Simon slumped against the couch, the newest issue of Spider-Man balanced delicately in his hands. A shiver went up his spine as he pulled off the plastic cover. That new comic book smell, he lived for it. The spine crinkled as he pulled apart the first page revealing the beautiful illustrations. Spider-Man took up the whole first page; his arm extended to the reader like his web was shooting out of the page.


He jumped up, barely catching the comic before it sailed across the living room. "Isabelle! You're home early!" He shoved the comic under the couch and stood to greet her.

The gentle aroma of flowers filled the room as she shut the front door behind her. Simon inhaled deeply; he loved the smell of her perfume, even if she did sometimes wear too much. Her hair was curled, as usual, grazing her lower back as she turned to greet him. Max was squirming in her arms, reaching his chubby fingers out to Simon.

"Hello there Max," Simon muttered stealing the baby away from Isabelle who raised her eyebrows at her lack of a 'hello kiss.' "No PDA in front of the baby," Simon scowled.

Izzy groaned mockingly but brightened when Simon pecked her on the check.

"Hello Izzy."

She smiled. "Hello Simon."

Max giggled and started playing with strands of his hair while Izzy looked on and smiled. Simon asked, "How was coffee?"

"Good. Alec and Magnus are fighting though." Simon glanced over from Max for a moment. "Alec wants a bigger place and Magnus refuses to move."

Isabelle flopped onto the couch, stretching her feet up on the coffee table. After retracting the baby from his hair he sat down gently next to her, Max now positioned on his lap playing with Simon's fingers. "A bigger place, why would he want to move out of the city?"

Izzy looked stunned. "I don't know more space? Better schools? They do have kids Simon."

"I know." He shrugged. "I just don't see the appeal. Everything they need is right here in the city and what are they going to do send Max here to public school." Simon poked at Max's blue horns. "He might stand out."

"If that's what they want to do then yes. And not everything is right here in the city," she mocked. She made it seem effortless, like she was always right. "You know what never mind, it doesn't matter anyway."

Simon wanted to argue, of course it was important it was her brother, but he figured what it was it wasn't worth the fight with Isabelle. "So did you ask Alec yet?"

Isabelle looked up from playing with Max's chubby fingers. Max gurgled a "Daddy" at the sound of Alec's name that made Izzy and Simon both smile. "Ask him what?"

She was obviously preoccupied. "To ask him to be your 'maid of honor'," he reminded her.

"Oh right! No, he was a bit… mad when he came back from training. I thought I'd put it off until tomorrow."

Simon sighed dramatically recalling how Izzy had made a similar excuse a few days ago. "Izzy it has to be today. I'm asking Clary today at coffee and we promised we'd both do it on the same day."

Isabelle glanced up, annoyance written on her face. "Alright," she moaned. "I'll call him right now and ask him tonight."

"Thank you," Simon muttered sarcastically while adjusting Max on his lap. Isabelle rolled her eyes but made sure to kiss Simon's cheek before getting up and dialing Alec's number.

"Alec?" Magnus knocked on the bedroom before gently opening it. The room was dimly lit, the curtains drawn against the morning sunlight and the only light source was the small bedside lamp. Alec was perched on the bed. His sweat soaked shirt was discarded on the floor near is feet. Magnus had a clear view of his boyfriend's bare torso. Great, the last thing he needed right now was to be distracted.

The Shadowhunter looked up from here his head had been buried in his hands. "Magnus?"

Thank God the room was dark or Alec would have seen Magnus drooling over his abs. It took Magnus a moment to regain his composure before he replied. "Yeah… Yes it's me." Alec push himself up off the bed, his muscles straining as he did so. Magnus's jaw almost hit the floor. "I, uh, I wanted to, uh, talk to you."

Alec ran a hand through his hair which Magnus knew meant he was flustered. "Good cause I wanted to talk to you." He took a deep breath. "I'm sorry I was rude out there, I was just mad."

"About the moving thing," Magnus asked tentatively.

"Yes about that." He sighed. "I just feel you're being a bit unreasonable. It wouldn't hurt to look at some other places; I mean we don't have to move this instant, or even soon. I just wanted you to consider it."

Magnus sighed. "You're right."

Alec looked up from his bare feet, startled. "What?"

"I said you are right, I was being a bit unreasonable." Magnus could have sworn he saw a glimpse of a smile play on Alec's lips. "I shouldn't have shot you down so soon. I'm sorry." This time Magnus was sure Alec was smiling.

"So you'll consider it then," Alec whispered, staring directly at Magnus.

Magnus nodded. "I'll consider it." Magnus stepped close enough to Alec that he could see the pale outline of freckles along his shoulders. "You're always accommodating to me, and you don't ask for much, so I should do the same for you."

Alec breathed out a sigh of what Magnus could only guess was relief. "Thank you," Alec mumbled feeling the now obvious gaze of his boyfriend's eyes on his torso.

"So we're good then," Magnus asked.

"Yeah," Alec nodded. "We're good."

Alec smiled brightly. "Good," then grabbed the sides of Magnus's hand and kissed him. Magnus melted in his boyfriends arms, a gentle moan escaping him. Slowly, with the grace a shadowhunter could master, Alec traced his hands from Magnus's hair to his back, under his shirt, and all the way to the hem of his shirt. Magnus mirrored his actions, in a much clumsier manner, tracing gentle patterns on Alec's back. His muscles responded to the touch. He nerve tensed up as Magnus's fingers ran over them. With gentle ease Magnus lifted his arms and Alec removed his shirt, tossing it down to join his own on the floor. Alec stole a quick glance at Magnus's torso before reattaching their lips. This time it was Alec who was melting. Magnus took it with leisure, moving to Alec's jaw then down his neck.

"Daddy? Papa?"

It was Alec who pulled away first, scarlet in the face and panting. They both turned open bedroom door. Bright light was pouring into the room broken up only by Rafael's little body. The toddler crept into the room, his teddy clutched tightly in one hand.

"Rafael," Alec whispered and stepped forward to meet the toddler as he walked further into the room.


Alec knelt down in front of Rafael while Magnus lingered behind, his arms crossed against his bare chest. Magnus didn't need a mirror to know his face was still bright red, no doubt from embarrassment of having his son walk in on them. "Yeah Rafe what is it?"

The toddler fidgeted with his stuffed animal of a moment before quietly asking, "Wh-where's Maxy?"

Magnus hid his smile behind his hand. 'Maxy' was Rafe's nickname for Max and Magnus had decided long ago that it was the cutest thing ever.

"What do you mean where's Max?"

Rafe blinked, long lashes grazing his golden cheeks. "He not in his room."

Alec turned back and glared at Magnus. "That is a good question Rafe. Where is Max, Magnus?"

The Warlock ignored his boyfriend's stone cold stare. He came and stood beside Alec, kneeling down so he was eye level with his son. "He's with Aunt Isabelle and Uncle Simon."

"Oh," Rafael looked down at his worn out teddy bear. It was one of the only things he still had with him when Alec found him. "What 'bout me?"

Alec raised his eyebrows and looked at Magnus as if asking 'yes, Magnus, what about him?' Magnus replied, "Well they just figured you wanted to sleep longer."


"Did you want to go visit Aunt Isabelle and Uncle Simon?"

Rafael stared again at his teddy bear as if it held all the secrets of the world. "It okay if I spend day with you?"

Alec's smile was brilliant. "You just want to spend the day with us?"

Rafe nodded vigorously. "With Dada and Papa!"

Magnus chuckled and replied for both him and Alec, "Why don't you go get dressed and we'll all make breakfast."


"Anything you want," Alec said a bright smile still on his face. Magnus watched Rafael run out of the room and his heart sank remembering the first time Alec had brought him home, how he had run away from him in the same. "Hey."

Magnus glanced up; realizing Alec had stood and had a hand on his shoulder. "Yeah."

"You okay?"

"I'm good," Magnus mumbled standing up and facing Alec. Even though they were fighting a few minutes Alec still understood. He knew what thoughts crossed Magnus's mind when Rafe ran out of the room. Alec knew and he was there. Hopefully he would always be there.

Alec ran a hand up to Magnus's hair. It was actually pretty soft when it was free of hair gel or glitter. With a gentle tug Alec pulled Magnus's head down to his shoulder in a tight embrace. His other rested of the curve of Magnus's shoulder making Magnus very aware that they were both still shirtless and that the door was still open.

"Should we go make waffles," Magnus whispered, his breath sending shivers up Alec's spine.

"In a minute," Alec mussed resting his own head on Magnus's opposite shoulder but the silence didn't last long before Alec's phone started buzzing annoyingly.

Jace hadn't slept alone in years. Every morning he woke up to the early sunlight streaming in from the Institutes stained glass windows and Clary beside him, her red hair fan out on the pillow like a burning flame. However, for the last week he had been waking up alone, feeling across the bed only to find cold sheets. He was going insane without her. Jace missed Clary more than he ever thought anyone could miss another person. He missed her smile, her voice, the way she always giggled at his stupid jokes. Without thinking he dialed her cell, but by the time he went to hang up again the ringing had stopped and her voice was whispering over the speaker.


He couldn't muster any words. He'd been calling a week but this was the first time she had actually answered.

"Jace? Why are you calling its 6 am?"

Time difference of course, why didn't he think about the time difference? He cursed under his breath.

"What was that? I can't hear you."

He was too sad to say anything least he start talking and she never starts again.

"Jace why are you calling I told you I needed some time."

Maybe she needed some time but he didn't, all he needed was her. But he couldn't force her to come home, he couldn't force her to marry him, he didn't even care about that any more. All he wanted was Clary here with him. So he would wait. Wait until the day she comes home to him or the day he decides she never will.

"Clary," he mumbled with a shaky voice. She had already hung up.