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Previously on Insanity Trials - "If your thinking about runnin' don't even try it little snakey." Came Strowman's reply as his brown eyes stared at me with a cold stare. "You're not going anywhere. Not until the master finishes what he started with you that is."

"So you ready to confess for your sins yet Randy? You ready to finally admit to savagely murdering your wife in cold blood?" Bray's words tickled my skin as he leaned over me whispering gently about how I should atone for the so-called crimes I had been accused of committing. "It's all a big misunderstanding." I finally said letting of a huge breath of air.

"Oh, I bet you'd like to believe that wouldn't you Randy? To lie and pretend that you're not this crazed psychotic monster? the one that lurks buried beneath your skin?" Bray's eyes shimmered unnaturally as he spoke, and as I tried to make a move in an attempt to sit up, I noticed a strange serge of dark energy keeping me down almost like the cold hand of death itself.

"What the hell do you want from me?" I asked as I turned my head to see him turning toward the table and grabbing ahold of a long sharp razor blade. "Admit your guilt Randy." Bray replied softly into my ear. "Confess your sins so that you may repent for what you have done, and I shall become your savior."

I rolled my eyes in annoyance. "I didn't murder my wife." I stated as firmly as I could despite the pain still coursing through my body.

"I know it's difficult to admit what you've done Randy, but it doesn't have to be this way." Bray said as I watched his twirl the razor blade in his hands. "All you have to do is just admit what you've done and Hunter and Stephanie will let you go it's as simple as that."

"What do you say Randy?" Bray asked. "We can do things the easy way? or the hard way? Which way do you prefer?" I shook my head and spit in Bray's face instead. "Go to hell!" I cried out angrily. "I know what happened, and I did not murder my wife and child!" The look in Bray's eyes suddenly shifted from a mischievous evil glare to a malicious evil glare that held demonic intensity inside them, and for a split second I could've sworn that I saw his eyes shift to a blazing crimson red color - The sign of the Devil. "You shouldn't have done that Randy." He growled in a soft evil tone and the next thing I felt was the tip of the blade slicing into me causing me to cry out as I felt my vision go blurry. A blanket of darkness soon followed in rhythmic timing with my the beating of my heart as I passed out with Bray's demonic laughter being the last thing I heard.


Chapter 4 - House of Horrors {Part 1}

"Are you okay?" The voice I heard next as I opened my eyes wearily wasn't Bray's by that of an unknown female, and as my vision came back into focus to my complete surprise, I could've sworn I was dreaming, as I was staring face-to-face with the warm loving doe brown eyes of my beautiful wife Samantha.

"Sam?" I blinked my eyes in confusion, and felt my breath catch inside my throat. There was no way this was real. Was I still dreaming? Was it my subconscious creating a hallucination to comfort me? Whatever it was, I knew deep down inside that the beauty of seeing my wife alive was too good to possibly be true.

"Sam listen to me," I said softly. "I don't know what happened to you, but I swear that I will find out the truth."

"The truth is already lying in front of you Randy." She replied as I blinked my eyes in confusion again, unable to make sense of what it was she was saying. "What do you mean?" I asked shaking my head in disbelief.

"Randy, you have to stop making excuses for yourself. Just tell them the truth and they'll set you free. Tell them that your the one responsible for my murder."

"NO!" I cried out in horror as I moved away from her. "I can't believe you would even suggest something like that Sam, You know me! You know that I wouldn't hurt anyone especially not my family!"

"See that's the funny thing about fear Randy." There was a tone now within Sam's voice that seemed to change to that of Bray, and know I was for certain that I was completely hallucinating.

"See fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by belief that someone or something is dangerous likely to cause harm or pain to themselves or to others." I stifled a low growl of irritation now as the vision of Sam disappeared followed by images of the night she was murdered, while Bray's voice still echoed over and over in my mind.

"See the thing is Randy, I maybe the scientist around here, and I may work under powerful people such as the Authority, but the real hard truth of the matter Randy, is that you shouldn't fear Hunter or Stephanie, the only person you should fear is yourself."

At that moment as I watched the scenes of murder take place, blasts of unwanted agony shot through my skull, and all at once I could hear the menacing voices inside my weary brain screaming at me. Demanding me to kill.






The next thing I remember aside from the pain shooting through my head, is my vision turning blurry as though I was about to pass out followed by a deep red haze, as red as a sea of blood...

"Hope your comfortable little viper." The next voice I heard as I slowly rose awake in a daze with my head pounding in agony was none other then belonged to Luke Harper, who just gave me an almost crazed like stare. I ignored him and tried to move but realized I couldn't, and when my vision gradually came back into focus now I realized I was wrapped up in a damn straight-jacket.

"Great." I found myself muttering. "Suppose it can't possibly get any worse then it already is. I mean aside from dealing with being in the same cell as the crazy delirious swamp man. I don't see how anyone or anything could possibly be worse then this."

I struggled for what seemed like an eternity trying to wiggle myself free but to no avail.

"Struggle all you want little viper." Came the sound of Harper's voice again.

"That thing is practically inescapable. I should know I've been in that thing more times then I can count. All your doing is wasting away your energy."

Just then I heard the sound of the door to the room opening and in walked in the psychopath himself Triple H followed by his wife Stephanie.

"Well, Randy you certainly made a mess of things today haven't you?" Triple H's words felt like a knife twisting in my skin as I flinched and tried not to let it bother me but all I could think about was my wife and daughter.

"Hunter, for the last time I'm begging you please let me out of here." I begged while looking at both of them with tears flooding my eyes as visions of my wife's dead body flashed through my mind. "Please I don't belong here I'm not a killer. The real killer that took Sam's life is still out there!" Tears of anguish ran down my cheeks from my eyes as I saw the look of disgust on Stephanie's face.

"You say your not a killer Randy, well then allow my husband and I to show you the evidence of what occurred earlier."

"Earlier? What the hell are you talking about?" I asked my mind whirling with confusion as Triple H reached into the pocket of his jacket and pulled out gruesome photos and handed them to me to look at. Immediately I felt sick to my stomach as I glanced at the pictures. Bray's body was a bloody mess and there was blood everywhere like an ocean had washed through the torture room.

"Now tell me Randy," Triple H said taking the photos and placing them back in his pocket. "How do you explain that?"

The truth was I didn't have an answer for what had happened because I couldn't recall it. Was there somehow someway i was being controlled? manipulated? First my wife and my daughter? and now Bray? Something wasn't adding up, and now for sure I knew I was somehow being framed for all these incidents.

"Hunter come on you've known me for years." I said shaking my head in disbelief. "You know I'm not capable of murdering anyone."

"That remains to be seen." Stephanie said folding her arms across her chest as her blue eyes stared coldly in my direction. My mind was in a whirlwind and for a minute it felt like the world around me was spinning. Nothing was making any sense. How the hell was Bray just all of a sudden dead and who could've done and why would I be the one to be framed for it?

As I laid there on the bed back in my room that night visions of Bray's body kept swarming in my head along with my wife's voice saying, "Tell them the truth Randy. Tell them you murdered me and they will let you go. Everything will be okay if you just admit the truth."

I have to figure this out. I thought in frustration as I sat up and ran my hand over my face in exhaustion. My baby girl is counting on me. Just then there was the sound of what sounded like a girl laughing. As I looked around I realized I was probably hallucinating again, but the laughter wouldn't stop and lasted for almost five minutes until suddenly my vision began to blur, and my chest began to ache with pain.

I began to feel like I was suffocating and chocking at the same time as I started violently coughing as a sudden burst of black liquid spilled from my mouth. My vision blurred even more as black spots danced in front of my eyes as I caught the sight of the door opening to reveal a girl with blonde pigtails and a man wearing black clothing with a strange demonic looking mask covering his face. I felt a blanket of darkness wash over me threatening to engulf me as I saw the strange man's cold yellow eyes stare back at me as I finally succumbed to the darkness.

TOO BE CONTINUED...So Sorry this took me so long to update but I promise more chapters will be coming sooner rather then later. Will Randy be able to solve the mystery of what happened to his wife once and for all? Stay tuned to find out as Chapter 5 will be up as soon as I can get it.