All Twilight characters belong to Stephanie Meyer.

A Desperate Hour

Edward and his family had gone hunting for the long weekend, and with Charlie away fishing until Monday, Bella was staying at the Cullen house. Carlisle had remained behind due to his schedule with the hospital and to be there for Bella. He always preferred to pick up weekend shifts so the other doctors would be able to spend time with their families. Though things had finally settled in the time since Victoria's demise, and the wolves were around should Bella have need, the Cullen's did not like leaving Bella without at least one member of their indestructible family nearby. One never knew when the Volturi might choose to check in on the vampire-to-be.

It was Saturday night and Bella expected Carlisle to arrive within the hour. He had said he would be home in time to thrill her with his promise of culinary delights. Bella had spent the day finishing her science project and was now relaxing on the bed in Edward's room with a civil war book borrowed from Jasper. Bella was lost deep into a chapter on the Battle of Galveston Harbor, when a noise from the kitchen disturbed her.