It was morning, Lucy and Natsu were standing outside of Fairy Tail. Plue was already in the guild, but Lucy staid outside with Natsu to calm his frazzled nerves. She knew he was excited and terrified. Lucy stroked his back softly, calming the chaos under his flesh. His tan skin had turned pallor when they were near the large oak doors.

"It's okay Natsu, I know they'll love you." Natsu's skin slowly returned back to its normal tan, his cheeks a light pink. He was nervous, but for Lucy's sake he'd stand strong for her. He smiled.

"Thanks Luce, I'm ready." Lucy nodded and she opened the doors as she walked in, he heard the boisterous clatter of glasses and voices fill the once quiet atmosphere. When the doors shut behind them, Natsu could catch the aroma of alcohol, the bitterness made bile reach to the back of his throat.

"Hey guys, I'm back!" Lucy explained, her voice a roar amid the rambunctious clamor. The guild mates turned to her with smiles and welcomed her back. However, Lucy's mood turned sour and grabbed a man with violet eyes, pale skin, brown hair and buck teeth. She wrapped an arm around his neck and gave him a noogie, "that story you told me about Igneel being in Hargeon was BS, what do you take me for?"

"An idiot," a man with pale skin, black hair, and indigo eyes said with a smirk. His shirt was gone revealing his muscled chest and Fairy Tail insignia on his left breast. Lucy turned to him and dropped the man she held and ran toward the man who insulted her, foreheads clashing into each other, their eyes sparking with rivalry.

"What did you call me Gray, I didn't quite catch that?" She growled, her teeth clenched tight. A cold smirk crawled onto his lips as he repeated himself. Lucy punched him, sending him flying at Elfman and the guild turned into a battlefield.

Natsu just watched, his mouth agape as he watched Lucy turn into a feral beast, then the guild was in an uproar with fighting. He was so entranced with Lucy that he didn't notice Mirajane coming toward him.

"Hello there, are you wanting to join the guild?" Natsu jumped, and turned seeing a woman with long white hair, pale skin, and cerulean eyes smiling at him. He nodded, "I'm Mirajane, you can call me Mira if you want to. If you want I can get your guild marks instated, however, Makarov will have to be the one to instate you fully."

"Who's 'Makarov'?" Natsu asked, but before he got an answer, a beer bottle was thrown and hit Mira on the head causing her to pass out. Natsu panicked, "Mira are you okay?" She woke up and giggled, his mouth was agape with surprise.

"It's a fun guild is it not? Now let's get your guild insignia set up. What color and where do you want it?" Natsu looked at Lucy and saw her still fighting with other members. Her hair billowed in swift movements, it shone like liquid gold and it reminded him of his mother. He smiled, turned back to Mira and put his hand up and pointed with the other. "Gold on the back of this hand," Mira nodded and pressed the machine onto his skin and once she removed it, it revealed a golden insignia on his hand. Once the mark appeared, Natsu touched it with unbridled glee, until he was knocked down by Gray who was now naked.

"What the hell?" Natsu groaned out angrily, and looked at who landed on him, he turned pale as a sheet seeing Gray naked, with Lucy twirling his boxers with a finger and a playful grin on her face. Gray got up and so did Natsu, Gray turned to him.

"May I have your clothes?" Gray asked, Natsu was repulsed.

"Sorry, but I don't swing that way, and by the way what happened to your clothes in the first place?" He yelled the last part, and Lucy laughed at his comment as she clutched her stomach in a fit of laughter. Gray turned to Lucy and was scarlet.

"I-I-It's not like that! I already have a crush on someone and I'm straight!"

"Everyone simmer down!" A roar, bellowed and a large foot collided with the ground near the guild members, the giant glared and Natsu sweated bullets.

"Master Makarov, welcome back!" Mirajane smiled up at him, the giant grinned and turned his attention to Natsu. Natsu swore his soul just flew to heaven when he looked at him.

"A new recruit?" Mira nodded, and the giant transformed into a small old man who sat on the second floor balcony, Natsu stared at him with wide eyes. He was quite surprised as the master gave him a piece sign, "welcome to the family. On another matter," he brought out a large stack of papers and dropped them with a thud, "I got more expenses and complaints from the Magic Council," Natsu grew apprehensive and the unexpected happened. Makarov laughed, burned the papers, threw them and Lucy jumped up and ate the flame like candy. "To heck with them, it is our beliefs and our relationships that make us better wizards and that fuels our power to protect others. This is family, this is Fairy Tail!" He clarified, the guild roared in agreement, Natsu smiled. He was proud, Lucy walked up to him and pulled him and Gray into a bear hug, a big smile on her face. Natsu's face flushed red and so did Gray's, but he did not notice and neither did Lucy.


"So Natsu, wanna go on a job with me?" Lucy asked kicking her legs up in the air. Natsu observed her with interested eyes. She was sitting on a table and kicking her legs up and down again to keep herself from getting bored. He smiled softly at her.

"Sure Luce, but I wonder why you don't go with someone else instead of me." His voice was curious, but his eyes now held a hint of sadness that awaited the coming answer. It never came.

"I want you to come because I see strength. It's there, it's in your heart and mind is it not?" Natsu nodded as he smiled, "okay I'll go get us a mission." Lucy got up and walked over to a large board filled with numerous requests. Natsu marveled at how much paper caked the surface of that one large board.

"You like her," Natsu jumped and turned to see who startled him to see Plue with a knowing smirk that could not be hidden by his paw. His eye twitched in annoyance at the furball before him and turned away.

"No I don't," Natsu said, a light blush adorned his cheeks, "we're just friends."

"Sure you are Natsu, sure you are." The cat flew around Natsu's head with that same smirk on his little white features.

"Why don't you just-." He was interrupted by the doors opening and revealing a small boy with dark blue hair, his big black eyes were filled with fear and sadness as he walked up to Makarov.

"What can I do for you Romeo?" The little boy looked at the old man, his eyes were about to water. Natsu looked over to the Request Board and saw Lucy watching from afar with distant eyes.

"I want you to look for my dad, he hasn't come home in a week."

"Look brat I told you before Macao is on a mission right now, you've got to wait for him." Romeo trembled a bit at the stern voice, not out of fear, but out of rage. His small fist collided with Makarov's face.

"He's been gone for a week at Mt. Hakobe and you can't send someone to get him? Some guild." Romeo spat as he ran away, ignoring Mira's plea to come back. Natsu looked at the doors and heard a loud slam and turned to the board. To see Lucy's bangs shadowing her eyes and her fist had collided into the broken Request board and cracked wall and watched her follow a distraught child awaiting his father.

I know, I know this chapter was clumpy, but I had to put in some random scenes that did not happen in this story so you get a newer approach to the overly used scene. I put a hint of Gralu in, hoped you liked it. I also know I sliced this chapter in half as well just to add a little more detail into Lucy's past so we can really bond with her character.