A what if story involving a change in the story Kishin back story.

In the darkness of the room, a single person laid sprawled out on a soft, fluffy bed. He stared up at the ceiling, mind flashing back to the days events. His warriors were out numbered on a simple mission, the witches must have found out about it. And he, Lord Death, Shinigami, had the perfect opportunity to be rid of the witches leader. But he was distracted from his fight with the young Grand Witch because he feared for his followers safety.

He let her get away.

It could have been over. They could have gotten the upper hand. His own fear was getting in the way. Sitting up, the man sighed. Was it possible to remove his fear? Would there be consequences to that action? Perhaps he was letting himself get too human? That wasn't necessarily a bad thing, but if it causes problems for him...

Maybe just for battle he could lose his human form and fight as a shade. People seem more intimidated when he appears like that anyway...but no, human form or not, the fear will still be there. He had to get rid of it. Shinigami hated his fear. Hated that it was a drawback. It had to go.

Calling up his soul, he stared at the glowing orb in his hands. He was really going to try this, wasn't he? Well, it was necessary... Yes, he couldn't let the others be hurt again because of him. Because of his fears.

It took some time to locate where exactly his fear was, but once he'd found it, he grabbed it and pulled. The fear clung stubbornly to his soul, and it took a few minutes to actually get it to dislodge. But it did so with a quiet popping sound and he let the fragment drift off to the side on its own. There was a terrible nagging in the back of his head, but he just wanted to ignore the piece of himself he didn't like.

The feeling increased by the second though and he couldn't figure out what was wrong. It had to do with the soul fragment he knew, but why? It would just fade away, wouldn't it?

With a sudden start he realized that, no, it wouldn't fade away. He spun around to face the fragment, to find it was almost formed into a complete soul. Panic settled in his stomach and he hurriedly reach out to it hoping it wasn't too late and that the damage wasn't done to the poor thing. The second his hand made contact with the nearly complete soul, the room was flooded with a bright flash.

Shinigami reeled back, shielding his eyes from the sudden, bright light. His mind registered the sound of something hitting the floor and he looked up, blinking to readjust his eyes to the dark. He could barely see, so he lit a small candle he found on the nightstand by his bed and held it up curiously.

Laying on his bedroom floor was a child, no older than tweleve at most. The boy had no clothes and was very pale. His hair was black with strange white markings the made the man think of eyes. Speaking of which, the boy seemed to have three of them and there were strange eyes symbols on his hands as well.

Something deep in his mind said that the boy shouldn't be so old. Shinigami laughed a humorless laugh as he quietly mumbled, "It hasn't even been a day and I've already messed up as a father, huh kiddo?" He carefully patted the sleeping boys head before setting the candle on the nightstand. Then he was careful to pick the child up gently and lay him in his bed before shuffling through his drawers for something.

He wound up putting him in a shirt way too big for such a small boy. Once the child was covered, he laid beside him and stared at his first, and only, child. Damn, all he wanted was to be rid of his fears, and now he was stuck with the personification of them. He hoped he had spared the boy some trouble though, despite the fact that he was almost too late to stop the soul's formation. He wondered how being mostly made of fear might affect his child.

At least he could rest a little easier knowing that the boy still had some time to grow and change. The fear would probably always be there, but at least his son might be able to subdue it. Then a thought occurred to him.

"How am I supposed to introduce you to the others...?" Shinigami trailed off, he didn't even have a name for the boy. Maybe he could just call him 'kid'? He'd ask Eibon later, maybe the man could help. Or maybe the Black Mass. He wasn't about to ask Excalibur for a suggestion mostly because he was sure to hear things like "Excalibur Jr." from the weapon. There was no way he'd call his son that.

Tomorrow, he decided. He'll name the boy tomorrow.

The next morning he woke up and his son wasn't by his side. At first he panicked, but then he spotted him huddled in the corner against the headboard and the wall. The child eyed him with a suspicion someone his age shouldn't have, and when the older shinigami pushed himself up, the boy jerked back. The was a crack as his head hit the wall and immediately the man reached out to his son, only for the boy to smack his hand away.

He figured the boy would be difficult because of his fear to some extent, but didn't he realize he was trying to help? "Hey, kid, calm down...shh it's okay." But that didn't help as his son started to cry, face scrunched up as the tears fell. He barely made any sound however, and Shinigami was somewhat alarmed by that fact. Weren't kids supposed to be loud when they cried?

...was his son too scared of him to make any noise? Why is he so scared though? The man made to run his hand through his hair when he came in contact with something hard. He was still wearing his mask...which was probably splattered in witches' blood and scarier than normal because of it. Quickly, he pulled it off and set it aside and pulling down the cloak hood. "Hey! Hey look! It's okay, see! I look like you!"

And the boy looked up curiously, though still obviously terrified, and uncurled himself a bit. Shinigami wanted to shriek in joy when his son actually came closer to him and smiled broadly when the boy gently patted his cheeks with his small hands. But his son was quick to back away again, back into the corner.

However, a small, quivering voice spoke up, "W-who...?" And a finger was pointed in the Death God's direction. He was slightly thrown off by the fact that his son could speak, but brushed it of as a side effect of his own stupidity. His son was mostly passed all those normal childhood stages it seemed. Damn, that meant he missed out.

He figured he'd mope about it later since his son was still waiting for an answer. "My name is Shinigami, though some call me Lord Death. I'm your father."

The boy nodded at that, then blinked and looked up in confusion. "What's...'father'?"

The shade had to admit he was thrown off by the question. "Oh, um...it means you are a part of me. You are my son, and we share the same blood. Or wait..that's not the best explanation... Your blood is yours, but, um, your soul was a part of mine once. So we're related directly because of that."

Despite the confused ramblings of his father, the boy seemed to understand. Then he asked, "And what's a...a 'name'?"

"It's what people call you by. Like I said, my name is Shinigami."

"Do I have a name? Or can I pick one?" The boy asked. It was then that the man noticed how the boy seemed less scared around him.

"Well, normally fathers name their sons, but if you find one you like before I name you, then that's fine." He stated. He quickly glanced out the window to see that he'd been in his room for way to long. Somebody was going to come looking for him. "Well, I need to go before the other warriors come looking for me. Plus I think you should met them now. They may look odd or even scary, but they are my friends and I trust them."

The boy nodded in understanding, watching his father slide from the bed. When he tried to hop down, his foot got caught and the man was lucky enough to catch him. Of course the sudden scare left the boy clinging tightly to his neck, and he had to sigh. He didn't know what to do with a child! Hell, he didn't know if there was any difference between a little shinigami and a human. He hoped Eibon would be the first he'd meet.

A week and many disastrous meetings later, Shinigami's son was finally getting used to the other residents of the Gallows Mansion. He still steered clear of the Black Mass, but the great one was more than understanding once learning how his some was made of his fear. He was reprimanded for his foolishness by the dark, dripping entity and actually informed on how bad it could have been had he let the soul fully form. The thought of fear being the driving force behind the boy's actions was both worrying and upsetting. What kind of father wanted his son to live in constant fear? Not him.

But another thing that bothered him was the child's name. He needed one and Eibon had told him that, no, he wasn't aloud to name the boy 'Kid' and yes he was sure that would be a bad idea, why are you so persistent on this matter? He had recently stumbled upon one he actually liked and was currently searching for the little boy.

When he found him he was surprised to see Eibon holding his son in his arms while the boy bombarded him with question after question. There was an exasperated tone to Eibon's voice and Shinigami had to wonder how long his son was bothering his friend for. "Okay, so, can people love animals like they love people?" He heard the boy ask, quickly ducking around a corner before Eibon saw him. He really wanted to hear this.

"In some ways yes, it's fine. But in other ways no, because it's illegal." He heard the sorcerer say.

"What's 'illegal'?"

"It means you're not aloud to do it. It is against the law."

"Oh." There was a pause. "How is the 'other way illegal?"

"Because animals don't think like people." Eibon explained. It seemed that the man was attempting to keep his explanations kid friendly.

"But what's the illegal way?"

"That is for your father to explain when you get older."

"Can it be illegal to love some people? Is there a wrong way for that?"

"When you're older..."

"I wanna know now!"

"No." And Shinigami couldn't help but chuckle. He could already imagine the pout on his son's face. He loved his son, even if he had a slight aversion to the boy as he was the personification of his old fear. It was ridiculous, but a part of him worried that he fear would somehow return to him.

Suddenly, Eibon stopped and called out, "I heard you Shinigami. Come and take your boy!" And he did, after heaving an exaggerated sigh. The sorcerer held the child up for him to take and for some reason the shade felt like his friend was frowning. "And get the boy some real clothes too, he can't keep running about in your shirts."

He took the boy, who immediately clung to him and nodded. "I know Eibon, I'm working on it, but I have to keep tabs on the witches too. I can't let them find out about Asura. Not yet. He's too little."

There was silence and then his son asked, "What's 'asura'?"

"That's you, your name! If you like it anyway. Do you?"

The boy looked thoughtful for a moment. "...Asura...yeah! Yeah! I'm Asura!"

Twelve years later the boy looked the same. It made training hard for his father, but Asura wanted to learn. It seemed like he really enjoyed learning, much to Eibon's pleasure. The man was more than happy to lecture his son now that he didn't ask so many stupid questions. Shinigami was just glad for the distractions his friend provided.

However, despite the fact that Asura was getting more comfortable with the other warriors, he seemed...lonely to Shinigami. The little reaper was still very frightened of, well, everything and anything. Thankfully Eibon pointed out that Asura seemed to do better when he understood what he was scared of. So other times Eibon, the other warriors, or himself would do their best to explain how things worked.

The shade could recall the first time they realized how bad his sons fears were. It was during a particularly nasty storm, which rarely happened in the desert, that Asura had completely lost it and immediately hid underneath his father's cloak. Eibon had surprisingly decided to explain how storms like this happen to his son, and then Asura spent the night still hidden, but arguing with the man about the many dangers of a thunderstorm.

But even with the other warriors support, Asura still seemed off. He had often times caught his, now officially twelve year old son staring out of the window at the village below them. Perhaps he wanted a friend his own age? Someone to play and train with. He'd look into that later, for Asura's sake. He had a mission soon and he wanted to say goodbye to the boy for once. Sure Asura was used to him disappearing to go and fight, but still it's the thought that counts.

When he left that day, he hadn't been expecting the answer to his son's apparent loneliness. But that's what he got, in the form of a little boy his son's age named Vajra, whom they found in the depths of the witch's lair. Somehow the witch had gotten a hold of Eibon's theory on making weapons like Excalibur and actually succeeded.

Still he brought the oddly optimistic boy home with him and introduced the two. Asura was understandably scared and Vajra seem immediately smitten with his Meister. Though it took a while, the two became inseparable and eventually became known as Death's most feared warrior duo.

Everything was going so well, no body could have predicted that the two would one day vanish without a trace. No one could have known that a while after that, a full fledged Kishin would rise. And no one definitely could have predicted that it would be...

All Shinigami knew was that his son was dead...and he had a Kishin to deal with.