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It had been an unspoken rule in Overwatch that anyone that didn't have business in the medical bay should not be in the medical bay. Aside from those assigned to assist or the few members that carried out their work in that area of the Watchpoint, the only visitors would be wounded agents.

Unfortunately, it seemed that the new members were not aware of the peril inherent in entering Mercy's lair and disrupting her work, though they quickly learned when Lena was asked to remove them. Aside from Tracer, the only people that Angela allowed in were those who were able to help heal their prisoners, a group currently limited solely to the omnic monk. Tracer herself had been assigned to grabbing whatever tools they needed as well as keeping other agents from coming in to watch as if life-saving surgery was some circus spectacle, or so Mercy had put it.

At this point, the Watchpoint had calmed down as Zenyatta informed the curious as to the status of Widowmaker and Sombra while Angela caught some much needed sleep. Lena was on watch duty to wake Mercy if there were any issues with the patients. Normally she would have been bored out of her mind by just sitting there and staring at the same two people, but this situation was slightly different due to the unique individuals. Currently, Lena was amusing herself by trying to think of how the two would react when they were allowed to wake up and how she could taunt them without pissing off the resident doctor.

The agent was brought out of her scheming by Winston's voice over the intercom as he stated, "Tracer, you awake?"

"Would certainly hope so," Lena replied, trying to be quiet but also curious as to what Winston could want.

"Could you, uhm, have Angela come up to my lab?" the scientist asked. "You also might want to start preparing another couple of beds in the medbay."

Much as she wanted to get details, Tracer could tell that Winston was busy with something important as she responded, "Will do, be right up with doc."

With that, Lena blinked out of the chair she had been lounging in and towards Mercy's room. It was clear that Angela had been expecting some disruption to her rest as she opened her door quickly after Tracer's knock.

Before the medic could ask, Lena explained, "Prisoners are fine, but Winston asked for you in his lab. Sounded like we got a couple more wounded on the way, don't know anything else yet."

"If it is our two clueless allies I will be very amused," Mercy commented as she began to make her way through the halls.

"Seems unlikely, not much that will be able to stand against those lads, let alone send them through the wringer," Lena replied.

Angela sighed dramatically at that and agreed, "Indeed, but that means that someone else was hurt due to their actions, and that might be worse."

There wasn't much that Tracer could add to that, having been guilty of much the same in many previous missions. Luckily, the resulting silence was short lived as they entered the science lab and made their way up towards Winston.

An ever growing mess surrounded the monkey as he sat at his desk. Seeing Mercy approaching, the scientist turned away from whatever he had been working on to address them, "Sorry to interrupt, but there's a situation, of sorts."

Angela waved away the apology and said, "No worries, there is always more to do. What can I help with?"

Winston replied, "One moment," before turning back to his keyboard and hitting several buttons. A comm window appeared almost instantly as he asked, "Hello?"

"You have your doctor there?" Cortana inquired in response.

"I am here," Mercy answered.

"Great," the AI stated. "Would you like the good news or the bad news first?"

Mercy narrowed her eyes and carefully questioned, "What did you do?"

"Depends, how good was the relationship between Overwatch and South Korea?"

Winston was the one to answer that as he replied, "Not great. They rely heavily on their MEKA forces and we know of several high-level officials with connections to Talon. Should I even ask why?"

"Well, we have two pilots in the back with critical injuries. They're stable for the moment but we don't have the supplies or expertise on board to ensure their survival, at least not without returning to orbit," Cortana explained.

"The tin can has a heart," Lena interjected with some amusement.

In typical fashion, the Master Chief missed the humor as he replied, "They weren't hostile."

"Were you able to do an assessment?" Mercy asked, ignoring Tracer's banter and focusing on slightly more important things.

"I'll send you the report," Cortana responded. "We'll be there in about an hour." Angela simply nodded at that and left the lab, heading back to the medical bay to prepare for the arrivals.

Before the AI could cut the connection, Winston asked, "How were they injured?"

"Fighting a massive omnic that they referred to as a Gwishin. They were retreating when we showed up, one of them took a hit and went down. After a scuffle with some Talon aircraft that they thought were reinforcements, one of them tried to charge into us. While it was tempting to let them torment the green giant, letting two teenage girls run around a warship seemed like an invitation for trouble," the AI said.

"You let the junkers run around up there," Lena pointed out.

"They had critical information and have behaved surprisingly well. I doubt the same would be true if these two thought themselves to be prisoners," Cortana countered.

Tracer frowned at that and replied, "Fair point. What happened to the big bad?"

"Eliminated," Chief responded apathetically.

"What? How?" Winston asked incredulously.

Cortana laughed and said, "Orbital strike. May have been a bit much, but the only alternative was bringing the Dawn into the atmosphere. Possible, but unnecessary for the situation."

"I suppose that works," the scientist stated slowly. "Even so, your ship is still drawing a lot of attention. I've had questions asked, and eventually I will have to answer."

"Sorry to bring trouble to you, though it seems like your band of heroes would attract it anyways. We'll be going slow for a bit, there's some preparations to make for our next target. If it works out, having the caveman and his friend stay at the Watchpoint might be best. They need to eat something besides MREs, and you might be interested in assisting with a strike against the Siberian Omnium. As for the Dawn, I haven't seen anything that could threaten her, so as far as I care, answer honestly. Anything we've told you should be unclassified, which isn't much admittedly, but anything that you can't figure out is probably not going to be information we can give out," Cortana finished.

Winston sighed as he sat back at his desk before saying, "Understood. Landing pad is clear, approach at your discretion."

"Sierra 117, out," the Chief replied before the connection went dead. Winston looked over to Tracer, who could do nothing but shrug at him before saying a quick goodbye and blinking off to help Mercy.

While Angela had been prepared for many things in regards to the resident aliens, the two of them showing up with two young girls was slightly outside her foresight. When they had stated that they had picked up two pilots, Mercy had assumed that they meant military veterans, not the kids that Korea used to pilot their mechs. After the brutal treatment of the Talon prisoners on board the alien ship, their empathy in saving people that were almost civilian was confusing to the doctor.

Even without knowing the how and why of their actions, Angela appreciated that they had given her the chance to save the two. Dealing with the myriad of issues had been tiring, but she had finally finished removing the last of the shrapnel and healing both patients. With that done, Mercy cleaned off and made her way out of the medical bay, leaving Zenyatta behind to do whatever he would to help while she met with the Chief.

What she had not been expecting was to find the green armored warrior and his companion standing outside the medbay, as if guarding it from attack. It did explain why Lena hadn't needed to chase off any other agents, at least.

Coming up short as she came face to face with the truly alien figure of the Arbiter, it took Mercy a second to find her voice and ask, "Are you injured?"

"Not with wounds that you can heal," the Arbiter replied evenly.

Making a mental note to set Zenyatta on the alien after corroborating his statement with a visual check, Mercy turned to the Master Chief.

Before she could ask, he stated, "Green, ma'am."

Cortana supported that as she said, "Nothing that a good night's sleep won't cure. Does there need to be a guard detail around this area?"

"I'd be more concerned about the Talon agents, and no one has tried anything. If there's a problem, Athena would let us know," Mercy responded.

"Alright, if Athena could assign a room then we will take our leave," Cortana stated. Mercy nodded and watched as they turned to walk away. Just before she did the same, however, she paused and glanced down at the Chief's thigh.

Angela's brow creased as she tried to figure out why a soldier as stoic as the Chief was carrying around a tiny pink pistol like some kind of toy. Cocking her head in confusion and frowning as an explanation continued to elude her, Mercy eventually just rolled her eyes and headed for bed, leaving the enigma that was the supersoldier for tomorrow.

Impressive as Mercy's healing was in saving the two MEKA pilots, Chief did not see it as being particularly helpful when it came to conflict on a larger scale. The idea of using nanobots to accelerate healing had been explored by humanity for centuries, but their application had always been too limited to merit their use in the Covenant War. Most of those who died did so from orbital bombardment, and even soldiers that survived plasma burns were usually too numerous to even consider such an expensive product. Even if they had been able to meet such intensive resource requirements, the Spartan had seen too many marines break mentally to believe that being healed physically would make them fit for battle.

Since they were not dealing with full scale interstellar warfare, however, he did not voice his considerations on the matter and instead watched from a distance. As she had with the Talon agents, Mercy only healed major wounds, leaving minor injuries to heal naturally. As with the UEG, the bulk of the healing process would be focused on mental health to ensure stability when operating out in the field.

It had been nearly a week since their arrival at the Watchpoint and they had yet to set out towards the Siberian Front. Irritating as it was to stay put for so long, Chief had gotten used to it long ago during the long slipspace voyages between deployments. Aside from running a couple errands and meeting with Overwatch leadership, he had been mostly focused on learning about Talon and any threat that they might pose.

The Arbiter had taken a quick trip up to the Dawn to retrieve supplies and ended up bringing the junkers back down to the planet since they were growing bored with sitting around. While Overwatch had been hesitant to keep them around, the idea of letting two international criminals lose seemed like a bad proposition. As long as they behaved and helped out with missions and their scavenging knowledge, they'd be allowed to stick around.

As for the Master Chief, he had talked with the leaders of Overwatch about their capabilities to mount an assault on the Siberian Omnium. Much as they had during the original crisis, Russia had wanted no part of the new Overwatch either, preferring to fight their own battles. Honorable as that was, even the Arbiter thought it foolish to turn aside forces when they were desperately struggling to hold the line, going so far as to make deals with foreign omnics to improve their old mechs.

Regardless of the politics, the Spartan was going to be getting to the Omnium one way or another. At the behest of Winston, however, he held off his inclination to charge in while the scientist tried to organize some sort of arrangement to avoid pissing off yet another world power.

This left the Chief in his current position, which was watching over the two Koreans that he had brought in. Cortana had teased him in her own way about being soft-hearted, though the Chief never broke from his claim that he wanted to interrogate the one about how she was able to simply delete the Pelican's rounds. He had examined the captured mech but refrained from messing with it too much when he found the unfamiliar reactor. Entertaining as it might be to blow the thing in the middle of the Watchpoint, it would be rather inconvenient to try and find different allies with such resources and intentions.

The first time Yuna had woken up after the fight with the Gwishin, she had been rather confused. Unarmed and in unfamiliar territory, the only thing she recognized had been the still form of Hana on the bed next to her own. What really grabbed her attention, however, was the omnic that sat in the middle of the room, several glowing metal orbs slowly rotating around his bowed head. Sensing her movement, the omnic looked up at her, causing Yuna to freeze in place.

South Korea did not allow any omnics within its borders, not after infiltration attempts by the Gwisin during the Crisis. It wasn't the first time that DMon had seen a friendly one, but it was the first time she had been completely helpless should it prove to be hostile. From the feeling of her body as well as how close to death she had come, she knew she was lucky to be alive and was in absolutely no shape to be fighting.

Fortunately, the omnic seemed obvious to her thoughts as it said, "Greetings."

"Annyeong," Yuna replied out of habit more than anything.

"I do not speak Korean, but I would assume that was a hello. Or perhaps you are very rude," the omnic commented with some amusement.

While she had learned some English here and there from playing video games, Yuna was not particularly fluent in the language. What she did understand from that statement was that the robot did not know Korean, so she did her best to try and keep it talking as she repeated herself, "Hi."

The omnic tilted its head as if curious before suddenly popping up from its position on the flood, orbs whirling around it as it did so. Startled at the action, Yuna scrambled back on the bed, glancing around for anything that she could use to defend herself if necessary. Seeing the reaction, the robot backed away, floating silently above the ground.

As her mind raced for options, Yuna remembered the sight of DVa's pistol lying next to her after the alien had sent it flying. Glancing over at her teammate, she saw no sign of the weapon, though that wasn't really too surprising. As she moved, however, DMon was reminded exactly why she was in her current position as her body protested any attempt to move off the bed.

"I would recommend that you continue to rest, your injuries were not insignificant," the omnic stated.

"Where?" Yuna demanded, trying to get some information even if she failed to understand the omnic's previous statement.

This seemed to confuse the robot as it replied, "I do not understand your question, but perhaps they will." With that, it looked at the doorway, causing Yuna to do the same.

Nothing entered.

After a moment, she turned back to the omnic, expecting it to have tried to do something while her attention was diverted.

That was not the case as it tilted it's head and commented, "That would have been nice."

Deciding that the omnic was either insane or trying some weird trick, Yuna slowly slid to the side of the bed and prepared to get off. As her legs dropped, however, the doors actually opened and a flash of blue lit up the room. Thrown off as she was by the flash, DMon was far more surprised at the sudden appearance of a woman pushing her back onto the bed.

Already stressed from the presence of the omnic, the only response that entered Yuna's mind was to try and get the woman's hands off her. As skilled as she might have been at hand to hand combat, she was in no shape to be fighting as her strike was idly batted aside, no more of a bother than a fly. Undeterred, DMon kept trying to move off the mattress and get to DVa.

"Just had to rile her up, didn't you Zen?" the woman asked as she continued to gently try and keep Yuna from standing.

"Her restless nature is her own," the omnic replied.

Distracted as Yuna was by her frustration with the situation as well as her growing concern about her rescuers, she didn't hear the doors opening once more. This was also missed by the woman trying to restrain her, leaving the omnic the only one to give her a hint that someone new had entered as it looked to the side.

DMon's curiosity as to what had caught the robot's attention was quickly answered as the massive figure from the ship intervened between herself and the other woman. While she had been able to at least contend with the other person, the firm and unyielding push from the newcomer forced her to lie back. As she did so, however, Yuna caught sight of the pink handle of Hana's pistol on the figure's hip. With a quick swipe, she snatched the weapon from his side to arm herself.

At least, that was the plan. Her attempt was quickly cut short when the weapon didn't move, even after multiple tugs. Apparently the figure had expected her action as it did not react, something that Yuna was grateful for as she thought about how strong a person would have to be to move around in such heavy armor. Its hand was easily large enough to wrap around her arm, and if it was anything like the creature that had accompanied it on the ship, then there was nothing she could do to fight it without her mech.

Now that Yuna wasn't fighting against her, the woman who had been holding her down appeared on the other side of the bed with another flash of blue. Yuna looked over to her at that, noticing the distinctive blue light and shock of brown hair now.

The woman confirmed this as she finally introduced herself, "Settle down, luv. My name's Tracer."

"She does not understand much English, agent Oxton," the omnic interrupted.

Yuna was glaring at the omnic after it reminded her of its presence, but her attention was pulled back as the woman pointed at herself and said, "Tracer."

"Yes," DMon confirmed, slightly irritated.

Tracer missed the attitude as she pointed at the omnic and stated, "Zenyatta." Finally, the mysterious figure was identified, "Chief."

Her mind dulled by lingering exhaustion from injuries and distracted by the environment, Yuna stared up into the golden visor. This was only interrupted by a needle jabbing into her arm, causing her to look down in alarm, her body falling back into the mattress as it relaxed against her will.

"Either that or restrain her so she wouldn't try to wander around," Tracer defended at the Chief's glance. "Mercy wasn't sure how they'd react with Zen around, told me to put them under if there were any issues."

Unable to argue with that logic, the Spartan watched as the girl drifted back off into sleep before lifting the hand that had kept her pinned. Considering the publicity that these mech pilots received in South Korea, it hadn't been hard for Cortana to do some research into who they were and how they ended up fighting the massive Omnic. That a military force would be so weak as to require manned drones rather than actual combat capable hardware was mystifying, though the corruption of officials did help explain that quite well.

In addition to that information, the AI had discovered how the 'defense matrix' on the mech worked. Ignoring the fact that Cortana had broken into the systems of the MEKA program, it had been interesting to see the possible applications of the technology. Why it hadn't been broadly adopted confused the Chief, but he figured that the UNSC would have a field day with it for ship defenses.

Aside from that distraction, the majority of his attention had been directed towards preparing for the mission to Siberia. Recent developments in the area indicated that the battles were going badly as more of the Russian mechs fell to the omnics. Why they thought that fighting an army of robots with another army of robots would work was beyond Chief, but as with most everything else, he simply accepted it. The tide of war had worked in their favor as Winston finally received word that an Overwatch team would be allowed to initiate a strike against the Omnium, an operation that would be taking place next week.

His attention was drawn towards Tracer as the agent asked, "Why do you have that, anyways?"

Seeing her gaze directed at the small firearm at his hip, Chief looked pointedly at the other girl in the medical bay.

"Huh," Tracer stated, getting the hint. "Surprised you let her near the thing."

"It's empty," the Chief replied, seeing no need for further explanation.

That seemed to appease Lena nonetheless as she turned back to DMon before asking, "What was her problem with Zen?"

Chief looked back to the omnic, who had been silently observing them. At the attention, he responded, "When fear is all that is known, any other reaction would seem illogical."

"South Korea has been fighting the omnics since the Crisis, same as Russia. It becomes difficult to separate friend from enemy after fighting against them for so long," Cortana added.

"How come you're with the Arbiter, then?" Tracer inquired.

The Spartan lowered his head slightly as Cortana replied, "Some things are bigger than all of us. It can be hard to see the truth through a veil of lies, until it is forced aside. Eventually your world will have a similar experience and very quickly realize that omnics are hardly the worst thing to fight."

While Cortana was speaking, John grabbed his M6G from his hip and ejected the magazine. This distracted Tracer as she watched him remove the rounds inside. At the bottom was the folded photo that the girl had dropped on the floor of the Pelican. Chief picked up the picture and opened it, tilting it to the side when Lena leaned over to figure out what it was. At her rather confused look, he gently placed it on DMon's chest and moved her hand so that it was covering the keepsake.

As the Spartan reloaded his weapon, Tracer asked him, "I thought you said you didn't want to become involved in our problems. Why do you care to save these two?"

"Our duty, as soldiers, is to protect humanity," Chief answered, no hint of doubt in his voice.

Cortana added, "Fighting against Talon was never our intention as they did not threaten humanity as a whole. Considering that they have proven themselves hostile in multiple forms and are actively working to undermine defensive capabilities that could be used against threats, we feel that ignoring them is no longer an option. As for the omnic, it was there due to our actions in Korea, there was no reason to not save them."

"A noble, if perhaps impossible, conviction, to uphold the world," Zenyatta commented. "Yet such a burden cannot be held aloft alone."

"I wouldn't bet on that," Tracer argued softly, retreating slightly.

Chief looked at the Overwatch agent as Cortana inquired, "Oh? What makes you say that?"

"When I was stuck in the Slipstream, on board your ship, I saw the war you came from. I don't like to remember it, but there's enough. Winston is worried about Talon coming after you, I'm worried about what will happen if they do," Lena admitted.

"How many people have you told about these, visions, I suppose you would call them?" Cortana questioned carefully.

Tracer grimaced and responded, "I tried to when I returned home, but no one listened. Angela gets on my case a lot, about my careless fighting. Better to die helping than whatever will happen when Winston isn't around to keep my Accelerator working."

"Slipstream Space is largely unknown, but there have been strange occurrences. People disappearing, our own little bout with time travel," Cortana stated. "Chronal disassociation, though, is a new one."

"Is there anything you could do to fix it?" Lena inquired hopefully.

Cortana took a second to think before answering, "Certainly not before we're able to return home, and even then probably not. There are experts in the UEG who would be interested in doing a case study, but fixing your problem would require a level of knowledge regarding Slipspace that only the Forerunners possessed."

"You talked to one here though, didn't you?"

"I already asked, she does not have the capability to help," Cortana countered. "At this point the only advice I have is to live the life you want and expect every day to be your last. If your glowing light gets hit, it's over. That you survived the first time is amazing as it is."

"Limited as my understanding may be, I would delight in discussing your thoughts," Zenyatta interjected.

Lena smiled at the omnic and replied, "Maybe sometime, Zen. For now, let's get these two a bit more secured so they don't try to murder you when they wake back up."

Seeing that his presence was no longer required, the Chief retreated from the room. Mercy passed him a short ways down the hall but didn't bother the Spartan as he made his way to the Pelican. Since he'd be working with the Overwatch team in the next operation rather than alone as he usually did, Chief had decided to exchange some pieces of his kit.

While his assault rifle was a wonderful tool, taking out heavily armored bots with it would be a waste of ammunition. After doing some research, he had concluded that the team was correct in their use of close quarters combat to fight against the omnics. Thus, his weapons would have to be able to penetrate enemy armor as well as allow him utility in melee combat. Mentally going over the Dawn's armory, the Spartan allowed his mind to drift into combat simulations as he rose into orbit to dock with the UNSC frigate above.

It was only two days before the operation would kick off and preparations had left the Gibraltar base feeling quite empty. Many agents had been deployed to other Watchpoints to restore them to operational status or to recruit new members now that they were beginning to see an increase in missions. The Strike Team, made up of Reinhardt, Tracer, and Zenyatta, would be deploying with Chief and the Arbiter when the time came while Angela continued her work and Jack took over administrative duties while Winston was elsewhere.

As had been the case with UNSC deployments, the Spartan was not exactly sociable to those around him. This sentiment had been shared by his Sangheili ally, unsurprisingly. They had discussed their current situation, found no better solutions given that they lacked any logistical support, and left it at that.

Aside from those distractions, Chief had been mostly focused on continuing his analysis of this world as well as familiarizing himself with combat techniques against the omnics they would face. In this, Reinhardt had been exceptionally helpful, sharing his experience with a tolerable level of exaggeration.

The Spartan's current set of exercises was interrupted, however, as Cortana suddenly stated, "Inbound aircraft to the Watchpoint, configuration matches former observations of their ships."

Instantly alert, Chief inquired, "Time?"

A distant rumble answered that question, though Cortana couldn't help herself as she replied, "Now. I wasn't keeping an active lookout and the local equipment is a little subpar."

"Understood. The Pelican?" John asked.

"Ready to fly whenever you get there," Cortana answered.

John hesitated at that before deciding, "We will hold here."

The AI didn't even bother arguing as she replied, "I'll direct it to the Dawn for now. Enemy objectives are unknown, so forming an effective defense will be difficult."

"Athena?" Chief questioned.

"I've already alerted her, she's locking down the area and alerting leadership. Arbiter is asking about the situation," Cortana summarized quickly.

It was several seconds before the Spartan concluded, "Eliminate any hostiles. They will target the medical bay first."

With that, the Chief set off towards the same location. The only reason that Talon had to attack this location was the presence of their agents or to try and eliminate the Spartan himself. This would hardly be his first time defending incapacitated medical patients, but doing so would be significantly easier now that he knew that the enemy wouldn't just turn the entire planet to glass if he succeeded.

As the first black-clad figure rounded a nearby corner and caught sight of the walking tank, Chief drew his knife and prepared to educate Talon on the precise reason why Spartans had earned the title of Demons.

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That obviously hasn't happened. Blizzard has put out some pieces of lore, but it's all been about past events, nothing about the current world. At this point, not only am I immensely disappointed in the egregious lack of lore content but also quite disillusioned about the game itself. I used to have fun playing Overwatch, sure there was the odd bad game here and there but good Overwatch was really, really good. It didn't matter if the game was a win or loss, the feeling of a team working together and the flow of the game was just so exciting.

I no longer feel that spark. I kept playing, hoping that the game could be what it once was. At this point, I am not interested in playing. My interest in the lore has dried up with the total lack of current information, and while the past events are nice, that has come to a stop now as well.

Maybe I will continue this story when Overwatch 2 comes out and we actually get an idea of what is going on. This entire story needs work anyways, it always was a bit of a rambling mess. I am not annoyed with that, to be clear, I never had a plan for this fic and knew very well it would wander aimlessly without any guiding lore for me to really reference.

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