform buckled and shattered underneath Godzilla's might. That's when the Homeworld gems open fired on him.

They fired lasers, spears, arrows, everything they had. All it did was get his attention.

Godzilla let out an angry growl. The parasites were trying to harm him. How pitiful, how fruitless. He had survived super volcanoes, a few meteorites, and several ice ages. He had fought and killed creatures far greater than these pests. But if a show of power is what they wanted, then a show of power is what he would give them. After all, the only way to get rid of parasites is to burn them to death.

Rose's eyes went wide with wonder as a dull blue light began to glow from the dorsal spines on the tip of Godzilla's tail.

The glow quickly spread up the rest of his spines. He took a deep breath then unleashed a blinding blue beam of pure nuclear radiation upon the Homeworld forces.

The beam swept across the battlefield, leaving nothing in its wake. Homeworld gems screamed before the beam burnt them into oblivion.

The heat was so strong that it would destroy their gemstones. Within less than a second, the Homeworld gems were either destroyed, running for their lives, or worse. The radiation began to twist and corrupt the few that survived. They writhed in pain as their screams became the distorted wails of hideous monsters.

"Huzza! The creature fights with us!" one of Rose's warriors cheered.

How wrong she was.

Not a moment after the gem cried out in glee, the creature turned towards Rose's forces. His spines lite up again.

Rose quickly summoned a shield bubble, she was not fast enough. Godzilla's atomic beam swept over her army and decimated it. In that moment, Godzilla made it clear to everyone.

He was on no one's side but his own.

Godzilla let out a satisfied snort as he looked over the blackened battlefield. The pests had been dealt with, for now. There were a few survivors.

There was a small, pale one that was on the brink of tears. A tall, stoic one that seemed to be fighting with itself. Finally, there was the largest of the pests.

She had pink curly fur and wore strange white skins on her body. She locked eyes with him for a moment. Why wasn't she afraid?

She should have been trembling, and yet she still stood. Godzilla reared back and unleashed another deafening roar directed at the pink one.

The pale one broken down into a fit of sobbing. The stoic one's fight with herself grew physical. But the pink one did not budge. Interesting, the pest will not cower.

No matter, she couldn't possibly be able to harm him. With a deep growl, Godzilla turned back to the ocean.

As his massive figure was swallowed up by the ocean, Rose gathered up the few survivors. Neither side had won this battle, but both sides had suffered greatly for it.

"Lets regroup at the temple," Rose stated as she held Garnet and Pearl over her shoulders. "This battle is over."

As strange as is was, Rose held no anger or animosity towards the creature. Yes he had wiped out a large portion of her army, but to him, every gem was an invader.

Any animal will fight when its home is in danger. But, there was an intelligence in those burning eyes of his.

Perhaps, if he cannot be defeated, then maybe he can be reasoned with.

But she had a sinking feeling that they would meet again on the battlefield, for even now, Homeworld was most likely sending reinforcements.

But the question remained; how were they going to stop him the next time he showed up.

More importantly, was it possible to stop him?

*Just a reminder to everyone who the King really is.*

*More to come*